The Jaguar Totem

The medicine that we learn from Jaguar as a totem is of integrity and impeccability. The spirit of this sacred cat eats away at the unclean aspects of human behavior. Brother Jaguar teaches us the punishments of our inappropriate behavior toward our fellow humans and other creatures of Mother Earth. He will also offer rewards of good medicine to those of us who walk in their personal integrity while walking in an impeccable manner in our journey through this lifetime.

If you find that the totem of Jaguar is entering into your dream world or your real world it might be rewarding you for upholding your integrity in a situation where you could have abused your authority. You might have chosen to not be self-serving in a situation or you might have decided not to be judgmental against another person. Perhaps you were kind to someone while others were cruel or performed a good deed when it was not expected. If you are hearing the roar of Jaguar due to rewards for good behavior let yourself be filled with well being and continue to serve your fellow humans with compassion and the integrity of an open heart.

A Close View of a Captive Jaguar, Panthera Onca

A Close View of a Captive Jaguar, Panthera Onca
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Brother Jaguar reminds us to not waiver in our resolves to be our own personal best at all times. To remember to maintain our dignity, devotion, and compassion no matter what contrary influences surround us is another lesson we learn from the totem spirit of Jaguar. The totem of Jaguar teaches us that personal integrity will always allow for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and to humbly make corrections of self to keep a balance in our spirit.

The Mayan peoples believed that the totem of Skygod was Jaguar and even after the death of this god-like being that Jaguar would roam the dreams of the Maya and their priests looking for dishonorable behavior.

~Mitakuye Oyasing~ We are all related

Peony A Plant Totem

Had you thought of the Peony as a possible totem in your life? Remember that a Native American totem can come in the form of an animal, a mineral, or a plant. We sometimes forget about the lessons or medicine that we can learn from our friends the plants of Mother Earth.

I don’t know about where you live but in my part of the world, the peony is a most lovely flowering plant that blooms during May. Whenever I encounter a flowering peony, I am taken back to my Grandmother’s home in a memory that makes me smile. As a child I was so drawn to her peonies every spring. They were simply breathtaking and I did not realize at the time that they may have attracted me as a totem. After doing some research for this post, I do have to wonder. I seemed to be drawn to writing about them today so my inner voice is telling me to learn something from this wondrous plant.

In past times when the old ways were followed more closely, many times the seeds of the peony were dried and then carved with something meaningful and then worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits and to provide protection for traveling.

It is believed that when you have peonies planted around your home that they will offer protection and also good health to any of the people who live in the household.

Besides protection and good health, what other lessons does the peony as a plant totem teach us? Well, just as a peony plant starts out small and then has the ability to grow into a large plant…so do we as humans. We all have the potential to grow in our spirit and be a success at what we attempt.

We are reminded by the peony totem to nurture ourselves physically and emotionally along with nurturing our hopes and dreams. When we do, we allow ourselves to flourish and blossom in our day to day journey.

One way to remind ourselves about the lessons of the plant totem, Peony, is to keep a reminder for the times of the year that this lovely plant is not in our vision but can still teach us to bloom forth with the strong and positive energy of the Peony and allow ourselves to become what we are destined to be.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Lizard: Native American Totem

Let’s find out the medicine we learn when Lizard is one of our Native American Totems. Brother Lizard teaches us about dreaming. Actually it is the medicine of dreamers. When a dreamer calls you into their realm they can always help you to see the shadow in your reality. Our shadow can be our fears, our hopes, or the very thing that we are resisting in the present. This shadow follows us much like an obedient dog waiting for us to recognize it.

If Brother Lizard is making his presence known in your life right now, he may be suggesting that it is time to look and see what is following you in your shadow. Is it your fears? Perhaps your future is trying to catch up to you. It might be that part of you that wants to ignore your humanness or your weaknesses.

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The spirit of Lizard teaches us that the dreaming process is our sub-conscious processing all of the recorded messages that we experience in a day. They can be suppressed feelings which are bringing inner conflicts or they can be new ideas or goals. They might even be enlightening us on other dimensions of awareness. We can receive warning signals or glimpses of future events while dreaming with Lizard as our guide.

Brother Lizard will help you work out what needs to be discovered in your dreaming time. Most of all, he is telling you to pay attention. Your dreams are very important and should not be taken lightly.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Chrysocolla A Native American Mineral Totem

Much like the turtle totem that we discussed in an earlier post, Chrysocolla as a Native American mineral totem represents two elements. If you look at this mineral after it has been tumbled and shaped into a sphere, it resembles the Earth as seen from outer space. Imagine the greens being the land of our planet and the blues being the water or oceans of the planet. Although, technically this mineral represents a balance between earth and sky.

It is said that Chrysocolla can be used to stimulate our attempts at reaching the highest realms of our consciousness while it assists us in staying grounded to Earth. This characteristic of the mineral allows us to stay in a good balance with our earth and sky elements that are within each of us.

A healing stone, Chrysocolla can purify on all levels. It will aid the user in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. We find that it helps to bring balance into our lives along with keeping us grounded. This mineral totem helps to gain a feeling of inner strength and well-being. It is known for creating stability and peacefulness into the lives of the people who wear it in jewelry or hold a Chrysocolla/Malachite Heart or stone in their hand as they meditate.

Chryscocolla is the birth mineral totem for the Frogs Return Moon that falls between April 20 and May 20 each year. In the Zodiac that would be in conjunction with Taurus.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Prairie Dog As Native American Totem

When Prairie Dog comes to us as a Native American totem we learn the main medicine of “Retreat”. This rest message may be telling us that our body is running low on fuel and it is time to stop and fill our energy tank back up. When we get so busy that we put our basic needs at the bottom of our list of things to do or even worse we don’t have it on the list at all, Prairie Dog may come as the messenger telling us that we are near exhaustion and can not possibly tackle any tasks without stopping for a much deserved retreat.

When our messenger totem comes in the form of Prairie Dog we learn that taking time to quiet our mind gives us strength and inspiration to replenish our life force or energy. Most times that is best done in silence and inactivity. We can then access dreams or visions because we are not bothered by the chaos of the world and the noise that surrounds it. Once we have taken our retreat we can enter back into our activities with a calmness that allows progress.

Just as the Prairie Dog will run to a tunnel when they sense a predator around, we must sometimes run to our tunnel of quiet to regain our energy and our potential. A Prairie Dog hibernates in winter to conserve energy and we must take a hibernating day from time to time, also.

We will find that having our own peace and a rested outlook will allow us to recognize blessings that are being offered. Without this rested calmness, we can actually create a resistance that will not allow us to move forward. We have to learn from Prairie Dog to stop pushing ourselves too hard, to retreat to our tunnel once in a while for much needed rejuvenation.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related