grandmother-moon-by-debra-colburnWho is Grandmother Moon? In many traditions she is believed to be one of the first 3 spirits placed by the Great Spirit to watch over the children of Earth. She helps you with your dreams and visions. You can ask her to bring the dreams to you or to help you understand the meaning of the symbols in your visions.

Many Native American traditions have Grandmother Moon as the leader of feminine life. Her teachings involve the intuitive and introspective realms of your life. Grandmother Moon has a strong connection to the cycles of life.

The picture at the left is what artist Debra Colburn envisions our Grandmother Moon to look like.

Grandmother Moon Art

grandmother-moonIn her Moonpaths collection of drawings and paintings, Mary Trewhella, shows us the influence of Grandmother Moon on the planet and all its beings. She uses the influence of water and creatures of the night such as the wolf and the owl.

You can purchase this picture from the artist at her website:
Eagle Star Spirit Art.

The Legend Of The Dolphin And Grandmother Moon

It is said that without Grandmother Moon weaving the patterns of the tides, life would not have emerged from the aquatic waters of Mother Earth. She created a rhythm to life that we should listen to.

As Grandmother Moon was weaving the patterns of tides to allow life to emerge from the waters, she talked to the spirit of Dolphin. She told Dolphin to learn her rhythms and to open his feminine side to her silvery light. Dolphin began to swim to these new rhythms and learned a new way to breath. Dolphin is the keeper of the Sacred Breath of Life and teaches us how to use our life-energy through breathing to revitalize ourselves.

Full Moon Name

At the full moon, many believe that messages from Grandmother Moon are the strongest. There are ceremonies and rituals that can be followed by women during these full lunar events asking the Grandmother for guidance. What are the names given to them?

January: Snow or Cold
February: Hunger
March: Crow
April: Grass
May: Planting
June: Rose
July: Heat or Blood Moon
August: Thunder
September: Hunters
October: Falling Leaves
November: Beaver
December: Long Night

Some tribal traditions might have other names that they use, also.

It is said that Grandmother Moon rules your personality by the Moon that you were born under. Grandfather Sun rules your individuality.

This Spirit Guide As Her Own Animal Totem

The animal totem for Grandmother Moon is the Loon. A bird that swims and dives and lives around marshy areas of lakes. Loons have three calls, a yodel, a wail, and an eerie laugh. From the Loon we learn about transformation, maneuverability, mystery, and fidelity.
Loons and Sunset

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