Wise Council From The Owl

owl in flight I felt sad, disconnected from the life around me. One day, I was especially upset. I was home alone, and my frustration and impatience suddenly became too much to bear. I had put so much time and energy into healing myself and I still wasn’t cured, not even close. I was lost, and was unsure exactly where to go, what to do. I started to yell.

“I need you to help me! I can’t do this alone!” I shouted to the emptiness around me.

I don’t know if I was asking God, or my angels, or both, for help. I knew this was bigger than me. I knew I needed more help. I trusted God and His guidance, and prayed that I would find some answers soon.

Before long, I heard that a workshop honoring the earth’s cycle and the full moon was being held in a nearby town. It was a special event because it was the final full moon of that year, and a total lunar eclipse. A well known spiritual messenger, international teacher, and ceremonial leader was running the workshop. It caught my attention because I had become interested in understanding more about earth based spiritual practices.

Intrigued, I looked it up online. I learned that a full moon was a time to shed light on the things that created disharmony in our lives and prevented us from realizing our full spiritual selves. We could bring much of our hurt, doubt, and anger to the surface to be healed. It sounded very interesting, and seemed to offer some things that might help me. I signed up that day. I felt a strong sense of excitement in the days leading up to the workshop. I wasn’t nervous. Somehow it felt very right to me and was something I knew I was supposed to experience.

The workshop leader was very open and friendly and explained the different rituals and symbolism as she shared them with us. She also worked with different crystals and elixirs. I was intrigued. We symbolically took what we felt no longer served us, what was holding us back, and threw it into a fire under the beautiful full moon. The fire roared. It felt great. I felt great. I was beginning to feel there really was hope. I looked up at the moon on that cloudless night and I saw what I can best describe as sound waves vibrating all around it. I was mesmerized. This was really something, it was bigger than me.

The workshop leader also spoke about her experiences with the animals and her life totem. She explained that your life totem is an animal that reflects your inner spiritual nature. It can also be called your power animal. I certainly had been visited by a lot of animals, but I knew in my heart that I hadn’t been visited by my life totem yet. As I left that night, I intuitively knew that the next animal I saw would be my life totem. It may sound crazy, but my feeling could not be denied. It reverberated through me.

I had a long drive ahead of me, through a wooded area. The full moon, a glowing sentinel in the sky, illuminated the night. Its beams easily penetrated the thick of trees above me and blanketed my surroundings in a clear, silvery light. Conditions were perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better night to look for my life totem. My eyes darted to each side of the road, sweeping the woods for animals. I wondered what I would see first. Whatever it would be, I knew it wouldn’t be long. This stretch of road was teeming with wild life. However, on this night, everything was still, incredibly still.

I had been driving for half an hour and had not seen even the hint of movement. Not so much as the rustle of a leaf. It felt as if I had entered a vacuum, the place so strangely void of motion. As if all the animals in the woods had migrated to a distant land, and took the breeze and their noise with them. But I was not deterred. I had no doubt that I was to see my life totem that night.

“If the first animal I see tonight is my dog Bear, then the dog is my life totem!” I declared emphatically to the empty night.

But I knew in my heart that would not be true. I was almost home when it happened, when it swooped in front of my car. Out of the dark, silent woods; an owl flew.

A magnificent owl, its triumphant shape lit by my headlights against the black night. As it reached the center of my car, the owl spread its wings even wider, like it was showing off its glorious wingspan. Then, suddenly and incredibly, it turned and flew back into the woods from where it came.

I was confused by the path the owl took, and abruptness of its flight, but only for a moment. It made perfect sense. I had known it was coming. However, that didn’t make the display any less exhilarating. I remained seated in my car after I pulled in the driveway, replaying it in my mind.

I still couldn’t believe it. It was as if there had been an imaginary runway that ended at my windshield, and God had quieted the crowded woods for the grand unveiling of my life totem. I was stunned. I was expecting to see an animal, a raccoon, an opossum, or maybe if I was really lucky a fox, but never such a splendid creature as an owl. It filled me with awe, it humbled me.

