Teachings From Grandmother Moon

grandmother moon by debra colburn 218x300 Teachings From Grandmother MoonWho is Grandmother Moon? In many traditions she is believed to be one of the first 3 spirits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children of Earth. She helps you with your dreams and visions. You can ask her to bring the dreams to you or to help you understand the meaning of the symbols in your visions.

Many Native American traditions have Grandmother Moon as the leader of feminine life. Her teachings involve the intuitive and introspective realms of your life. Grandmother Moon has a strong connection to the cycles of life.

The picture at the left is what artist Debra Colburn envisions our Grandmother Moon to look like.

Grandmother Moon Art

grandmother moon 224x300 Teachings From Grandmother MoonIn her Moonpaths collection of drawings and paintings, Mary Trewhella, shows us the influence of Grandmother Moon on the planet and all its beings. She uses the influence of water and creatures of the night such as the wolf and the owl.

You can purchase this picture from the artist at her website:
Eagle Star Spirit Art.

The Legend Of The Dolphin And Grandmother Moon

It is said that without Grandmother Moon weaving the patterns of the tides, life would not have emerged from the aquatic waters of Mother Earth. She created a rhythm to life that we should listen to.

As Grandmother Moon was weaving the patterns of tides to allow life to emerge from the waters, she talked to the spirit of Dolphin. She told Dolphin to learn her rhythms and to open his feminine side to her silvery light. Dolphin began to swim to these new rhythms and learned a new way to breath. Dolphin is the keeper of the Sacred Breath of Life and teaches us how to use our life-energy through breathing to revitalize ourselves.

Full Moon Name

At the full moon, many believe that messages from Grandmother Moon are the strongest. There are ceremonies and rituals that can be followed by women during these full lunar events asking the Grandmother for guidance. What are the names given to them?

January: Snow or Cold
February: Hunger
March: Crow
April: Grass
May: Planting
June: Rose
July: Heat or Blood Moon
August: Thunder
September: Hunters
October: Falling Leaves
November: Beaver
December: Long Night

Some tribal traditions might have other names that they use, also.

It is said that Grandmother Moon rules your personality by the Moon that you were born under. Grandfather Sun rules your individuality.

This Spirit Guide As Her Own Animal Totem

The animal totem for Grandmother Moon is the Loon. A bird that swims and dives and lives around marshy areas of lakes. Loons have three calls, a yodel, a wail, and an eerie laugh. From the Loon we learn about transformation, maneuverability, mystery, and fidelity.
MIZA100Z Teachings From Grandmother Moon

Loons and Sunset
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Animal Spirit Medicine From Elk

Native American peoples believe strongly in the medicine that we get from the animal spirits. The totem of an animal teaches us lessons about life that we need to learn. The animal spirit of Elk is one of strength, nobility, pride, survival, and stamina.

The Elk totem can be one of your directions in the Medicine Wheel or sometimes it will come to you for a small journey when you need to be reminded to pace yourself on a project. To protect your stamina until the project is complete.

Elk may also come to you when you need to be reminded how important community is. Read further to find out more about the good medicine of Elk.
I26JF00Z Animal Spirit Medicine From Elk
Bull Elk Leads His Cows
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Elk Medicine

Elk medicine teaches us that by pacing ourselves we increase our stamina. Elk people may not complete a project first, but when it is done they have not burned themselves out. Elk are able to look at the long journey and to “hit their stride” to maintain energy and perseverance.

Animal spirit Elk reminds us of the importance of community, most especially fellowship with our same gender. Herds of elk are normally female or male and only unite during mating season. We are reminded by Elk that there is always support if we need it.

Elk also tells us to be aware of subtle changes around us and to be ready for a quick response.

Elk medicine stands for stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and survival.

My Spirit Animal In The East

In my personal life path, Elk is the medicine for my East Wind. Elk guides me to my personal spiritual challenges and guards my path to illumination.

I use the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams to study my personal animal spirits and the Medicine Wheel.

With the book and the cards, you can find out the 9 Animal Spirits that follow you on your life path. Elk, may or may not be a part of your journey. The book will help you discover which animals are.

Apply The Animal Spirit Message To Your Life

If you are feeling sluggish or lost your stamina, change your diet to have mostly vegetarian foods and take some quiet time for yourself.

Perhaps you have been pushing yourself too hard, fearful of not completing a project. Elk tells us to pace ourselves. Take some time away from the process, after all it will be there when you return.

Sometimes we struggle to complete something on our own. Elk tells us to look for support and ask for help from others. Elk can hold on to self worth while being supported by the herd.

