The July Moon gives strength to the teachings of “Loves All Things”. She is the 7th of the Original Clan Mothers. She is the Mother of Unconditional Love and All Acts of Pleasure. This Mother is the Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and Self-Respect. She exemplifies the warmth of the feminine within us all. Loves All Things is the Guardian of the Needs of the Family.

Loves All Things taught the first humans and those of us who followed how to use respect, trust, and intimacy in all our relationships. No matter if it is between male and female, family, or friends these do apply to all relationships that we encounter in our journey of spirituality and physical walk.

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woman and child by dawnmcininch

The Mother of the July Moon reminds us of the importance of loving all aspects of our lives. We are awakened by her to the importance of loving the lessons of life that we are given, even the difficult ones. Loves All Things tells us to love our physical being that houses our souls, also.

We learn to be a loving woman, a nurturing mother, a sensual lover, and a trusted friend from the feminine wisdom of this Clan Mother.

Loves All Things reminds us of the importance of forgiving ourselves and others in our lifetime. She wants us to develop an acceptance of our fellow Sisters and Brothers on Earth along with doing away with being critical.
The most important lesson from this ancient Clan Mother is to “Love The Truth” in every aspect of our lives. What lovely messages we receive from this most gracious and loving Mother of the Moon. Some of us find these lessons simple and easy to follow as women and yet others we need to work on during our journey to a better balance of our feminine spirituality. What we find in the Sisterhood of Humanity is that we can find the nurturing from the other women in our lives. Let us not forget to love all things in our journey: the good, the happy, the sad, and the difficult. There are lessons in all of them for us and when we learn to love the truth in each lesson we find a wonderful balance.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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