Suddenly, I felt a tangible connection to something greater than myself. It left me feeling as if I had just opened the most perfect gift, a gift meant just for me and I smiled.

I am not alone. There is a connection. Through this connection, a spark ignited inside of me, and I saw a glimpse of my worth.

God, through my owl, confirmed it.

A life totem doesn’t have a specific message for you; rather, they are representative of your true nature. Often times they are animals that you are interested in or feel attracted to. I wasn’t surprised the owl was my life totem, as I have always had an affinity towards owls. I’m not sure if it’s because of their wise image which I identified with my intellect, but I have always loved owls.

Owls are nocturnal birds and are rarely seen by humans. Their flight is silent due to a fringe on the front edge of their wings. An owl’s eyesight is keen and they can change their vision from telescopic to microscopic in a second. Owls also have a third eyelid that helps keep their eyes clean and vision clear. Their ears are different sizes and asymmetrical which allows them to pinpoint the origin of a noise exactly. Their necks are remarkably flexible, enabling them to turn their heads 270 degrees in an instant. With these capabilities it is no surprise that they are adept predators, and rulers of the night sky.

The owl is associated with the moon, the feminine, and the mysteries of the night. Great myth and magic surround the owl because of its nocturnal nature and the silent glide of its flight. The owl’s keen eyesight and hearing is symbolic of a clairvoyant and clairaudient nature, which represents acute powers of observation. The ability of an owl to turn its head to see all around, along with their third eyelid to keep their vision clear, reinforces the message of observation. If an owl is your life totem, you have a gift of perception and observation and are able to discern the true nature of people and situations; you can “see” and “hear” things not obvious to others.

With this gift, you are able to give wise counsel to others. However, remember that not everyone has this heightened perception. Be careful to provide your counsel considerately. Make sure your advice is subtle and sensitive, not overbearing. Be as unobtrusive with your guidance as the wings of an owl are to the night sky. This resonated with me because I have frequently felt things about situations and other people, which eventually were revealed to be true. Unfortunately, my counsel has not always been subtle, in fact many times it was overbearing. Understanding the gift of the owl helped me to more fully understand my true nature, and to be careful to use it in a positive manner.

I was beginning to truly see God at work in my life and I was grateful.

An excerpt from Patricia Brooks’ book
God is in the Little Things; Messages from the Animals
To order her book or receive your free Understanding Animal Totems report
please visit http://godisinthelittlethings.com

Deer Totem Meanings

two deer Are you looking for the Deer Totem meaning? Are you wondering what medicine or lesson can be given to you by the animal spirit of Deer? Let me share some of my own knowledge on this subject with you in the next few paragraphs to perhaps shed some light for you.

In the Native American tradition an animal totem is a spirit that will come to you to teach you lessons that you need. Some of these totems are with you from birth and will teach you throughout your lifetime. Other animal spirits or totems come as messengers and will stay with you until you have grasped the teaching they have for you.

How do you know that a totem such as Deer is working with you? There are a few ways to tell, so please read on to find out more about the meaning of the Deer Totem and whether it might be working with you at the moment.

Messages From The Deer Totem

The deer totem gives us the message or medicine of “gentleness”. From Deer we learn to touch the hearts and minds of wounded souls with gentleness and kindness. We learn to not try to force people into changing but to love them just as they are.

We learn not to fight our internal demons with negative ideas but to love ourselves enough to face our fears and let them go. By learning to have love and compassion for our fellow human beings and ourselves the demons all just seem to melt away. We learn that fear can never live in the same place where there is gentleness and love.

female deer Look at the photo to the right of Sister Deer. See her gentleness? Keep in mind that the Deer Totem gives the lesson of unconditional love which means there can be no strings attached to that love.

Is The Spirit Of Deer Working With You?

Your landing on this page to read about the Deer Totem might be one strong indication that gentleness is medicine you need in your life. You see, when a totem begins to work with us we are suddenly drawn to that animal. We may start to realize that the word or images of that animal keep coming across our paths. We suddenly have a real interest in them or notice they just keep popping into our consciousness. Perhaps where you live you don’t see many deer but all of a sudden you see one and a feeling of peace enters your being.

