Earthworm Totem

A significant lesson from a lowly creature makes one stop to think about how productive you might be.

earthworm totem lesson

Sometimes the animal spirits come to me in such odd ways. Now, I am going to be honest and tell you that I never considered until a couple of days ago that there was even a possibility of a simple little earthworm having a lesson for me to learn. You would think that I would know better by now, I’ve been doing this for a very long time and should realize by now that any of the creatures on this earth can teach me a lesson in living my life in a better way. Suddenly, the worm crawled up to my attention and made me take a look at a few things in my life.

The catalyst for me stopping to reflect about the earthworm totem was when I was working in the dirt to plant some new plants. As I dug, I ran into a few worms which is a good sign for the soil. I sat for a little while almost mesmerized by the sacred crawl of the worms. They have no eyes so when they sense light they instinctively begin to go underground.

As they move under and through the soil, they eat plant debris. Their movement through the soil aerates the area creating a better and richer soil for vegetation to grow.

earthworm totem

An earthworm is hermaphroditic which means that they have both female and male reproduction organs. So, when they come to us as a totem it is about the power of fertility that they speak. As a creature teacher they come to ask you what areas in your own life can use some improvement in fertility or life giving powers. Are you helping the environment around you? Are you being productive and life affirming in your thoughts and actions?

On another note, the earthworm can represent emotions. When we get a strong rain, the worms in the ground will come to the surface to escape the water. In the spiritual realm, water represents our emotions. So, another message that the earthworm totem may be trying to give you is: Are you comfortable with strong emotions or do you try to escape the flood by moving to drier ground?

Do you slither away from your feelings? This lowly little creature that we may not give much attention to may be telling you to get comfortable with your own feelings and the feelings of other people. If you don’t the proverbial early bird may be watching and snatch you up!

We as humans often take note when a larger animal seems to come into our vision and thoughts and try to find out the message they have for us. We sometimes overlook the smaller creatures of the eco-system that surrounds us as we walk our earth journey. These undersized creatures play an important role in the life cycle and can have just as strong of a spiritual lesson as the larger animals that grab our attention more readily.

If the earthworm has come to you, feel blessed that the little creature teacher has come to remind you to be comfortable with your emotions but more importantly to aerate the soil of your soul with productive and fertile actions and thoughts.

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