The medicine that we learn from Jaguar as a totem is of integrity and impeccability. The spirit of this sacred cat eats away at the unclean aspects of human behavior. Brother Jaguar teaches us the punishments of our inappropriate behavior toward our fellow humans and other creatures of Mother Earth. He will also offer rewards of good medicine to those of us who walk in their personal integrity while walking in an impeccable manner in our journey through this lifetime.

If you find that the totem of Jaguar is entering into your dream world or your real world it might be rewarding you for upholding your integrity in a situation where you could have abused your authority. You might have chosen to not be self-serving in a situation or you might have decided not to be judgmental against another person. Perhaps you were kind to someone while others were cruel or performed a good deed when it was not expected. If you are hearing the roar of Jaguar due to rewards for good behavior let yourself be filled with well being and continue to serve your fellow humans with compassion and the integrity of an open heart.

A Close View of a Captive Jaguar, Panthera Onca

A Close View of a Captive Jaguar, Panthera Onca
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Brother Jaguar reminds us to not waiver in our resolves to be our own personal best at all times. To remember to maintain our dignity, devotion, and compassion no matter what contrary influences surround us is another lesson we learn from the totem spirit of Jaguar. The totem of Jaguar teaches us that personal integrity will always allow for mistakes, embraces forgiveness, and to humbly make corrections of self to keep a balance in our spirit.

The Mayan peoples believed that the totem of Skygod was Jaguar and even after the death of this god-like being that Jaguar would roam the dreams of the Maya and their priests looking for dishonorable behavior.

~Mitakuye Oyasing~ We are all related

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