Elk also shows us the importance of having connections with a group of our own gender just as a herd of elk would be. Make sure you spend time with your own gender.

Elk also tells us to protect our young. Make sure you are acting on your children’s behalf when they are not able to.

Wapiti Is Another Name For Elk

Channel The Energy Of Elk

There are several ways to channel the energy of Elk, if it has come to you in the Medicine Cards. Even without the cards, if you have always had an attraction to the Elk or possibly it crosses your path often; it is one of your Animal Spirit Totems.

1. Read about the Elk. It helps to understand how the Animal Spirit lives in the wild, what its habits are, and its characteristics.

2. Explore your ancestry and see if you have a connection with royalty in some way.

3. Involve yourself in a sport that requires stamina such as long distance running.

4. Eat a diet of vegetarian foods.

5. Supplement your diet with Velvet (a vitamin supplement from antlers).

6. Find an elk figurine or an elk bone and place it on an alter or special place in your home.

7. Elk do not graze after dark. Live like the elk and do not eat after dark.

Elk Prayer:

Elk your strength and stamina far exceed those of your predators.
Your unpredictability is an asset.
May I take pride in myself and all my doings with the nobility of Elk.
I have the strength to go the distance and the sensitivity to respond to my surroundings.

Elk Works With Me

As I have begun to study the animal spirits that are connected to my life, Elk has come to me more than once. I first discovered its medicine when I did my Life Path Spread and found that it was the animal spirit connected to my East wind.

I pulled a daily card today and it was the Elk card. I began to reflect even more on the Elk and its lessons for me and decided to write this lens about it.

I’m sure Elk is working with me right now because I do have a tendency to push myself too hard and wear myself out. Elk is telling me to pace myself and to take some breaks for my own stamina.

Remarkably, as I started to study the Medicine Cards I was asked to join a group of women who networked regularly with each other. A group of women who support each other, teach each other, and challenge each other in learning to write better. Clearly one of Elk’s lessons, to be a part of a group of my own gender on my path to illumination.

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Cornstalk Shawnee Chief

chief cornstalk 281x300 Cornstalk Shawnee ChiefOne of the great Chiefs of the Shawnee Indians was Cornstalk, pictured at the left. Chief Cornstalk was described as a handsome man with a charismatic personality. He was a great warrior, extremely proficient orator, brilliant organizer, and was admired by both his enemies and his tribe for his cunning strategy in warfare.

He led a Confederacy of Tribes against the encroachment of the white settlers, trying to get the indians to leave their lands and to protect their sacred hunting grounds in Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. It is his death that defines Cornstalk as being a true Native American Hero.

His last words, as he lay dieing, were a curse placed upon the area where he was murdered. Modern day Point Pleasant, West Virginia has many residents who believe the curse was and is real. The area does have many incidents which have occurred over the last 200 years that do seem to be related with Chief Cornstalks last words.

A Little History Of The Shawnee And Cornstalk

Born around 1720, most probably in Pennsylvania, Cornstalk and the Shawnee were pushed west to the Ohio Country when he was a young boy.

Little is known about Cornstalk until about 1763. This account tells of the warrior leading a band of about 60 Shawnee into Greenbriar County, Virginia. The Shawnee were quite upset about the constant advancement west of the white settlers. In an attempt to get them to leave, it is reported that Cornstalk and his band befriended the settlers and then murdered everyone at Muddy Creek and then some 50 others at Clendenin Settlement in June of 1763.

Cornstalk and the Shawnee sided with the French in the French and Indian War. They feared the English would continue to advance into the Ohio Country and they needed to be stopped. In 1764 the Shawnee were defeated by Colonel Henry Bouquet. Cornstalk was taken prisoner so that the Shawnee would sign the treaty. They agreed to not fight the English again.

For the next decade there was fighting between the English and the Ohio natives. The constant arrival of more white settlers caused much tension. Cornstalk tried to ease the situation peacefully but he was in the minority by 1774. On May 3, 1774, English colonists murdered 11 Mingo Indians. Retribution was demanded by the Mingo and the Shawnee people. Cornstalk promised to protect the English fur traders because they were innocent of this crime.

The British decided to increase military presence by building more forts and to allow more white settlements to be built which enraged the Shawnee even more. The British began to destroy entire villages and the life sustaining crops of the villages. The thought seemed to be that the natives would just give up and move farther away.

