In our journey here on Mother Earth we get medicine from many things. Today I want to speak to you about the drum medicine. As I sat down to write this week’s post, I will admit I struggled a short while as to what to write about. So, I did what I often do when I am stumped for a topic. I found a quiet spot, lit my sage candle, and asked humbly for some guidance. First my mind went to the sound of my heart and then I thought about the beat of a drum and how similar those sounds could be. It did not take me long to realize that my message to you today would be about the Sacred Path medicine of the drum.

Man started using the drum in what we call the Second World or the Ice Age. Families and Clans of the People gathered around the new element of fire to share in its warmth. During the time of the long winters time was spent making tools or repairing tools that would be needed for the spring. The People also used the time in the caves to dance, make music, and perform ceremonies. Someone discovered that a leftover leg bone could be used to beat out a rhythm on hides that were stretched across hollow logs. Eventually different sized logs were found to create different tones.

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During the time of the Second World all five races of Earth’s Children were connected with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. They began to realize that there was a common, almost imperceptible rhythm seeming to emanate from the Earth when they played their drums in ceremonies. They knew that Mother was there with them from her heartbeat joining rhythm with theirs.

We still have Tribal Peoples all over our planet who use the drum to connect the energy of every person who is participating in a ceremony or ritual of some sort. When the collective energy is present it can be used for intense prayer, healing, showing gratitude, asking for information, or even journeying into altered states of consciousness.

We both hear and feel the beat of a drum. It is very similar to the very first sound that we hear as a human. While in the womb we hear a double heartbeat…our own little heart and the heart of our human mother. This mirrors the connection of our human connection to Mother Earth.

Life has a rhythm. We find that rhythm in all things in the physical world and the world of the Spirits. Drum medicine allows us to access the patterns of the life force that is inside and outside of our bodies. We get in rhythm and are unified with the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

If you have been drawn to this post today, you are being asked to find your own internal timing. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Perhaps you are actually missing a beat. Either way you are out of sync and that beckons the need to realign with your body’s needs. Rhythm is a personal thing and you need to honor it. You have to bring back the harmony with your inner self. When you reach this phase of harmony you can then allow yourself to harmonize with the other rhythms of life.

Sometimes we allow our minds to outdistance what our bodies can actually handle. When we do this our body does not have enough time to gather Earth energy…its working too hard trying to keep up with our minds. This is when we are literally missing a beat. It is time to slow down, find the rhythm of our true Mother to find harmony again.

Basically, the key is Rhythm. Drum medicine teaches to be aware of all rhythms and find how yours fits in. Be true to your own “beat” so that it can make music with the rhythms around you.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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