Balancing My Energy With The Stone People

My main focus on this blog has been about the totems that teach us and most times people think about the animal spirits or creature teachers when they think of totems. I have mentioned the Stone People before and I want to talk about them in a little more depth, today. Virtually every thing on Mother Earth can give us “medicine” in different ways. A teaching of some kind or assistance as we walk our Sacred Journey in this life.

Recently my husband and I traveled to an area that was considered Sacred Ground by many tribal traditions as recent as 200 years ago. After having been there, I understand why they chose to only hunt in this place and have sacred ceremonies there. It is clear why they so adamantly fought to keep the European settlers from coming there. For me, the Stone People that inhabit this land were powerful in their energy. You might go there and find energy from the trees or the water. It is different for each of us. As I have mentioned before, when I need to find a balance or need to re-charge my inner batteries, I seek out the Stone People or rocks.

Stone Formation
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As I walked a dried river bed, I was surrounded by formations like the one above. I can’t put into words, properly, the energy I received from these rock formations! I suddenly felt energized and a real connection with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Especially when I laid my hands on these ancient stone works! I could feel those who had come before me and wondered in awe of this work that only a higher spirit could have created. I felt centered and whole again. It was a healing ceremony in a most significant way for me.

I understood why the Ancestors and Elders who knew of this place centuries ago felt it was a sacred and special place. It made perfect sense why they fought so hard in several battles to keep people from desecrating it by making it a permanent home. I could also understand why the people who did not feel the spiritual nature of this place would want to live there. Actually, I think they probably did feel the special nature of it, they just didn’t understand it or revere it the same as the Indigenous People would have.

Stone Head
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It is important for each of us to stop sometimes and connect with Mother Earth in our own special way. You inner being will direct you where you need to go. Just stop and take some time to receive the message. It might be right in your backyard or it may be a few hours away or further. Take the time to do some spiritual healing that your body and soul is begging for. It will get you back on track, balance you, and heal you.

I do not plan to mention the exact spot where I traveled as it really does not matter. What was a spiritual event for me might not be the same for you. Each of us find the what we need in different places and at different times. We are guided to the place that will have exactly what we need when we need it. I am suggesting that you look within yourself to find your place. Find your Stone People, your Standing Tall People or your waters and go there for a healing.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Medicine From The Field Of Plenty

Lessons For Your Sacred Path Journey

I am going to talk to you today about the medicine or lessons that we learn from The Field Of Plenty teachings of the Iroquois League of Nations. This league or confederacy originally consisted of the Seneca, Oneida, Mohawk, Onondaga, and Cayuga traditions. I love this teaching that, in a way, encourages the idea of living in thanksgiving each day of our lives.

The Seneca tradition envisions the Field of Plenty as a spiral, much like an upside down tornado. This spiral holds all of the awareness of possibilities that can be drawn on when there is a need. What do we do to make this into a reality? It is pretty simple, actually. We go to the Great Spirit with a grateful heart, express the need, and then trust that the needed ideas or solution will manifest itself.

Well, maybe not so simple for us humans. Most of us do not have one bit of trouble expressing our needs to the Creator. Where we usually fall short is coming first with a grateful heart before we ask. The most difficult of all, is the trusting that it will happen. We struggle with that trust, don’t we? Being grateful for what we already have is a true struggle for many, too.

Trying To Teach The Field Of Plenty To The Pilgrims

Most Americans know the story of the first Thanksgiving where at the end of the harvest the First Peoples and the Pilgrims met to give thanks for the bountiful harvest after the indigenous peoples taught the “boat people” how to grow corn and raise crops in this new land so that they wouldn’t starve.

The Iroquois women wove baskets that looked like the cornucopia and then filled them full of vegetables. They were trying to convey the teachings of the Field of Plenty and to show them that gratitude was not just a Christian concept. The Natives wanted the Pilgrims to understand that they need never fear of scarcity. There would always be an abundance if things were shared and gratitude was given to the original Source of the abundance. Unfortunately, the message did not translate well.

Cornucopia in Fall Poster
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Greed drives too many people on this earth. We so easily forget that we should live in a state of thanksgiving on a daily basis and not just celebrate a holiday that comes once a year.

The cornucopia of the Spirit World holds all of the needed ideas for our lives to be full. If there is a need for something to be invented that will help the masses, the idea will be put into several peoples minds. The one who acts upon the idea completes the process and many benefit. The Field of Plenty has a way to always put the needed item into the hands of the very people who need it. The way to manifest the gift is to remember to be grateful and to trust that our needs will be met and than balance all of that with action. The Great Mystery has a way of making sure that the right people, places, and things are on our path to be the answer to our true needs.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Lessons Of The Moon Lodge

Since this is a month of the “blue moon” (which means that in the month of August 2012 there will be two full moons), I thought it might be appropriate to look at the lessons of the Moon Lodge. The main medicine that we get from the teachings of the Moon Lodge in our journey is that of retreat. It is time to take a break. Our influence can not be taken to heart by others because we need to replenish our own energy. In a sense, Moon Lodge, is a barren time. A time when we need to be alone and honor ourselves so that change can come.

Retreating should not be looked at as a sign of weakness but as a sign of strength. The future can not take hold in our present if we do not retreat once in a while. By resting now, we are preparing for a time of fertile action. Taking time to be alone allows us to do some things that we enjoy without interference.

