White Hawk Visits With A Sacred Message

White Hawk Flies In For A Visit

In the not too distant past one of my friends was visited by a red-tailed hawk and she asked me to help her with understanding what the visit might mean. Actually, it is more interesting than just a hawk coming into her view. You see, the red-tailed hawk was unique, it was white! That is correct, an albino hawk! Naturally he got her attention. It would get mine, too. I actually got goosebumps as she related the encounter and asked if she would mind if I shared her amazing journey with this unique bird once I had meditated on what it might mean. The image below is not the bird my friend encountered but I wanted you to see what a white hawk might look like. It was found at wikimedia commons.

white hawk

The Hawk, the mouse and the crow

First, let’s look at the event itself. My friend was riding in the car with her husband and a large white bird came into her view. At first glance, she thought it was a seagull but since those are not birds in her area she looked closer. Brother Hawk wanted her to see him because he flew next to the car for some distance. First in front of the car and then next to the window where she was sitting. She was the passenger so it would have been on her right side. She was traveling north on a road that eventually connects two states. Brother Hawk flew alongside the car long enough that her husband was also able to see the bird clearly, even though he was driving. She said she thought of me and wanted to ask me what a white hawk meant.

What you don’t know from this story, so far, is that my friend identifies strongly with Sister Mouse. In fact for the longest time, I did not know her real name; I only knew her as Sylvestermouse (Miss Mouse for short). She said that as the hawk was flying next to the car; she joked with her husband that the hawk was hunting her down. (Hawks eat mice, you know.) Oh, I believe he was hunting her that day but not as prey; as the recipient of a message. You should also know that her birth totem is the Raven/Crow. I feel that she is stronger in crow medicine than raven and I have felt that about her for a long time.

Clues From The White Hawk encounter

As with any visit from a totem or spirit animal there is always more to it than just the visit by the animal, itself. Whether the spirit animal shows itself in the physical realm (as in Miss Mouse’s visit) or in a dream or vision there are additional clues as to the message or lesson for we humans to hear or learn. The special clues or signs that I see in this visit from the hawk are:

  • Crow birth totem
  • Strong identity with Mouse totem
  • Hawk totem visits as a white bird
  • Traveling north
  • Right side
  • The number 2

OK, so now let’s look at what might give us some clarity in her visit. Her birth totem is the Crow. Crow medicine is strong and spiritual. Crow people are the keepers of the sacred laws. She has a powerful ¬†identity with the Mouse totem. Mouse medicine is one of scrutiny. With her mouse medicine she will be able to use her “whiskers” to scrutinize the situation before her and see exactly what is being presented and take the proper action.

She is visited by a red-tailed hawk which typically means that one is being alerted to watch the signs for a message. Hawk comes to us when something important is about to be revealed to us. It doesn’t surprise me that the hawk would come to her as she was born under a moon that is governed by air. What makes this visit even more special is that the hawk was white. Any white creature is considered sacred because of the rarity of them in nature. By the bird being an albino, I feel that not only is Miss Mouse getting a message but the message is one of a high spiritual nature…a sacred message, if you will. White is the color of purity and truth.

Miss Mouse and the bird were traveling north. This is significant, also! When we are in the land of the north winds we are in a place where we receive wise council. It is the place in the medicine wheel for wisdom and experience and it’s color in the wheel is white! The North is the place where we are reminded to be grateful for every blessing of every day.

The white hawk flew alongside Miss Mouse on her right side. Our right sides are the place in our souls that carry our courage and our warrior spirits. When we receive messages from the right it is from our Father-protector. Sounds pretty sacred to me.

And finally, the number 2. We see the number twice in this encounter. There were two people in the car traveling on a road that connects 2 states. Two is a feminine number. It is the number of balance and beckons us to summon our natural power of judgement to do what is best for our souls. Two is also a number for partnerships, connections, and communication.

In my humble opinion, I believe that Miss Mouse is about to receive (if she hasn’t already) a most powerful message that pertains to her own spirituality. She will gain some sort of knowledge that will help her to grow even stronger in her faith. It will be a most divine message. Brother Hawk has arrived in his sacred color of white to say, “Be alert, watch the signs something very important is about to be revealed.”


Homage To A Hero

My Family Lost A Special Member

On Friday evening (April 17th), my family lost a very special man, Harry Loar. He was the loving and devoted husband to Ruth for almost 61 years. He was so many things to all of us. A special soul who touched the lives of our family in ways that will stay with us all as we continue our earthly journey. I can’t speak for the rest of the family but I know they all feel the loss of Harry as strongly as I do. Harry was so much more than just an Uncle to me and I feel the need to share with my regular readers and my family members just how important his presence in my life was.

Every soul that we encounter as we walk this road of life is significant and important. I feel so blessed that as I have placed each footstep on the long and winding path of my own journey to have had so many special souls to walk with me. Uncle Harry did more than just walk next to me.

hero quote

If we are lucky Heroes Walk Among Us

I tried in an awkward way to tell Harry that he was one of my heroes when I visited him in the hospital a month or so ago. I’m not sure that he heard me or understood the magnitude of what I was trying to say. Like the person in the song by Bette Midler…He was one of my heroes and he was definitely the wind beneath my wings in my youth and adult life.

