Wounded Knee

It has been several decades since I first read about the massacre of American Indians along the creek called Wounded Knee and I have to tell you my heart has always remained heavy over what happened there. My heart is heavy again with a battle that seems to be raging once again in South Dakota over that very piece of land. Maybe I should first tell you what happened back in 1890 then go forward from there.

Chief Spotted Elk 300x279 Wounded Knee

Chief Spotted Elk Shot At Wounded Knee

The annals of history say this was the last battle of the Indian Wars, but it hardly seems a battle it was more just plain and simple a massacre. The members of a detachment of the US 7th Cavalry had intercepted Spotted Elk with his band of Miniconjue Lakota along with some Hunkpapa Lakota near a butte about 5 miles away from the creek. They marched the Indians to the creek and on December 29, 1890 decided that the Lakota had to be disarmed. There are different accounts of what actually happened that morning but the most repeated one is that a deaf man called Black Coyote could not hear what the soldiers had said. When they tried to take his gun away he began to scuffle with the soldiers. He had paid a lot of money for the gun and did not want to lose it. During the scuffle somehow a shot was fired and the soldiers opened fire on the group. By the time the shooting stopped over 300 people were dead which included innocent women and children. Many from both sides were wounded. A blizzard that lasted three days came about right after this “battle” and the dead were left where they were. The government hired civilians to come back and bury the dead. As if killing all of those Lakota wasn’t disrespectful enough…they decided to bury them in a mass grave!

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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
from Allposters.com

Now we need to back up just a bit in history. The American Indians for the most part had all been herded onto reservations earlier on. In 1887 (some 3 years before Wounded Knee) there was a law or act that had been issued. It is known now as the Dawes Act but is also referred to as the General Allotment Act. It seems that Senator Dawes of Massachusetts and his fellow members of Congress felt that there was a need to assimilate the American Indians into the society of the whites. One way to do that was to allot land to individual Indians and make them promise to live more like the whites…farm, ranch and that sort of thing. The “trick” (and there was always a trick!) was that this also enabled our government to allot land to non-Indians. What they really wanted to do was open up some of the land that had been designated as a reservation to white settlers and business people to be able to live on those lands. Now, is it not odd that in the land of Wounded Knee and the Lakota there is a placed called the Black Hills and there was gold in them thar hills! Tell me that wasn’t the REAL reason for this despicable act of Congress! Long story short, somehow in the mess of all of this a non-Indian was allotted the very land where the Wounded Knee Massacre took place.

Over the course of the decades that have followed the land has been owned by 3 non-Indian families (never once owned by a Lakota) with the last owner having purchased it in 1968 and he is trying to sell it now. This 40 acre tract sits within the Pine Ridge Reservation but is not actually a part of the reservation because it is owned privately. The man, I won’t glorify him by calling him a gentleman, is trying to get somewhere between 3.9 to 4.9 million dollars for land that has been appraised at being worth $7,000. In 1973 there was another incident at Wounded Knee where the members of AIM stood their ground for 71 days. It was a nasty time and during the course of all of it the present owners property was destroyed. I get that he is still angry over what happened in 1973 but I have to ask. Wasn’t the man insured? He should have been! Johnny Depp has publicly said that he is very interested in purchasing this land and giving it back to the Lakota. I really hope that he is successful. Although from what I have read, he won’t be able to just give it to them. It would appear that an act of Congress is needed for that land or any land to be given back to a tribe. So, Mr. Depp if you are able to purchase it, sell it back to the Lakota for $1. That makes it legally transferable, I think. It would cut the red-tape and the Lakota at Pine Ridge could have their land back. To them it is sacred. They can’t afford the outrageous price that the current owner wants but I’ll just bet if something reasonable were offered, they would take it.

It has been around a year since the reports were brought out that Johnny Depp wanted to buy the land and as far as I can see there has been no progress as far as his purchase goes. I also can’t find any information that would indicate that anyone else  has purchased it. Hopefully the right thing will be done no matter who buys the land, we can at least hope.

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Calendars For The Otter Totem

Celebrating The Medicine Of Otter

If Otter is your Native American birth totem, one of your power totems, or just working with you as a messenger totem you will surely connect with these options for a calendar in 2015.