At this time, Cornstalk began to have a change of heart about the white settlers. Lord Dunmore sent 1000 men to build a fort in what became West Virginia to attack the Shawnee. Cornstalk sent 1000 warriors to drive Dunmore’s forces out. On October 10, 1774 the Battle of Point Pleasant took place between Dunmore’s troops and the Shawnee. As Dunmore drove the natives north of the Ohio River, he asked that a discussion for a peace treaty be started. While discussions were going on, Colonel Andrew Lewis crossed the Ohio and destroyed several villages. Fearing that Dunmore planned to destroy them, the Shawnee agreed to the terms of the treaty. They gave up all lands east and south of the Ohio River, released captives, and promised not to attack colonists traveling down the river.

Cornstalk, a man of his word, abided by the treaty for the remainder of his life. By 1777 the Shawnee were urged by the British to drive the white settlers out of the region. The American Revolution had begun and the British wanted the help of the Shawnee. Cornstalk and one of his sons went to Point Pleasant to warn the Americans of the impending attack.

Cornstalk was treated well and even began helping the Americans make maps and strategy for defeating the approaching enemies. A report came into the fort that some Shawnee had killed an American soldier. Seeking revenge the colonists killed Cornstalk on November 10, 1777 along with his son and other natives that were in custody.

Before he died, Cornstalk uttered what has become known as “The Curse of Cornstalk”.

51FMTv 4GcL. SY344 PJlook inside v2,TopRight,1,0 SH20 BO1,204,203,200  Cornstalk Shawnee Chief
Native American Tribes: The History and Culture of the Shawnee

Did his people call him Cornstalk? His name has been recorded as Hokolesqua, Colesqua and Keigh-tugh-qua in the languages of the Native Americans and was freely translated by the white men to mean “blade of corn” and became known to most as Cornstalk.

Cornstalk’s Curse

“I was the border man’s friend. Many times I have saved him and his people from harm. I never warred with you, but only to protect our wigwams and lands. I refused to join your paleface enemies with the red coats. I came to the fort as your friend and you murdered me. You have murdered by my side, my young son. For this, may the curse of the Great Spirit rest upon this land. May it be blighted by nature. May it even be blighted by its hopes. May the strength of its peoples be paralyzed by the stain of our blood.” -Chief Cornstalk November 10, 1777

Point Pleasant Has Some Eerie History Since The Curse

Many tragedies and disasters were blamed on the curse:

1907: Coal mine disaster in Monogah, West Virginia. There were 310 miners who lost their lives in what is known as the worst coal mine disaster in America.

1944: 150 people lose their lives when a tornado tears through the tri-state area in June of 1944.

1967: Disaster at Silver Bridge causes 46 people to fall into the Ohio River losing their lives. This December 15th tragedy has been connected to the Mothman Curse with people saying they say the Mothman and reporting strange lights in the sky. Other paranormal events were also reported.

1968: 35 people are killed when the Piedmont Airlines plane crashes near Kanawha Airport in August of 1968.

1970: Southern Airways DC-10 crashes into a mountain near Huntington, West Virginia on November 14. There were 75 people killed in this tragedy.

1976: An explosion at the Mason County Jail causes the town of Point Pleasant to shake in the middle of the night. On that March night the husband of Harriet Sisk came to the jail with explosives hidden in a suitcase. His plan was to blow up his wife and himself. His attempt was successful while he also took the lives of three law enforcement officers. Harriet was in the jail facing charges of murdering her infant daughter.

1978: Chemicals contaminate the town of Point Pleasant’s water supply and wells in January due to a freight train derailment.

1978: The collapse of some construction scaffolding causes 51 men to die at the Willow Island power plant. This tragedy occurred in St. Marys which is north of Point Pleasant during the month of April.

There have been many strange events since Cornstalk’s curse was uttered. Fires and floods that could happen anywhere but there were two floods that almost completely wiped out Point Pleasant. On in 1913 and the other in 1937 could be considered just a hazard of river life. Was the barge explosion just before Christmas in 1953 connected or just something that would have happened anyway? Did Cornstalk cause the destruction of an entire city to be burned in the fire that occurred in the late 1880s? Did Chief Cornstalk and his curse cause the local economy of Point Pleasant to decline from dwindling river traffic and commerce or was that a natural turn of economics?

Is the curse of Cornstalk real? It is difficult to say but there are so many really tragic events that it does make one wonder. Reports of eerie lights, sightings of the Mothman, and other strange tales makes one wonder if the utterings of a disappointed and angry Shawnee Chief have lasted over the span of time to curse the area.

Source of statistics: Haunted West Virginia – The Cornstalk Curse

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Wise Council From The Owl

Owl In Flight 300x168 Wise Council From The OwlI felt sad, disconnected from the life around me. One day, I was especially upset. I was home alone, and my frustration and impatience suddenly became too much to bear. I had put so much time and energy into healing myself and I still wasn’t cured, not even close. I was lost, and was unsure exactly where to go, what to do. I started to yell.

