We have been blessed of late to be visited nightly by a beautiful red fox. Is it possible that these visits are because the fox is acting as an animal totem and bringing us a message or life lesson?

Often times when an animal that you don’t normally see crosses your path it is a message coming to you from your Spirit Guide telling you to pay attention. Learn about the characteristics of this animal and the symbols that it may hold and you will be clearer on the lesson you are being introduced to.

The First People, Native Americans, have always understood that the animal life around us teaches us many things we need to know about living here on Earth. Follow me as I explain what lessons I believe that the visits from this red fox may be telling my husband and me. 

American Indians Believe

Many of the First People, Native Americans, believe that we humans have several animal totems that walk with us on our journey here on Earth. We have the animal of our birth sign that stays with us always.

Specific animal spirits and their medicine teach us the lessons of the four directions; north, south, east, and west. There are also animal totems to guide us in lessons of our above, below, and within. We have animals associated with the clan of people that we were born into and we also have some animals that just come to us as a messenger for a short time.

My husband and I believe that the fox that has been visiting us nightly for the last month or so is a Messenger Animal Spirit. Neither of us have the fox as our birth totem or directional totem. So, he is here to give us a message. We have to see if we can listen quietly enough to hear what he has to say.

Fox brings a message


The Fox Totem Teaches Us

When fox comes to you to share its spiritual medicine, it is giving you a sign that you should observe the acts of others instead of the words they use. Use the cunning nature of the fox to keep silent about who, what, and why you are observing. Learn the art of camouflage. Personally I think this message is specific to my husband and a situation that he is in.

A Fox Figurine

Having a figurine of your animal totem will sometimes help you to focus when looking for the lesson. Brother fox may not always come to us in the real time so having a little statue of him will help you meditate on his message.

Fox Has Strong Medicine

Sometimes when a person has really strong medicine coming from the Fox they will almost feel invisible. They seem to go unnoticed by others. People with strong fox medicine have even said that people actually walk right into them because they didn’t even see them standing there. This can work to a person’s advantage if they are studying the drama developing around them.

Fox Makes Us More Aware

Fox as an animal totem may give you confidence in the ability to know what will happen next. Once you become used to observing life around you, there is a certain predictability in situations and allows you to quickly make your move. Fox medicine teaches the art of Oneness through the understanding of camouflage. Fox may be asking you to see all types of uses for Oneness. Fox observing

Protector Of The Family

Fox animal medicine is associated with being the protector of the family. Due to its keen ability to hide itself within its surroundings, the fox can protect the young. It is cunning and playful and will keep a predator away from its family. It will sometimes use silly tactics to call attention away from the den and is usually quick and sly enough to get away itself.

Visits From Our Fox

Typically a fox will not come out until around sunset and more often it is actually dark out. It is difficult to get a picture with a standard digital camera unless you use a flash. The fox is so very fast and almost constantly moving in some way and most pictures will be blurry from the motion. If you are lucky, you might get one picture before the flash frightens the shy fox away. My husband and I had watched our visitor several nights in a row from our sun room. One night I whispered that I so wished he would come to us earlier so that we could take his picture. Lo and behold, a few nights later he came around 6:30 pm when it was still light enough to take his picture. Our pictures turned out entirely too blurry to share here as we were taking them fast and through a screen. We believe the fox is coming to us nightly to bring us a life lesson. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know you stopped by and leave your message about the red fox, your personal animal totem, or just that you dropped in. ~Beverly Two Feathers~
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