I wanted to talk a little today about some other ways to study your totems or to at least feel a little more connected with them. This may sound just a little on the weird side but I have found that it really does work for me in an odd way. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I think most of us can relate in one way or another to that statement.

One way that I keep in touch with specific totems that work with me is with calendars. I know, it sounds weird! Seriously, though, I do have at least one calendar in my home every year that showcases one of my totems. Seeing the picture of that animal on a daily basis helps me to reflect on the message that creature teacher gives me. The bonus is that it also keeps me on track with my busy schedule. Keeps me on the straight and narrow path if you will.

Often times these calendars will have additional information about the animal. It might be where they are found in the world or information about how they live, eat and all sorts of things. Back in the old days when the tribal leaders and members did not have books to read or the internet to rely on, they studied the habits of the animals. It is how they came to know the messages that each one will give us as a teacher. We are lucky to have so many resources at our disposal in today’s world. Calendars offer an inexpensive way to have images of our totems and a way to actually look at them as we meditate their message.

In the coming days, I will be posting different options of calendars that show animals that often act as totems to us humans. I will also have some that have pictures of different American Indians and some will even offer some inspirational messages with them. I wanted to give you a heads up so that you did not think that I have changed my course and possibly lost my mind with my messages on this site. I will still write about totems and sacred path lessons, I promise! Calendars for next year are beginning to be published and made available so I want to let you know what is out there and if you have an interest you will be able to purchase one for yourself or someone you know. These are not calendars that are usually in our local shops and that is why I thought the readers of my blog would have a real interest in them.

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