“I need you to help me! I can’t do this alone!” I shouted to the emptiness around me.

I don’t know if I was asking God, or my angels, or both, for help. I knew this was bigger than me. I knew I needed more help. I trusted God and His guidance, and prayed that I would find some answers soon.

Before long, I heard that a workshop honoring the earth’s cycle and the full moon was being held in a nearby town. It was a special event because it was the final full moon of that year, and a total lunar eclipse. A well known spiritual messenger, international teacher, and ceremonial leader was running the workshop. It caught my attention because I had become interested in understanding more about earth based spiritual practices.

Intrigued, I looked it up online. I learned that a full moon was a time to shed light on the things that created disharmony in our lives and prevented us from realizing our full spiritual selves. We could bring much of our hurt, doubt, and anger to the surface to be healed. It sounded very interesting, and seemed to offer some things that might help me. I signed up that day. I felt a strong sense of excitement in the days leading up to the workshop. I wasn’t nervous. Somehow it felt very right to me and was something I knew I was supposed to experience.

The workshop leader was very open and friendly and explained the different rituals and symbolism as she shared them with us. She also worked with different crystals and elixirs. I was intrigued. We symbolically took what we felt no longer served us, what was holding us back, and threw it into a fire under the beautiful full moon. The fire roared. It felt great. I felt great. I was beginning to feel there really was hope. I looked up at the moon on that cloudless night and I saw what I can best describe as sound waves vibrating all around it. I was mesmerized. This was really something, it was bigger than me.

The workshop leader also spoke about her experiences with the animals and her life totem. She explained that your life totem is an animal that reflects your inner spiritual nature. It can also be called your power animal. I certainly had been visited by a lot of animals, but I knew in my heart that I hadn’t been visited by my life totem yet. As I left that night, I intuitively knew that the next animal I saw would be my life totem. It may sound crazy, but my feeling could not be denied. It reverberated through me.

I had a long drive ahead of me, through a wooded area. The full moon, a glowing sentinel in the sky, illuminated the night. Its beams easily penetrated the thick of trees above me and blanketed my surroundings in a clear, silvery light. Conditions were perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better night to look for my life totem. My eyes darted to each side of the road, sweeping the woods for animals. I wondered what I would see first. Whatever it would be, I knew it wouldn’t be long. This stretch of road was teeming with wild life. However, on this night, everything was still, incredibly still.

I had been driving for half an hour and had not seen even the hint of movement. Not so much as the rustle of a leaf. It felt as if I had entered a vacuum, the place so strangely void of motion. As if all the animals in the woods had migrated to a distant land, and took the breeze and their noise with them. But I was not deterred. I had no doubt that I was to see my life totem that night.

“If the first animal I see tonight is my dog Bear, then the dog is my life totem!” I declared emphatically to the empty night.

But I knew in my heart that would not be true. I was almost home when it happened, when it swooped in front of my car. Out of the dark, silent woods; an owl flew.

A magnificent owl, its triumphant shape lit by my headlights against the black night. As it reached the center of my car, the owl spread its wings even wider, like it was showing off its glorious wingspan. Then, suddenly and incredibly, it turned and flew back into the woods from where it came.

I was confused by the path the owl took, and abruptness of its flight, but only for a moment. It made perfect sense. I had known it was coming. However, that didn’t make the display any less exhilarating. I remained seated in my car after I pulled in the driveway, replaying it in my mind.

I still couldn’t believe it. It was as if there had been an imaginary runway that ended at my windshield, and God had quieted the crowded woods for the grand unveiling of my life totem. I was stunned. I was expecting to see an animal, a raccoon, an opossum, or maybe if I was really lucky a fox, but never such a splendid creature as an owl. It filled me with awe, it humbled me.

Suddenly, I felt a tangible connection to something greater than myself. It left me feeling as if I had just opened the most perfect gift, a gift meant just for me and I smiled.

I am not alone. There is a connection. Through this connection, a spark ignited inside of me, and I saw a glimpse of my worth.

God, through my owl, confirmed it.

A life totem doesn’t have a specific message for you; rather, they are representative of your true nature. Often times they are animals that you are interested in or feel attracted to. I wasn’t surprised the owl was my life totem, as I have always had an affinity towards owls. I’m not sure if it’s because of their wise image which I identified with my intellect, but I have always loved owls.