As an animal spirit Otter will remind us to remain playful like a child. Allow situations to just simply happen and unfold as they are meant to. Otter also teaches to stop worrying about things so much! Otter is the personification of femininity and will work with both male and female humans to get them in touch with their feminine side. Continue reading

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Standing People or Trees Calendars

Standing People Calendars

Trees are the Plant Kingdom Chiefs and give of themselves to provide so much for both humans and the creatures of the Earth. These Standing People provide oxygen for all living things while providing a place to live for the winged creatures. Small animals might take up residence in the hollow of an old tree. Some Standing People might provide food while others provide shade and shelter from the elements.

There are totem lessons or medicines both physical and spiritual from the many types of trees on Mother Earth. Having a calendar to remind you throughout the year can be helpful in your journey of life. Continue reading

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Hummingbird Calendars

Hummingbird Totem Featured In A Calendar

Pictures of hummingbirds can help you with the medicine that you are to learn when the Hummingbird is your totem. This tiniest of birds can be a messenger totem which comes into your life for a short or long while or it can be one of your power totems that will fly along your life’s path with you while here on Mother Earth. Since many people do not live in an area where hummingbirds are prevalent we must remind ourselves of the lessons through pictures and a calendar with images of this little feathered friend is a perfect way to do that. If nothing else, it will bring you Joy which is the main medicine of the hummingbird.

Symbolism Of Hummingbirds

Did you know that for over a millennium hummingbird feathers have been used in making love charms? It is believed that the hummingbird conjures up love as no other medicine does. A feather from this bird can open your heart. If our hearts are not open and loving, we can never truly taste the nectar and bliss of life. Creator made hummingbird to be slightly different from all of the other feathered creatures of the Earth.

Hummingbird Pocket Planner

Posh Hummingbird Grace 2015 Monthly Planner201500002945 Hummingbird CalendarsHummingbird 2015 Pocket Planner
Perfect to carry in your purse or briefcase this small format calendar or pocket planner features twelve photos of the brightly colored hummingbird. See close-up photos of this magical bird each month as you keep your life organized and reflect on the message of your hummingbird totem.

If Hummingbird Is Your Personal Medicine

When you share your life with this little bird, you are a lover of life and all of the joys that belong to it. You bring joy to others just from your presence. You have a knack for bringing people together in a way that enhances the best in them. As you comfortably move through your beautiful environment, you help others taste the succulent nectar of life.

The busy lives of hummingbirds are shared with little captions in this calendar for 2013. Michael and Patricia Fogden celebrate these tiny feathered friends with photographs for each month. Hummingbirds tirelessly dart among flowers, probing for nectar with their needlelike bills. They are poetry in motion, their purring wings tracing a perpetual figure eight. Watch them work and play, shimmer and flash in the sky with their stained-glass beauty.

A few options for a standard wall calendar that is typically 12 inches wide are featured below. Get ready to laugh and enjoy life with these amazing photos. As you keep your life organized remember to relax and feel the joys of life as the tiny little teacher creature, Hummingbird, reminds us to.

201500000624 Hummingbird Calendars2015 Standard Wall CalendarCHECK AVAILABILITY

201500005414 Hummingbird CalendarsHummingbirds 2015CHECK AVAILABILITY

Using a calendar to follow Sister Hummingbird throughout the year will most assuredly fill your life with paroxysms of joy and renew the magic of living in your soul.

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Moose In 2015 Calendars

Moose Totem

Moose 2015 Wall Calendar
from: Calendars.com

When Moose comes to us as a Totem animal we learn about Self Respect. This creature teacher resides in the North of the Native American Medicine wheel which represents a place of wisdom. People with Moose medicine have the ability to know when it is time to use the gentleness of Deer or when to stampede like a Buffalo. Moose teaches us to understand that there is a balance to be obtained. Sometimes it is time to give orders and other times we need to be willing to just do it ourselves. If Moose is a power totem for you or just acting as a messenger totem, having a calendar to contemplates his lessons is helpful.

In the wild the Moose is always impressive. There is a universal  appeal with  Moose and even an amusing quality to this largest in the deer family.

201500001007 Moose In 2015 Calendars
Moose 2015 Wall Calendar


  • Format is Standard Wall
  • Size when closed: 12.0 ” x 12.0 “
  • Size when opened: 24.0 ” x 12.0 “
  • Grid Size is Large Square
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Time Span: 12 month
  • Publisher: Willow Creek

Moose as a Native American totem reminds us to “bellow” our feelings of joy and pride and let it echo across the valleys and mountains. Having good self-esteem that is in balance is important in our lives.

201500002324 Moose In 2015 Calendars
Moose 2015 Wall Calendar

To learn more about the Moose totem, visit this page here on the blog: Lessons From The Moose.

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