Let us talk today of the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Feminine Wisdom. The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers who came to earth in the human form to teach us balance in our lives as we grow in womens spirituality gave us this special medicine wheel.

Today I will give you the basics of this wheel and every once in a while I will tell you about the talents, gifts, and abilities of the feminine principles taught by these spirit mothers.

Imagine the face of a clock.  There is a Clan Mother who is responsible for one moon in the lunar cycle of every year. Imagine the clock face at one o’clock representing the first moon cycle of the year and travel around the face of this clock in a clockwise manner. The thirteenth moon cycle is at the center of the imaginary clock.

  • The moon of January or the First Moon Cycle has Talks With Relations as the Mother who teaches us.  She is associated with the color orange.
  • The Second Moon Cycle or the February Moon is led by Wisdom Keeper. Her color association is gray.
  • The March Moon or the Third Moon Cycle comes from the Clan Mother called Weighs The Truth and her color is brown.
  • The moon of April or the Fourth Moon Cycle is taught by Looks Far Woman. This Mother has all pastel colors as her favored palette.
  • The Fifth Moon Cycle or the moon of May is led by Listening Woman whose color is black.
  • The color of red is associated with Storyteller who teaches us June’s Moon or the Sixth Moon Cycle of the year.
  • Our moon in July or the Seventh Moon Cycle gives lessons from Love’s All Things. Yellow is associated with this Clan Mother.
  • The August Moon or the Eighth Moon Cycle is taught by the Mother known as She Who Heals with the color blue.
  • Setting Sun Woman with the color green teaches during September’s Moon or the Ninth Moon Cycle.
  • The Moon of October or the Tenth Moon Cycle of the year brings us lessons from Weaves The Web with the color pink.
  • The Eleventh Moon Cycle in November is led by the Mother called Walks Tall Woman. Her color is white.
  • The Moon in December or the Twelfth Moon Cycle gives us lessons from Gives Praise. This Clan Mother’s color is purple.
  • Blue Moon of Transformation is the Thirteenth Moon Cycle located at the center of the Medicine Wheel that resembles our imagined clock face. Becomes Her Vision is the Mother of this moon cycle. Her color is crystal.

In future posts, I will explain the teachings of each one of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and the moons they are in charge of.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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