female deerHad you ever thought about this question? Is it possible for our animal totem spirits to work together to make sure that someone comes into our lives so that we can walk at least part of our journey together? I believe that they do on a more regular basis than we probably realize. Sometimes, this action of a single totem or perhaps two totems work together in such a way that there is no denying the connection. I am about to give you an account of what I believe was the help of an Owl totem of one person swooping in to connect with my Deer totem to make sure that two women began to walk on the Sacred Path of learning together.

Just last week a series of events took place that makes me feel that totems were very much at work in it all. Some of my followers may remember that I used to sign my posts with the Lakota phrase ~Mitakuye Oyasin ~ which means that we are all related. I have believed in that saying for as long as I can remember, even before I knew about the Lakota version of it. I believed it as a child when I first heard the song in Sunday School “Jesus Loves The Little Children“. I believed it when I first felt connected to the energy of the Stone People before I knew there could be such a thing. Somehow, my soul, has just known and embraced that we are all connected: people and all living things on this planet along with the spirits and energies of the universe.

I believe that a connection was supposed to be made between myself and an author I am about to introduce you to with the Owl as the catalyst. Last week, I wrote about the Snowy Owl on my blog about birds. That opened up my energies to owls which then allowed her Owl totem to swoop in and guide her to this blog. She contacted me and we have been emailing each other ever since. It is amazing just how connected our journeys have been. She asked me if I would write a guest post for her blog: Messages From The Animals. I felt strongly that I should share a story about Sister Deer and sent it off to her. This lead to a little more discussion and before the evening was over I had this uncontrollable need to read her book.

god is in the little things coverI highly recommend Patricia Brooks’ book entitled “God Is In The Little Things: Messages from the Animals” which can be purchased through her website God Is In The Little Things. I’m telling you that you will not be sorry that you read this book! It is her personal story of her journey to find her spiritual path and begin to walk on it. She shares her life in such a meaningful way that I think that most of you will be able to relate to all or part of her life. Patricia shares some tribulations that she went through and how God sent animals to help her learn the lessons that she needed to cope and to grow spiritually. I loved the way she explained what was going on in her life and then about different animals who came to her and then tells what the lesson was that the animal was bringing to her. She openly admits her fears and self-doubts and shows us how animals came to help her face those fears. The book is human, it is real, it is moving and it is definitely worth reading.

I also think that Patricia’s story is one that any woman can relate to. I especially recommend it for those of you who are just beginning on your journey and learning about the animal spirits who come to us to help learn important lessons. You will be able to see just how it can all work. For those of you who already work with your totems on a regular basis, you will be energized with another lesson of just how connected we all are and uplifted by her story.

I am not sure that either of us understand where our journey together is going to take us; but both of us are feeling blessed that this connection has been made. Patricia will be doing a guest post in February that I just know you are going to enjoy. As we are getting to know each other, we are finding more and more similarities and “connections” that are pretty mind blowing. If nothing else, the spirits want us to work together to spread the universal message that the Lakota put so aptly….Mitakuya Oyasin…we ARE all related.

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