Serve The Truth Medicine

During the month of August our teachings of feminine wisdom come from “She Who Heals” who is the Intuitive Healer. We learn to Serve The Truth from this Original Clan Mother. The 8th Clan Mother is the Keeper of the Healing Arts along with being the Singer of the Death Song. She Who Heals is also the Keeper of the Life and Death Mysteries. She is our Mother of Intuition and All Rites of Passage. She Who Heals is the Guardian of the Medicine Roots and Healing Herbs. She is a servant to humankind.

When this 8th Clan Mother came to earth, she taught us humans how to serve others with a happy heart using our healing abilities. She Who Heals helped the first humans to understand and honor the life cycles of birth, death, and then re-birth. We learn from her to not just rejoice the arrival of a new birth but to honor and not to fear death as there is a re-birth of our soul. Depending on your spiritual belief, that re-birth can be your soul entering heaven, entering the Essence of the Universe, or entering into a new body for a new life. Most faith traditions profess in one form or another that the soul actually lives on in a different form. She Who Heals reminds of the healing of the complete cycle of life.

I believe in miracles, I have been a witness to many. Life, to me is a miracle, in and of itself. She Who Heals encourages us to believe in the miracles of life through our connection with our Spiritual Essence. Remind yourself each day of the miracles that surround you and find healing in them for yourself and those around you.

While on Earth, She Who Heals brought understanding of the Plant Kingdom with the healing uses of all parts of the plants.

What I love about She Who Heals is that she embodies the feminine principle that serves the Children of Earth in truth by aiding us through the healing process of being human. If we listen to our hearts and embrace the teaching of the Mother of the August Moon, we learn to Serve The Truth in all we do. We can heal with a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, or the sharing of wisdom.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

July Moon Teacher Loves All Things

The July Moon gives strength to the teachings of “Loves All Things”. She is the 7th of the Original Clan Mothers. She is the Mother of Unconditional Love and All Acts of Pleasure. This Mother is the Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and Self-Respect. She exemplifies the warmth of the feminine within us all. Loves All Things is the Guardian of the Needs of the Family.

Loves All Things taught the first humans and those of us who followed how to use respect, trust, and intimacy in all our relationships. No matter if it is between male and female, family, or friends these do apply to all relationships that we encounter in our journey of spirituality and physical walk.

woman and child profilecard
woman and child by dawnmcininch

The Mother of the July Moon reminds us of the importance of loving all aspects of our lives. We are awakened by her to the importance of loving the lessons of life that we are given, even the difficult ones. Loves All Things tells us to love our physical being that houses our souls, also.

We learn to be a loving woman, a nurturing mother, a sensual lover, and a trusted friend from the feminine wisdom of this Clan Mother.

Loves All Things reminds us of the importance of forgiving ourselves and others in our lifetime. She wants us to develop an acceptance of our fellow Sisters and Brothers on Earth along with doing away with being critical.
The most important lesson from this ancient Clan Mother is to “Love The Truth” in every aspect of our lives. What lovely messages we receive from this most gracious and loving Mother of the Moon. Some of us find these lessons simple and easy to follow as women and yet others we need to work on during our journey to a better balance of our feminine spirituality. What we find in the Sisterhood of Humanity is that we can find the nurturing from the other women in our lives. Let us not forget to love all things in our journey: the good, the happy, the sad, and the difficult. There are lessons in all of them for us and when we learn to love the truth in each lesson we find a wonderful balance.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Storyteller The Clan Mother For June

The Mother who teaches us the spirituality of women the best during the sixth moon cycle of the year is Storyteller. One of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers, she is the Guardian of the Medicine Stories. This Mother is The Keeper of Heyokah Medicine and Humor. Storyteller is the Teacher Who Teaches Without Pointing A Finger. She is The Preserver of Speaking from Personal Experience and Truth.

I feel a special affinity to this Clan Mother. I wasn’t born during her moon cycle of the year but I instinctively feel close to her. Storyteller shows us how to teach through telling stories that contain lessons. You and I can gain from her feminine wisdom any time of the year. Whenever we feel that our spiritual walk needs to be more balanced in the ways of “Speaking The Truth”.

This wonderful Mother of the Sixth Moon Cycle teaches us how to balance the sacredness with irreverence. Encouraging us women to use humor creatively.

We learn, dear sisters, how to speak from our experiences without judging others or being self-righteous from Storyteller. Sharing the stories of our lifetime and from the past in a way that brings light to a situation. Perhaps we tell a fable with a moral if it applies. We may tell a story from our own culture or another culture of the world and how it applies to the situation at hand. Being like Storyteller as women, we often teach our children and grandchildren about life through the stories we chose to share with them.

The Clan Mother of June’s Moon teaches us how to be a student in life as well as being the teacher and about preserving the wisdom gained for future generations. One of the legacies passed on to the Sisterhood of Women is for us to pass along the feminine wisdom gained over centuries of human existence. We may use the parables from the Bible as Jesus taught them. Sisters might act as a maggid, a Jewish religious storyteller. We might find wisdom in the Buddhist storytelling tradition. It matters not what culture we draw from or what our religious backgrounds we are taught from; a part of our female spiritual DNA is to be a Storyteller for our families, our cultures, our communities, and our world.

In essence, the feminine wisdom gained from Storyteller for our feminine spirituality is how To Speak The Truth.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related


Sacred Medicine Wheel Of Feminine Wisdom

Let us talk today of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Feminine Wisdom. The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers who came to earth in the human form to teach us balance in our lives as we grow in womens spirituality gave us this special medicine wheel.

Today I will give you the basics of this wheel and every once in a while I will tell you about the talents, gifts, and abilities of the feminine principles taught by these spirit mothers.

Imagine the face of a clock.  There is a Clan Mother who is responsible for one moon in the lunar cycle of every year. Imagine the clock face at one o’clock representing the first moon cycle of the year and travel around the face of this clock in a clockwise manner. The thirteenth moon cycle is at the center of the imaginary clock.

  • The moon of January or the First Moon Cycle has Talks With Relations as the Mother who teaches us.  She is associated with the color orange.
  • The Second Moon Cycle or the February Moon is led by Wisdom Keeper. Her color association is gray.
  • The March Moon or the Third Moon Cycle comes from the Clan Mother called Weighs The Truth and her color is brown.
  • The moon of April or the Fourth Moon Cycle is taught by Looks Far Woman. This Mother has all pastel colors as her favored palette.
  • The Fifth Moon Cycle or the moon of May is led by Listening Woman whose color is black.
  • The color of red is associated with Storyteller who teaches us June’s Moon or the Sixth Moon Cycle of the year.
  • Our moon in July or the Seventh Moon Cycle gives lessons from Love’s All Things. Yellow is associated with this Clan Mother.
  • The August Moon or the Eighth Moon Cycle is taught by the Mother known as She Who Heals with the color blue.
  • Setting Sun Woman with the color green teaches during September’s Moon or the Ninth Moon Cycle.
  • The Moon of October or the Tenth Moon Cycle of the year brings us lessons from Weaves The Web with the color pink.
  • The Eleventh Moon Cycle in November is led by the Mother called Walks Tall Woman. Her color is white.
  • The Moon in December or the Twelfth Moon Cycle gives us lessons from Gives Praise. This Clan Mother’s color is purple.
  • Blue Moon of Transformation is the Thirteenth Moon Cycle located at the center of the Medicine Wheel that resembles our imagined clock face. Becomes Her Vision is the Mother of this moon cycle. Her color is crystal.

In future posts, I will explain the teachings of each one of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and the moons they are in charge of.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related