As we are beginning a new year, I recently spent some time reflecting on the animal, plant and mineral totems that worked with me over the last year. I find that extremely helpful at the beginning of each year and you might also. What I discovered as I reflected was the significance of the number of bird totems that touched my life in some way or another. Always the curious soul, I started to see a pattern that kind of blew me way.

Over the course of the year of 2013, I was guided in writing 6 different posts about specific birds. That is kind of amazing when you stop and think about it. Birds seemed to be flocking around my spirit in a significant way. As those statistics glared out at me, I started to look at them a little more closely. Birds it would seem are very influential in guiding me on my journey, at least at this point in my life.

I’ve been aware of my nine power totems for several years but during my recent reflection something jumped out at me. Out of those nine creature teachers that have walked with me all of my life, 4 of them are birds. Add to that my Spirit Guide of the Golden Eagle and 1/2 half of the 10 most powerful totems in my life are from our winged brothers and sisters. Wow! Just Wow!

Now here comes some fun things for me and you to reflect on. In the last few years I have become more and more interested in observing the feathered friends who visit my backyard. I began to make sure that I had feeders out for them and was delighted as new species started making regular visits. I started doing this shortly after I retired and felt that it was a nice little hobby for me to have since I was going to be home more. I am now wondering if there was much, much more to the reasons why I suddenly became more attuned to the activity of birds in my life.

Last summer, I got an idea for a children’s book that I wanted to write. Actually there are several books in my head and in different forms of being written. This book for children just pushed right to the forefront of my thoughts and I could not stop writing it and jotting down ideas for the plot. I’m probably about half way finished with it as far as getting it all down on paper (well the computer) and then there will be the editing and publishing of it. Guess what the story is about…Birds! Not to spoil the story but my main characters are different types of backyard birds who are being harassed by a feral cat. Just as in real life each type of bird has different little eccentricities and personalities that come to play in the overall story.

In the last few weeks, the overwhelming need (and I do emphasize that feeling of need) came over me to start a new website. I’m telling you, this was just not something that I could get out of my mind and as I started to weigh the pros and cons of starting another site the pros just kept building up until I finally decided that I had to do this. I talked it over with my friend AJ who often comments on this blog and who has a wonderful site Zodiac Love Compatibility. She felt that I needed to follow my instincts on this too. Uhmm, have you guessed yet that the new site will be about birds?

Greeting Card - Kay Nielsen Illustration
Greeting Card – Kay Nielsen Illustration
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So, what is my interpretation of all of this? Well, let’s not forget that I was given my spiritual name of Two Feathers which is also connected to birds and that seems pretty darned significant too. Personally, I think that my spirit teachers and guides are letting me know that it is time for me to take flight, to spread my wings and soar to new possibilities. I’m to fledge from my comfortable little nest and try new things. 2013 was such a transitional year for so many of us and I think that my winged friends have been helping me open my eyes to flying to new heights in my growth and awareness. You see that is the purpose of our totems, to show us ways to improve and grow so that we can walk a good path in life. In my case, it might mean to fly a straighter path. I’m excited that all of this has been shared with me and I look forward to what is coming for all of us in 2014.

By the way, if you are interested that new website is in its infancy, having just hatched from my little brain but you are welcome to visit and follow it. Winged Friends.

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