Cautious Crossing
Deer Cautious Crossing
Wilhelm J Goebel Art Print at Allposters.com

Throughout my life, Deer has come to me on a regular basis. It is always Sister Deer for me but it could be Brother Deer for you. She will stop me in my tracks, literally. I can be driving down a road and she will walk calmly in front of me and stop. She will look me straight in the eye and hold my attention for a few minutes and then calmly walk on. Her visit is usually when I have been stressing over a decision and I come to the conclusion that I have to take the gentle way of resolution. I’ve always felt that she is letting me know that I have made the right decision.

Another way to know that the totem of Deer is working with you is to use the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams. If the card shows up in your spread or as a single card drawn, pay attention because Deer is giving you a tap on your shoulder.

Reflect On The Message

A great way to reflect on the messages and lessons of the deer totem is to work a jigsaw puzzle with images of deer. That may sound a little silly but it really isn’t. As you are working the puzzle think about deer. Imagine it standing in the wild or performing the act depicted in the puzzle. What message is there for you?

Darrell Bush Evening Run 1000 Piece Puzzle

Thank you for stopping by today to learn more about the deer totem meaning and how it might be working with you, giving you a lesson of gentleness and unconditional love. Please let us know that you stopped by with your comment below.

Fox Animal Totem And What It Teaches

We have been blessed of late to be visited nightly by a beautiful red fox. Is it possible that these visits are because the fox is acting as an animal totem and bringing us a message or life lesson? Often times when an animal that you don’t normally see crosses your path it is a message coming to you from your Spirit Guide telling you to pay attention. Learn about the characteristics of this animal and the symbols that it may hold and you will be clearer on the lesson you are being introduced to. The First People, Native Americans, have always understood that the animal life around us teaches us many things we need to know about living here on Earth. Follow me as I explain what lessons I believe that the visits from this red fox may be telling my husband and me.

Curious: Red Fox
Curious: Red Fox
at Allposters.com

American Indians Believe

Many of the First People, Native Americans, believe that we humans have several animal totems that walk with us on our journey here on Earth. We have the animal of our birth sign that stays with us always. Specific animal spirits and their medicine teach us the lessons of the four directions; north, south, east, and west. There are also animal totems to guide us in lessons of our above, below, and within. We have animals associated with the clan of people that we were born into and we also have some animals that just come to us as a messenger for a short time.

My husband and I believe that the fox that has been visiting us nightly for the last month or so is a Messenger Animal Spirit. Neither of us have the fox as our birth totem or directional totem. So, he is here to give us a message. We have to see if we can listen quietly enough to hear what he has to say.

The Fox Totem Teaches Us

When fox comes to you to share its spiritual medicine, it is giving you a sign that you should observe the acts of others instead of the words they use. Use the cunning nature of the fox to keep silent about who, what, and why you are observing. Learn the art of camouflage. Personally I think this message is specific to my husband and a situation that he is in.

A Fox Figurine

Having a figurine of your animal totem will sometimes help you to focus when looking for the lesson. Brother fox may not always come to us in the real time so having a little statue of him will help you meditate on his message.

fox figurine
Papo Fox Figurine

Fox Has Strong Medicine

Sometimes when a person has really strong medicine coming from the Fox they will almost feel invisible. They seem to go unnoticed by others. People with strong fox medicine have even said that people actually walk right into them because they didn’t even see them standing there. This can work to a person’s advantage if they are studying the drama developing around them.

Fox Makes Us More Aware

Fox as an animal totem may give you confidence in the ability to know what will happen next. Once you become used to observing life around you, there is a certain predictability in situations and allows you to quickly make your move. Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through the understanding of camouflage. Fox may be asking you to see all types of uses for Oneness.

Protector Of The Family

Fox animal medicine is associated with being the protector of the family. Due to its keen ability to hide itself within its surroundings, the fox can protect the young. It is cunning and playful and will keep a predator away from its family. It will sometimes use silly tactics to call attention away from the den and is usually quick enough and sly enough to get away itself.