There are so many memories of my childhood that include my Uncle Harry and even more memories were made as I became an adult. As I look back and reflect on those memories there is a common thread in many of them. He encouraged me to spread my wings, to grow, to do….to become the me that I was supposed to be. He made sure that I experienced life in different ways than I had been exposed to. He helped me to fly higher, to soar like that eagle. Isn’t that a hero?

Harry was sometimes like a father to me and always a friend in the truest sense of the word. My girls loved him so much and felt so connected to him that they called him Grandpa as they were growing up.

Common Interests

Back when I was a young wife and mother, Harry and I discovered cross-stitching. We both loved to stitch and Harry became much better at it than I have ever been. My goodness the pieces that he did were just remarkable. When we would stop in to visit, he would pull out the piece he was currently working on and show me pieces he had finished. He would pick designs that were intricate and make them into pieces of art. I love that we could share that together!

Back in the 1980s when I became interested in getting my first computer, Harry was the one person on this earth who encouraged me to follow my instincts. He actually helped me get my first one. Can I tell you how many hours we spent talking computers? I might get stuck on a command and I would call him. He might get stuck and he would call me. This, folks, was back when you started with a black screen and the C prompt. To get anything to work, you had to type the command you wanted. We learned computers together.

If I had a nickel for every hour that Ruth, Harry and my first husband Jeff spent playing Pinochle, I would be a wealthy woman. Oh we had so much fun. It was much more than sitting and playing a game of cards. We talked, we laughed and just genuinely enjoyed the company of each other.

go rest high

Dear Uncle Harry, I want you to rest on that mountain and enjoy the company of those who went before you. Save a place for those of us who will join you when it is our own time. Watch over us, please. I hope that before you left this earth that you knew just how very special you were to all of us.

Some might think it is odd that I would use this site to pay a final homage to my beloved Uncle Harry. I don’t think that it is. I’ve spent years discussing the “teachers” that give us lessons to live by. In my mind and heart, Harry was the epitome of a teacher showing me and those around him how to live a good and honorable life.

My request for you today: In honor of this special man, Harry Loar; do something that will make a difference in someone’s life. Let them know that they are special to you.

Other Ways To Study Your Totems

I wanted to talk a little today about some other ways to study your totems or to at least feel a little more connected with them. This may sound just a little on the weird side but I have found that it really does work for me in an odd way. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I think most of us can relate in one way or another to that statement.

One way that I keep in touch with specific totems that work with me is with calendars. I know, it sounds weird! Seriously, though, I do have at least one calendar in my home every year that showcases one of my totems. Seeing the picture of that animal on a daily basis helps me to reflect on the message that creature teacher gives me. The bonus is that it also keeps me on track with my busy schedule. Keeps me on the straight and narrow path if you will.

Often times these calendars will have additional information about the animal. It might be where they are found in the world or information about how they live, eat and all sorts of things. Back in the old days when the tribal leaders and members did not have books to read or the internet to rely on, they studied the habits of the animals. It is how they came to know the messages that each one will give us as a teacher. We are lucky to have so many resources at our disposal in today’s world. Calendars offer an inexpensive way to have images of our totems and a way to actually look at them as we meditate their message.

In the coming days, I will be posting different options of calendars that show animals that often act as totems to us humans. I will also have some that have pictures of different American Indians and some will even offer some inspirational messages with them. I wanted to give you a heads up so that you did not think that I have changed my course and possibly lost my mind with my messages on this site. I will still write about totems and sacred path lessons, I promise! Calendars for next year are beginning to be published and made available so I want to let you know what is out there and if you have an interest you will be able to purchase one for yourself or someone you know. These are not calendars that are usually in our local shops and that is why I thought the readers of my blog would have a real interest in them.

Have you been chosen to be a Warrior?

Are you feeling like for some reason you have been chosen to be a warrior all of a sudden? Are you being attacked for your beliefs, actions or words? I think many times in our lives we ARE chosen to be a warrior for reasons that we may not understand. This may be something that you don’t want or think that you don’t want but we do not usually have a choice in the matter. We may not feel that we are worthy of this task or that we are up to the fight and still the spirits choose us for the battle.

I have been inspired to write about this topic due to a conversation that I recently had with a reader. I believe that she has been chosen as a warrior to combat some negative and evil people who need to be exposed. I get the distinct feeling that she is resistant but she is up to the work ahead or she would not have been chosen. I believe that she has a gift that allows her to see through the masks of deceit and that she will be guided to do the right things to rip those masks off of the people who are trying to gain power and to right some wrongs. Will it be easy? I doubt it. Will she suffer some wounds along the way. Probably. Will it be worth it in the long run? Definitely!

