Native American peoples believe strongly in the medicine that we get from the animal spirits. The totem of an animal teaches us lessons about life that we need to learn. The animal spirit of Elk is one of strength, nobility, pride, survival, and stamina.

The Elk totem can be one of your directions in the Medicine Wheel or sometimes it will come to you for a small journey when you need to be reminded to pace yourself on a project. To protect your stamina until the project is complete.

Elk may also come to you when you need to be reminded how important community is. Read further to find out more about the good medicine of Elk.
Bull Elk Leads Herds His Cows Thru a Meadow Still Smoking after Being
Bull Elk Leads His Cows

Elk Medicine

Elk medicine teaches us that by pacing ourselves we increase our stamina. Elk people may not complete a project first, but when it is done they have not burned themselves out. Elk are able to look at the long journey and to “hit their stride” to maintain energy and perseverance.

Animal spirit Elk reminds us of the importance of community, most especially fellowship with our same gender. Herds of elk are normally female or male and only unite during mating season. We are reminded by Elk that there is always support if we need it.

Elk also tells us to be aware of subtle changes around us and to be ready for a quick response.

Elk medicine stands for stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and survival.

My Spirit Animal In The East

In my personal life path, Elk is the medicine for my East Wind. Elk guides me to my personal spiritual challenges and guards my path to illumination.

I use the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams to study my personal animal spirits and the Medicine Wheel.

With the book and the cards, you can find out the 9 Animal Spirits that follow you on your life path. Elk, may or may not be a part of your journey. The book will help you discover which animals are.

Apply The Animal Spirit Message To Your Life

If you are feeling sluggish or lost your stamina, change your diet to have mostly vegetarian foods and take some quiet time for yourself.

Perhaps you have been pushing yourself too hard, fearful of not completing a project. Elk tells us to pace ourselves. Take some time away from the process, after all it will be there when you return.

Sometimes we struggle to complete something on our own. Elk tells us to look for support and ask for help from others. Elk can hold on to self worth while being supported by the herd.

Elk also shows us the importance of having connections with a group of our own gender just as a herd of elk would be. Make sure you spend time with your own gender.

Elk also tells us to protect our young. Make sure you are acting on your children’s behalf when they are not able to.

Wapiti Is Another Name For Elk

Channel The Energy Of Elk

There are several ways to channel the energy of Elk, if it has come to you in the Medicine Cards. Even without the cards, if you have always had an attraction to the Elk or possibly it crosses your path often; it is one of your Animal Spirit Totems.

1. Read about the Elk. It helps to understand how the Animal Spirit lives in the wild, what its habits are, and its characteristics.

2. Explore your ancestry and see if you have a connection with royalty in some way.

3. Involve yourself in a sport that requires stamina such as long distance running.

4. Eat a diet of vegetarian foods.

5. Supplement your diet with Velvet (a vitamin supplement from antlers).

6. Find an elk figurine or an elk bone and place it on an alter or special place in your home.

7. Elk do not graze after dark. Live like the elk and do not eat after dark.

Elk Prayer:

Elk your strength and stamina far exceed those of your predators.
Your unpredictability is an asset.
May I take pride in myself and all my doings with the nobility of Elk.
I have the strength to go the distance and the sensitivity to respond to my surroundings.

Elk Works With Me

As I have begun to study the animal spirits that are connected to my life, Elk has come to me more than once. I first discovered its medicine when I did my Life Path Spread and found that it was the animal spirit connected to my East wind.

I pulled a daily card today and it was the Elk card. I began to reflect even more on the Elk and its lessons for me and decided to write this lens about it.

I’m sure Elk is working with me right now because I do have a tendency to push myself too hard and wear myself out. Elk is telling me to pace myself and to take some breaks for my own stamina.

Remarkably, as I started to study the Medicine Cards I was asked to join a group of women who networked regularly with each other. A group of women who support each other, teach each other, and challenge each other in learning to write better. Clearly one of Elk’s lessons, to be a part of a group of my own gender on my path to illumination.

Does the Elk Spirit guide you? Was this information helpful for you? Do you just want to let me know you stopped by? Leave your comments here.

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