Visits From Our Fox

Typically a fox will not come out until around sunset and more often it is actually dark out. It is difficult to get a picture with a standard digital camera unless you use a flash. The fox is so very fast and almost constantly moving in some way and most pictures will be blurry from the motion. If you are lucky, you might get one picture before the flash frightens the shy fox away.

My husband and I had watched our visitor several nights in a row from our sun room. One night I whispered that I so wished he would come to us earlier so that we could take his picture.

Low and behold, a few nights later he came around 6:30 pm when it was still light enough to take his picture. Our pictures turned out entirely too blurry to share here as we were taking them fast and through a screen.

We believe the fox is coming to us nightly to bring us a life lesson. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know you stopped by and leave your message about the red fox, your personal animal totem, or just that you dropped in.

~Beverly Two Feathers~

Can A Domesticated Cat Be A Totem?

domesticated cat I wonder how many of you have thought about the possibility that the pets that you choose to share your life with may be an indication of a totem working with you. Take the domesticated cat for instance, there is a possibility that in some way your pet cat is a creature teacher in your journey on this earth. What are the lessons that can be learned from domesticated cats? Well, quite a few in actuality. There are many energies surrounding cats in general.

We often see the explanations of the wild cats that act as a totem to people but we do not get much when it comes to a tame cat or even a feral cat that we may see in our daily lives. Wild and domesticated cats share certain qualities which could come into play with your totem medicines.

Throughout the history and even pre-history of man the cat has predominated both myth and lore of several civilizations. The ancient Egyptians held a cat in very high regard. The goddess Bast was often depicted as a cat or with the head of a cat on a female body. The Scandinavians associated cats with their goddess of fertility, Freyja. The Hindu tradition often showed the goddess of childbirth riding on the back of a cat. And then there are all those folk tales that have a cat in them to consider. So, for many centuries humans have given the cat a special place in their lives and often associated them with mystery and magic of some kind.

When we consider the traits of a cat we find some contradiction in the descriptions but aren’t cats kind of contradictory in general. A few terms used to describe a cat’s nature might be:

  • curiosity
  • nine lives
  • independence
  • cleverness
  • unpredictable
  • healer

Often times the pet cat of a witch is referred to as a familiar which means a spirit in the form of a cat. Some even believed that a witch could turn into a cat if she so desired.

As much as we would like for our cats to be active and playful during the day, in reality they are much more attuned to activity at night. There is a reason for that. It is due to the fact that they have extra rods in their retinas which makes them more perceptive to light. So, they see very well at night. We often say they are independent and unsociable during the daylight hours when it has more to do with their ability to see so well at night. The spiritual aspect of seeing in the dark translates to the dark being the home of our fears and the things that we do not want to see or can’t see. This brings the association that cats have with magic and mystery because in the spiritual realm they would be able to see those things and perhaps help us with our fears, see things clearer and not be afraid or understand the things we can not see.

I can barely remember when a cat has not been in my life. There were cats around my Grandmothers house all the time. She would feed them but they were not really her pets. I’ve had a pet cat in my life for decades. My first was when I moved out on my own and a little kitten begged me to rescue it. Except for just a few months during four of my six decades I have shared my life with at least one cat. We currently have a gray tabby as our pet. Her coloring is significant in that gray represents maturity and security. There is a long story of how she came to be with us and I often say that she adopted us. Now as I reflect on her being here as a possible totem, her insistence in us taking her in when she was barely weaned from a neighborhood cat was the universe making sure that I had a cat around to help me learn the lessons of facing my fears and seeing things more clearly.

What brought me to this post today is that not only do we have our cat in the house that I feel this connection of my soul to, but in the last couple of months there are two (there is that number again in my life) feral cats that have decided to live under our deck. Uhmm, they are both gray cats. One is a tabby that looks like she could be a sister to ours and the other is a long haired gray with hints of white on her fur. Those hints of white could mean hints of new beginnings or clarity of purpose. As I sat down to write my post this morning the cats were strong on my mind.