There really were Moon Lodges in the Native traditions at one time. It was a special placed designated for the women to gather when it was their Moontime (menses). Their duties of family were removed during the time they needed to be in the Lodge and they were allowed to enjoy the company of their Sisters. No men were allowed in the Moon Lodge. Just as women were not allowed in the Warrior Societies.

Sun Child and Moon Child ART PRINT fairy goddess
Sun Child and Moon Child by strangeling at Zazzle.

Time spent in the Moon Lodge was a time to rest, to share experiences with the Sisters of your Tribe, and to honor your connection with Earth Mother and Grandmother Moon.

Moon Lodges were sometimes called “Black Lodges” not because there was something sinister or evil about them because that was far from the truth. They were places for Sisterhood and a place to share the visions, dreams, experiences, and talents with those of their own gender. They were the center of Woman Medicine and the unity of Sisterhood. Why Black, then? Black is the color of the West on the Medicine Wheel. West is the place of woman. It is the place of all of our tomorrows. It is also the home of Bear. Bear retreats into a cave to digest the information and food gathered over the year. A Woman retreated to the Moon Lodge to honor the gifts she received from the Earth Mother during the past Moon. Grandmother’s silvery light dominates the black sky and her light is female in nature.

If you were drawn to this message today, it might mean that it is a time for you to retreat into your own Moon Lodge. Take a break, energize yourself, and prepare for a fertile change in your life.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Honoring The Last Rite Of Passage

In our journey on this Earth we have four basic Rites of Passage: birth, childhood, adulthood, and passing to the Spirit World. It is that last rite that I wish to honor today and to say “Goodbye” to a man that I first came to know as a customer when I started working in the antiques industry over fifteen years ago. I dedicate this post to Tom who passed over at a much too early age and now will reside in the Sky Lodge.

In the beginning I just knew Tom as a regular customer who purchased glass items. It only took a few short months of waiting on him to figure out that Tom knew more than just a little bit about glass and most specifically American made glass. I was still very much in the learning phase of antiques and I wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest to ask him what was so special about the items he was purchasing on any given visit. Tom was more than happy to share his knowledge with me and became a trusted mentor over the years. He taught me so much and I know that I was not the only one he reached out to with his superior knowledge.

I can’t remember very many times that when Tom would come into the shop that he didn’t share at least one joke with me, usually three or four. He could always make me laugh! And because he traveled so much looking for inventory he usually had little tidbits of gossip to share, too. Over the years Tom became my friend and not just a customer.

Tom encouraged my love of writing, once he found out that it was even more of a passion of mine than antiques. Tom had a book published  Early Fenton Rarities, 1907-1938 (Schiffer Book for Collectors). It was a real treat to walk through the entire process with him and once it was out, I found great joy in helping him sell the books. He shared a piece of fiction that he was working on with me and it saddens me that it will never be completed and published. It was a very intriguing story and I have no doubt he would have had great success with it.

Tom, you will be very much missed by so many of us that got to know you in the antiques industry and even more by those of us who called you friend. Although it is hard to grasp that it was your time to enter this last rite of passage, the Creator knows best for our time to end here on Earth. It was an honor to know you, my friend and a joy to have walked part of our journey together. Your quiver was full of straight arrows that always spoke the truth.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Lessons From The Stone People

Back several years ago when I read about the lessons of the Stone People for the first time, it was like a light bulb came on in my head. You know, one of those “Ahhhh” moments we get every once in a while during our life journey. At that time it became clear to me why I had always been drawn to rocks. Even as a little girl I found the rocks fascinating and special in a way that I could not explain.

I know that different people are drawn to different energies. Some find comfort when they visit the waters while others need the comfort they find from trees. And then there are those of us who feel the energy from the rocks or Stone People. I appreciate the waters and the trees and know that at times it is their energy that I need to seek out but when it is a feeling of being out of balance, I will be drawn to a stone.

You see Stone People are the record keepers on Mother Earth. It is their mission as Teachers to hold energy and then give the seeker knowledge regarding the history of our planet and the Children of Earth. The very body of Mother Earth is made of rock and it breaks and moves with the weather. It will break into smaller stones and eventually become soil. These rocks carry the records of what has happened on Earth and transport electromagnetic energy on the surface.

We find many healing uses from a variety of the members of the Stone Clan. Clear quartz is one example. Tribal traditions have used the quartz for focus and clarity for centuries. There is a magnification of knowledge and an ability to clearly see through the physical illusions when you use clear quartz crystals to assist you.

Rolling Stones Post Cards
Rolling Stones Post Cards by BreathtakingNatures at

Nothing is ever put in our paths without a reason. When we are attracted to a certain rock and we pick it up it has a lesson for us. The lesson and even the stone will be different for each of us depending on what our need is at the time.

Every lesson of how to live in harmony can be learned by connecting to the Stone People. If we are willing to slow down our minds and feel the influence that brings balance and serenity, it will be a Stone Person that will be our tool. When we are seeking such knowledge and balance, the right stone will be on the path for us. When we find ourselves ragged from nervous habits like overeating, talking too much,  compulsions, addictions, or erratic behaviors; all we need to his hold a Stone Person and breathe until we feel the nervousness fade away. In essence we are anchoring ourselves back to the Earth Mother.

If you were drawn to this message today, it might be a time that a “knowing” will be revealed to you. It could be a time that you need to focus on your intent or to dispel confusion, change a habit, or retrieve a record. Go look for Your stone, it is waiting for you. It might be a tiny pebble, a large boulder, or any size in between…you’ll know which one to connect with.

You can sometimes use calendars to help you to connect and meditate on the lessons you are learning.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related