Except for pictures, I have never seen a red kite; I have heard of them but have never had the pleasure of seeing one in nature. The other day, I was talking to my good friend AJ Ashley who lives in the UK. AJ has been visiting an area on a regular basis with her daughter and they have been seeing these really incredible birds. She asked me if I knew what the totem messages might be for the Red Kite. I told her that I did not, but that I would find out. So, dear friend, this post is dedicated to you!

I have to admit I had to fly around, probably not as gracefully as a kite, to find the information to come up with the lessons of this bird of prey. What I found is quite interesting. I thought that since many of my readers may be like me and have never encountered this raptor in their own area, maybe this video showing kites in flight in the UK might help before we learn what it can teach us. I just love that distinct wing pattern in flight!

Red Kites in Flight

These exquisite and buoyant birds talk to us about grace and gentleness which is kind of amazing when you consider that for the most part these birds of prey are scavengers. At one time in the UK they were not welcomed at all, even though they were responsible for getting rid of carrion and garbage. Although when you think about it, here are these birds who are willing to do the job that most don’t want to bother with (dead and smelly things!) and in the next instance they can soar overhead with a grace and beauty that will just take your breath away.

Kites are also connected to the underworld, which also makes sense by them preferring to eat things that are already dead rather than to catch a live animal and have to kill it before they eat it. That connection to the underworld reminds us to be open to psychic awareness and to learn how to breathe in a relaxed way allowing our minds to open to new thoughts and messages from the spirits.

The Red Kite does not live in the North American continent and for quite some time has been on the Near Threatened status list even in the UK. They have been re-introduced in Europe and there is some success in seeing more mating pairs, as my friend AJ can attest to. I can imagine that seeing this medium to large predator in the sky is the equivalent to someone here in the US seeing an eagle flying high. It is due to this survival that the Red Kite is also associated with change and prophecy.

As with all birds in the raptor family, a kite’s eyesight is remarkable. The lesson there is that we should always remember to try to look at the big picture and to see things with as much clarity as we can muster. We should remember to look to the distance to see what might be coming in our future which goes along with the prophecy lesson.

I am so glad that AJ asked me about this bird because I really learned a lot as I studied it’s message! I can not help but think that it was meant for me to research the Red Kite so that I would hear its message. Since it is not a bird that would come into my daily life. The messages of looking in the distance for the future and having a clarity in my vision really rings a strong bell with me and the stuff that is going on in my life. I can see where the message is going to mean something to AJ, too.

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