During the month of August our teachings of feminine wisdom come from “She Who Heals” who is the Intuitive Healer. We learn to Serve The Truth from this Original Clan Mother. The 8th Clan Mother is the Keeper of the Healing Arts along with being the Singer of the Death Song. She Who Heals is also the Keeper of the Life and Death Mysteries. She is our Mother of Intuition and All Rites of Passage. She Who Heals is the Guardian of the Medicine Roots and Healing Herbs. She is a servant to humankind.

When this 8th Clan Mother came to earth, she taught us humans how to serve others with a happy heart using our healing abilities. She Who Heals helped the first humans to understand and honor the life cycles of birth, death, and then re-birth. We learn from her to not just rejoice the arrival of a new birth but to honor and not to fear death as there is a re-birth of our soul. Depending on your spiritual belief, that re-birth can be your soul entering heaven, entering the Essence of the Universe, or entering into a new body for a new life. Most faith traditions profess in one form or another that the soul actually lives on in a different form. She Who Heals reminds of the healing of the complete cycle of life.

I believe in miracles, I have been a witness to many. Life, to me is a miracle, in and of itself. She Who Heals encourages us to believe in the miracles of life through our connection with our Spiritual Essence. Remind yourself each day of the miracles that surround you and find healing in them for yourself and those around you.

While on Earth, She Who Heals brought understanding of the Plant Kingdom with the healing uses of all parts of the plants.

What I love about She Who Heals is that she embodies the feminine principle that serves the Children of Earth in truth by aiding us through the healing process of being human. If we listen to our hearts and embrace the teaching of the Mother of the August Moon, we learn to Serve The Truth in all we do. We can heal with a smile, a kind word, a gentle touch, or the sharing of wisdom.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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