To say that 2013 and the transitions that presented themselves in my life caused me to fear for the future would be putting it very mildly. I wonder if those extra cats coming into my path towards the end of the year are more significant than I had first thought. Perhaps they are here to teach me that I have nothing to fear, that the mystery of the future is something to look forward to. The cats will help me find my way in the darkness and come out on the other side with some clarity of my purpose with the remaining years that I have….there is some magic and mystery coming alive if I open my soul to it.

If you would like to learn more about the secrets and lore of cats this book is a great one to have.

secrets of cats
Secrets of the Cat: Its Lore, Legend, and Lives

Discovering The Importance Of Bird Totems

As we are beginning a new year, I recently spent some time reflecting on the animal, plant and mineral totems that worked with me over the last year. I find that extremely helpful at the beginning of each year and you might also. What I discovered as I reflected was the significance of the number of bird totems that touched my life in some way or another. Always the curious soul, I started to see a pattern that kind of blew me way.

Over the course of the year of 2013, I was guided in writing 6 different posts about specific birds. That is kind of amazing when you stop and think about it. Birds seemed to be flocking around my spirit in a significant way. As those statistics glared out at me, I started to look at them a little more closely. Birds it would seem are very influential in guiding me on my journey, at least at this point in my life.

I’ve been aware of my nine power totems for several years but during my recent reflection something jumped out at me. Out of those nine creature teachers that have walked with me all of my life, 4 of them are birds. Add to that my Spirit Guide of the Golden Eagle and 1/2 half of the 10 most powerful totems in my life are from our winged brothers and sisters. Wow! Just Wow!

Now here comes some fun things for me and you to reflect on. In the last few years I have become more and more interested in observing the feathered friends who visit my backyard. I began to make sure that I had feeders out for them and was delighted as new species started making regular visits. I started doing this shortly after I retired and felt that it was a nice little hobby for me to have since I was going to be home more. I am now wondering if there was much, much more to the reasons why I suddenly became more attuned to the activity of birds in my life.

Last summer, I got an idea for a children’s book that I wanted to write. Actually there are several books in my head and in different forms of being written. This book for children just pushed right to the forefront of my thoughts and I could not stop writing it and jotting down ideas for the plot. I’m probably about half way finished with it as far as getting it all down on paper (well the computer) and then there will be the editing and publishing of it. Guess what the story is about…Birds! Not to spoil the story but my main characters are different types of backyard birds who are being harassed by a feral cat. Just as in real life each type of bird has different little eccentricities and personalities that come to play in the overall story.

In the last few weeks, the overwhelming need (and I do emphasize that feeling of need) came over me to start a new website. I’m telling you, this was just not something that I could get out of my mind and as I started to weigh the pros and cons of starting another site the pros just kept building up until I finally decided that I had to do this. I talked it over with my friend AJ who often comments on this blog and who has a wonderful site Zodiac Love Compatibility. She felt that I needed to follow my instincts on this too. Uhmm, have you guessed yet that the new site will be about birds?

Greeting Card - Kay Nielsen Illustration
Greeting Card – Kay Nielsen Illustration
by itsjensworld at Zazzle.com

So, what is my interpretation of all of this? Well, let’s not forget that I was given my spiritual name of Two Feathers which is also connected to birds and that seems pretty darned significant too. Personally, I think that my spirit teachers and guides are letting me know that it is time for me to take flight, to spread my wings and soar to new possibilities. I’m to fledge from my comfortable little nest and try new things. 2013 was such a transitional year for so many of us and I think that my winged friends have been helping me open my eyes to flying to new heights in my growth and awareness. You see that is the purpose of our totems, to show us ways to improve and grow so that we can walk a good path in life. In my case, it might mean to fly a straighter path. I’m excited that all of this has been shared with me and I look forward to what is coming for all of us in 2014.

By the way, if you are interested that new website is in its infancy, having just hatched from my little brain but you are welcome to visit and follow it. Winged Friends.