During the First Moon Cycle of the lunar year we learn from Talks With Relations. She shares her wisdom and teaches us to “Learn The Truth” while we walk our sacred path. This Grandmother who is one of the Original 13 Clan Mothers is also known as the Mother of Nature. She is the Keeper of rhythm, weather, and the seasons. Talks With Relations is the Guardian of the languages of the trees, stones, and all creatures. She is also known as the Maker of Relatives, the Keeper of the Earth’s Needs, and the Mother of the Planetary Family.

Something touched me when I saw the above print of a Grandmother so wise beyond her years and it made me think of the teachings of Talks With Relations and her teachings of “Learn The Truth”. This Grandmother would have to be wise beyond her years to share her feminine wisdom with us.

In order to “Learn the Truth” we are taught by Talks With Relations to understand the unspoken languages of nature. We learn to have a kinship with all life forms and how to enter the Sacred Spaces of others with respect. I think so many people forget that….respecting the sacred space of those around them.

We are reminded by Talks With Relations to honor the cycles of life, the rhythms and the changes of the seasons and weather. There is beauty and wisdom in each of the seasons of the world around us but also the seasons of our own physical life.

She also teaches us how to meld with the life force and rhythms in all dimensions, learning the truths of each. How appropriate that we learn from this Grandmother during the January Moon so that we will be prepared for the seasons of the coming year.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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