Let’s find out the medicine we learn when Lizard is one of our Native American Totems. Brother Lizard teaches us about dreaming. Actually it is the medicine of dreamers. When a dreamer calls you into their realm they can always help you to see the shadow in your reality. Our shadow can be our fears, our hopes, or the very thing that we are resisting in the present. This shadow follows us much like an obedient dog waiting for us to recognize it.

If Brother Lizard is making his presence known in your life right now, he may be suggesting that it is time to look and see what is following you in your shadow. Is it your fears? Perhaps your future is trying to catch up to you. It might be that part of you that wants to ignore your humanness or your weaknesses.

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The spirit of Lizard teaches us that the dreaming process is our sub-conscious processing all of the recorded messages that we experience in a day. They can be suppressed feelings which are bringing inner conflicts or they can be new ideas or goals. They might even be enlightening us on other dimensions of awareness. We can receive warning signals or glimpses of future events while dreaming with Lizard as our guide.

Brother Lizard will help you work out what needs to be discovered in your dreaming time. Most of all, he is telling you to pay attention. Your dreams are very important and should not be taken lightly.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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