Much like the turtle totem that we discussed in an earlier post, Chrysocolla as a Native American mineral totem represents two elements. If you look at this mineral after it has been tumbled and shaped into a sphere, it resembles the Earth as seen from outer space. Imagine the greens being the land of our planet and the blues being the water or oceans of the planet. Although, technically this mineral represents a balance between earth and sky.

It is said that Chrysocolla can be used to stimulate our attempts at reaching the highest realms of our consciousness while it assists us in staying grounded to Earth. This characteristic of the mineral allows us to stay in a good balance with our earth and sky elements that are within each of us.

A healing stone, Chrysocolla can purify on all levels. It will aid the user in spiritual, emotional, and physical healing. We find that it helps to bring balance into our lives along with keeping us grounded. This mineral totem helps to gain a feeling of inner strength and well-being. It is known for creating stability and peacefulness into the lives of the people who wear it in jewelry or hold a Chrysocolla/Malachite Heart or stone in their hand as they meditate.

Chryscocolla is the birth mineral totem for the Frogs Return Moon that falls between April 20 and May 20 each year. In the Zodiac that would be in conjunction with Taurus.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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