Back several years ago when I read about the lessons of the Stone People for the first time, it was like a light bulb came on in my head. You know, one of those “Ahhhh” moments we get every once in a while during our life journey. At that time it became clear to me why I had always been drawn to rocks. Even as a little girl I found the rocks fascinating and special in a way that I could not explain.

I know that different people are drawn to different energies. Some find comfort when they visit the waters while others need the comfort they find from trees. And then there are those of us who feel the energy from the rocks or Stone People. I appreciate the waters and the trees and know that at times it is their energy that I need to seek out but when it is a feeling of being out of balance, I will be drawn to a stone.

You see Stone People are the record keepers on Mother Earth. It is their mission as Teachers to hold energy and then give the seeker knowledge regarding the history of our planet and the Children of Earth. The very body of Mother Earth is made of rock and it breaks and moves with the weather. It will break into smaller stones and eventually become soil. These rocks carry the records of what has happened on Earth and transport electromagnetic energy on the surface.

We find many healing uses from a variety of the members of the Stone Clan. Clear quartz is one example. Tribal traditions have used the quartz for focus and clarity for centuries. There is a magnification of knowledge and an ability to clearly see through the physical illusions when you use clear quartz crystals to assist you.

Rolling Stones Post Cards
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Nothing is ever put in our paths without a reason. When we are attracted to a certain rock and we pick it up it has a lesson for us. The lesson and even the stone will be different for each of us depending on what our need is at the time.

Every lesson of how to live in harmony can be learned by connecting to the Stone People. If we are willing to slow down our minds and feel the influence that brings balance and serenity, it will be a Stone Person that will be our tool. When we are seeking such knowledge and balance, the right stone will be on the path for us. When we find ourselves ragged from nervous habits like overeating, talking too much,  compulsions, addictions, or erratic behaviors; all we need to his hold a Stone Person and breathe until we feel the nervousness fade away. In essence we are anchoring ourselves back to the Earth Mother.

If you were drawn to this message today, it might be a time that a “knowing” will be revealed to you. It could be a time that you need to focus on your intent or to dispel confusion, change a habit, or retrieve a record. Go look for Your stone, it is waiting for you. It might be a tiny pebble, a large boulder, or any size in between…you’ll know which one to connect with.

You can sometimes use calendars to help you to connect and meditate on the lessons you are learning.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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