Visits From The Bull And What They Might Mean

Have you suddenly noticed that everywhere you look you see a bull? Are you dreaming about bulls? Perhaps this animal spirit is trying to tell you something. That is often how it works. So, let’s look at some of the lessons that the bull totem may want you to learn.

The basic or overall message of the bull totem is fertility but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a visit from him means that you are about to become a parent, although it could. Bulls and cows have been symbols of fertility for centuries by many cultures.

The cow (female) symbolizes motherhood and nourishment through her milk. The bull also symbolizes nourishment, but it is through its slaughter that the meat is provided. Hence, it is a symbol of fertility through sacrifice.

The bull is a male totem and associated with the sun, a cow would be female and associated with the moon.

bull TaurusBull worship was a part of many cultures including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Osiris was often times depicted with the head of the bull. The Romans and Greeks included him in many of their myths. The minotaur comes to mind for me. I mention this because if the bull totem is working with you, it might be trying to remind you of a past life.

The bull is also the astrological sign of Taurus. That happens to be my star sign and was one of the reasons I felt drawn to write about him today. As a star sign it has a lot to do with possessions but it also is linked to the idea of making the ordinary parts of life more fertile.

Mother Earth is a feminine planet and the bull is masculine so there is an implication of the bull fertilizing the earth. An interesting note here is that even though the bull is often depicted as being a masculine or solar being it is also many times referred to as lunar or female. The horns of the bull can look like the crescent of the moon which is a feminine aspect. When an animal can be associated with both male and female traits of spirituality there is often an opportunity for fertility. Many things can be fertilized…ideas, thoughts, relationships.

Questions To Ask Yourself

If the bull has come to you as a messenger totem, what things might he be trying to tell you?

  • Are you being as productive as you possibly can?
  • Are you being stubborn or rigid in your thinking?
  • Are there some seeds you should be sowing?
  • Is there a need for you to be more sensitive to the conditions and people around you?
  • Are you trying to rush something when you should be allowing it to “become” in its own time?
  • Are you feeling insecure?

Brother bull as a totem can help you to affirm your feminine energies with a great deal of success. Men, sometimes you need to assert the feminine side of yourselves, too. The bull totem will teach you stability without any stubbornness. It can help you understand the relationships needed to work with the ordinary or mundane aspects of life to make them the fertile successes they are intended to be.

Also, refresh yourself with the Greek and Roman mythologies that deal with the bull for better understanding of the lessons that Brother Bull is trying to share with you.

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