Owls are nocturnal birds and are rarely seen by humans. Their flight is silent due to a fringe on the front edge of their wings. An owl’s eyesight is keen and they can change their vision from telescopic to microscopic in a second. Owls also have a third eyelid that helps keep their eyes clean and vision clear. Their ears are different sizes and asymmetrical which allows them to pinpoint the origin of a noise exactly. Their necks are remarkably flexible, enabling them to turn their heads 270 degrees in an instant. With these capabilities it is no surprise that they are adept predators, and rulers of the night sky.

The owl is associated with the moon, the feminine, and the mysteries of the night. Great myth and magic surround the owl because of its nocturnal nature and the silent glide of its flight. The owl’s keen eyesight and hearing is symbolic of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature, which represents acute powers of observation. The ability of an owl to turn its head to see all around, along with their third eyelid to keep their vision clear, reinforces the message of observation. If an owl is your life totem, you have a gift of perception and observation and are able to discern the true nature of people and situations; you can “see” and “hear” things not obvious to others.

With this gift, you are able to give wise counsel to others. However, remember that not everyone has this heightened perception. Be careful to provide your counsel considerately. Make sure your advice is subtle and sensitive, not overbearing. Be as unobtrusive with your guidance as the wings of an owl are to the night sky. This resonated with me because I have frequently felt things about situations and other people, which eventually were revealed to be true. Unfortunately, my counsel has not always been subtle, in fact many times it was overbearing. Understanding the gift of the owl helped me to more fully understand my true nature, and to be careful to use it in a positive manner.

I was beginning to truly see God at work in my life and I was grateful.

An excerpt from Patricia Brooks’ book
God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals
To order her book or receive your free Understanding Animal Totems report
please visit http://godisinthelittlethings.com


Deer Totem Meanings

deer 300x225 Deer Totem MeaningsAre you looking for the Deer Totem meaning? Are you wondering what medicine or lesson can be given to you by the animal spirit of Deer? Let me share some of my own knowledge on this subject with you in the next few paragraphs to perhaps shed some light for you.

In the Native American tradition an animal totem is a spirit that will come to you to teach you lessons that you need. Some of these totems are with you from birth and will teach you throughout your lifetime. Other animal spirits or totems come as messengers and will stay with you until you have grasped the teaching they have for you.

How do you know that a totem such as Deer is working with you? There are a few ways to tell, so please read on to find out more about the meaning of the Deer Totem and whether it might be working with you at the moment.

Messages From The Deer Totem

The deer totem gives us the message or medicine of “gentleness”. From Deer we learn to touch the hearts and minds of wounded souls with gentleness and kindness. We learn to not try to force people into changing but to love them just as they are.

We learn not to fight our internal demons with negative ideas but to love ourselves enough to face our fears and let them go. By learning to have love and compassion for our fellow human beings and ourselves the demons all just seem to melt away. We learn that fear can never live in the same place where there is gentleness and love.

female deer 300x199 Deer Totem MeaningsLook at the photo to the right of Sister Deer. See her gentleness? Keep in mind that the Deer Totem gives the lesson of unconditional love which means there can be no strings attached to that love.

Is The Spirit Of Deer Working With You?

Your landing on this page to read about the Deer Totem might be one strong indication that gentleness is medicine you need in your life. You see, when a totem begins to work with us we are suddenly drawn to that animal. We may start to realize that the word or images of that animal keep coming across our paths. We suddenly have a real interest in them or notice they just keep popping into our consciousness. Perhaps where you live you don’t see many deer but all of a sudden you see one and a feeling of peace enters your being.

8PZC000Z Deer Totem Meanings
Deer Cautious Crossing
Wilhelm J Goebel Art Print at Allposters.com

Throughout my life, Deer has come to me on a regular basis. It is always Sister Deer for me but it could be Brother Deer for you. She will stop me in my tracks, literally. I can be driving down a road and she will walk calmly in front of me and stop. She will look me straight in the eye and hold my attention for a few minutes and then calmly walk on. Her visit is usually when I have been stressing over a decision and I come to the conclusion that I have to take the gentle way of resolution. I’ve always felt that she is letting me know that I have made the right decision.

Another way to know that the totem of Deer is working with you is to use the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams. If the card shows up in your spread or as a single card drawn, pay attention because Deer is giving you a tap on your shoulder.

Reflect On The Message

A great way to reflect on the messages and lessons of the deer totem is to work a jigsaw puzzle with images of deer. That may sound a little silly but it really isn’t. As you are working the puzzle think about deer. Imagine it standing in the wild or performing the act depicted in the puzzle. What message is there for you?

201400001168 Deer Totem Meanings
Darrell Bush Evening Run 1000 Piece Puzzle

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