Many cultures teach that we humans are put on Mother Earth for a purpose. I think that some people are narrow minded enough to think that it is for a single purpose. I’m not so sure about that. I have come to believe that there are several tasks that our souls get assigned to as we walk our journeys in life. Sometimes we are being “trained” as a small child to have the skills that we will need for a latter battle of some kind. Sometimes the need arises suddenly and we find ourselves picking up our shields and getting in the middle of something that somehow we just know we have to be involved in; pleasant or not.

I now know that much of my childhood was a training exercise for later events in my life. To say that I had a rough childhood would be putting it mildly. There are scars that can be seen and more scars that can not be seen that were caused by abuses that I suffered as a child. Verbal and physical abuse along with sexual abuse were not unknown to me as a little girl. Stranger danger was not something taught to kids when I was a young girl. Trouble is, that even if it had been, strangers were not the abusers in my case. It was people who I should have been able to trust, it was people who should have been protecting me, it was people who should have loved me instead of hurting me. It was hard!

I learned early on that many of the people that I should have been able to get help from just turned a blind eye to what I was trying to tell them. I learned to listen to my instincts and the spirits that guided me to stay away from bad people. I learned some really, really hard lessons as I was being prepared to become a warrior later on in life.

A few decades ago I became that warrior. There was a period of about 2 years where it seemed that every time I turned around I was being presented with a child that needed help. There were a variety of types of abuse that they were suffering from but abuse was the common thread with all of them. Each story would break my heart and bring back memories that I had tried so hard to bury. At one point, after having a little girl come to me that was struggling with a similar experience that I had endured as a kid; I cried out with tears streaming down my face. “Why do you keep bringing these broken children to me?”

“You know their pain,” a voice said in my head.

“Yes, I know their pain and it hurts me all over again!” I cried out.

“You do not turn them away as others did you. You help them,” the voice said.

A huge weight lifted when I heard that. I understood. I suddenly understood a lot of things. I understood why I had the childhood that I did. I understood why these little birds with broken wings gravitated to me. Later, I would understand that as I took up the challenge of defending these innocent little souls that I was also going through a healing process of my own. Did I want to be that warrior? No! Did I like being told to mind my own business? No! Did I have to go through that warrior period? Yes! Was it an easy process? Hell, no but it was most definitely worth the journey when it was over.

I know this has become a long post but I feel that there are several of you that need to read this because you are in the middle of your own warrior process. I need to tell you that you will be OK and that there is a reason that you were chosen. You may not feel worthy of it; but you are. Trust me, when the battle is over; you will be a better person for it.

Teachings From Grandmother Moon

grandmother-moon-by-debra-colburn Who is Grandmother Moon? In many traditions she is believed to be one of the first 3 spirits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children of Earth. She helps you with your dreams and visions. You can ask her to bring the dreams to you or to help you understand the meaning of the symbols in your visions.

Many Native American traditions have Grandmother Moon as the leader of feminine life. Her teachings involve the intuitive and introspective realms of your life. Grandmother Moon has a strong connection to the cycles of life.

The picture at the left is what artist Debra Colburn envisions our Grandmother Moon to look like.

Grandmother Moon Art

grandmother-moon In her Moonpaths collection of drawings and paintings, Mary Trewhella, shows us the influence of Grandmother Moon on the planet and all its beings. She uses the influence of water and creatures of the night such as the wolf and the owl.

You can purchase this picture from the artist at her website:
Eagle Star Spirit Art.

The Legend Of The Dolphin And Grandmother Moon

It is said that without Grandmother Moon weaving the patterns of the tides, life would not have emerged from the aquatic waters of Mother Earth. She created a rhythm to life that we should listen to.

As Grandmother Moon was weaving the patterns of tides to allow life to emerge from the waters, she talked to the spirit of Dolphin. She told Dolphin to learn her rhythms and to open his feminine side to her silvery light. Dolphin began to swim to these new rhythms and learned a new way to breath. Dolphin is the keeper of the Sacred Breath of Life and teaches us how to use our life-energy through breathing to revitalize ourselves.

Full Moon Name

At the full moon, many believe that messages from Grandmother Moon are the strongest. There are ceremonies and rituals that can be followed by women during these full lunar events asking the Grandmother for guidance. What are the names given to them?

January: Snow or Cold
February: Hunger
March: Crow
April: Grass
May: Planting
June: Rose
July: Heat or Blood Moon
August: Thunder
September: Hunters
October: Falling Leaves
November: Beaver
December: Long Night

Some tribal traditions might have other names that they use, also.

It is said that Grandmother Moon rules your personality by the Moon that you were born under. Grandfather Sun rules your individuality.

This Spirit Guide As Her Own Animal Totem

The animal totem for Grandmother Moon is the Loon. A bird that swims and dives and lives around marshy areas of lakes. Loons have three calls, a yodel, a wail, and an eerie laugh. From the Loon we learn about transformation, maneuverability, mystery, and fidelity.
Loons and Sunset

Loons and Sunset
Lantern Press
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I hope you enjoyed this introduction to Grandmother Moon and will let me know that you stopped by today.