The Thunderbird Clan

The Thunderbird Clan is sometimes called The Hawk Clan. The element is Fire.  The Medicine of Hawk is Messenger. Thunderbird/Hawk Clan people are doers.  They are often leaders and they are usually in the spotlight expressing all their feelings. They will be invigorated by lightening and thunder and will like the air best just before and just after a storm. Thunderbird/Hawk people  have a responsibility to all of the aspects of their Element sun, fire, and lightening.  It is important for them to understand the power and purpose for these things and to remember always to give thanks for it. They seem to need the energy of Fire in all it’s forms to strengthen and renew the fire that is always within themselves.

The animal totems belonging to the Thunderbird/Hawk Clan are Red-tailed Hawk, Sturgeon, and Elk. Individuals of this Clan are born with the drive to Initiate.  They are the trailblazers of the other Clans with the group consciousness to discover All that is New.  Their function within the greater tribe of Humanity, is to be the people who broaden the boundaries which might otherwise limit the progression of Humanity within the physical plane.  They are not traveling on the Good Red Road to build or to harvest, they are forging the way ahead in preparation of the planting and harvesting that is to be done by the other Clans.  The challenge of the Thunderbird/Hawk Clan is to learn the gift of Patience, for to utilize our gifts to their fullest potential, we need also to have true understanding of that which would appear to be our polar opposite.

Visualize Hawk soaring high being held aloft by the invisible hands of the Four Winds.  His eyes scan all below and before him with a perception that is without equal. Brother Hawk’s true desire is not to know what lies below. His true yearning is to join with Grandfather Sky.

Thunderbird/Hawk Clan souls are always looking for the higher union of Spirit. They will be restless and even anxious until they learn that true union comes first in the form of the union between Personality, Emotion, Mind and Soul. When the union has become complete, when the Thunderbird/Hawk Clan member has flown in each of the Four Winds and learned the lessons unique to each, then the union with Grandfather Sky can be attained.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related.

The Butterfly Clan

The Butterfly Clan belongs to he element of Air. The Medicine of Butterfly is Transformation. Butterfly Clan people are always active physically, mentally, and emotionally.  They have new ideas and unexpected ways of doing things. Butterfly people are always changing and shifting like Air.  Observe how differently everything looks outside when a sudden gust of wind is blowing with things moving, swaying and changing shape.  As Air transforms things it is the same with Butterfly Clan people. They often want change now and tend to manipulate a situation to make the change happen now. Butterfly people are always looking for ways to serve their people and are often in the positions of service for the healing of mind, spirit, and body. Butterfly Clan people have a major responsibility to the Air. They enjoy being outside when the wind is blowing. They feel best in big open spaces away from confinement and will receive their best inspirations then.

The animal totems influenced by the Butterfly Clan are Deer, Raven, and Otter. These souls are the harbingers of messages from the Ancestors and will focus their attention on conveying the express wishes of the Elders so that the plan of the Great Spirit can unfold itself upon all that is Living.  Butterfly people are not concerned with the actual process of the work that is required in order to fulfill the Plan, their function is to make certain that their voices are heard, their concerns in all things are expressed, and their ideas shared with the other Clans so that their motive has been achieved.

Imagine Brother Butterfly as he flies from a rose to a morning glory to wild lavender. He won’t rest for long in any one spot, yet he dips his tongue into the sweet nectar of each flower. Brother Butterfly picks up pollen to carry to the next flower where it will be deposited so that the survival of that species of flower is guaranteed.

In much the same way, a member of the Butterfly Clan will travel wide within its own circle, sharing thoughts on topics of both personal and global concern.  It will be the one who suggests new ways of thinking, the one who comes up with new and original perspectives that will lead to the resolution of problems.

The challenge for Butterfly, is to know when the time has come to still its restless body, quieting its active mind in order that it may hear the gentle whisperings of the soul.  When Butterfly can learn that there are times when the Great Spirit asks us to stop and enjoy the moment, to revel in the sweet nectar of now; it will achieve its true desire. The hunger to witness the unfolding of Universal Love as it flows across all nations, creeds and religions will be sated. Butterfly will know it has played an integral part in the brilliant unfolding of the Great Mystery.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~  We are all related.

The Frog Clan

The Frog Clan belongs to the element of Water. The Medicine of Frog is “Cleansing.” People of the Frog Clan have deep and easily flowing feelings which allow them to bring fresh new feelings into any given project flushing away stalemates or obstacles. Water is an element for healing and Frog Clan people have a natural gift for healing.  They possess an empathy towards others. They are often very creative souls.  At times when they try to hold back these feelings, emotions and energies;  they will experience  illnesses associated with being bloated or lumpy. They are refreshed, calmed, and soothed by being around water. Frog people  have a responsibility to protect our waters from pollution and to show appreciation for rain. Frog Clan people also have a responsibility to Grandmother Moon. The Moon helps govern our emotions and Frog Clan people should get to know what knowledge and power Grandmother Moon holds.

The animal totems belonging to the Frog Clan are Flicker (Woodpecker), Snake, and Cougar.  Frog Clan will nourish the dreams of the mind and bear the fruit of the Mind/Body/Personality integration. Frog breaths fire into the spark of soul awareness, it whispers to our Inner Self that more exists than can be seen by our physical eyes. The Frog Clan encourages us to reach for the fruit of the Great Spirit which is the uniting and joining of all parts into the One.

Consider Brother Frog as he dwells in two worlds at once. He is a creature that can swim underwater for extended periods of time (actually begins his life underwater) yet must surface for air. He dwell on top of his lily pad, or on a tree near to a water source.

In Native American astrology, much as in traditional astrology, Water represents our feelings and emotions, while Air represents our mind and ability to detach. When Totem exists from dual worlds (frog) and must exist in both worlds to live; there is a special message for us as we observe these Animal brothers and sisters.

Frog Clan people are blessed with an abundance of emotion, the ability to perceive the innermost feelings of others. They understand the sacredness of Love in all of its brilliant hues and textures. They are able to plunge into the incredible depths of the Soul, finding a greater understanding for themselves and their fellow Earth Dwellers.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

The Turtle Clan

The Element of the Turtle Clan is Earth.  The Medicine of Turtle is “Mother Earth.”  The people of this clan tend to be brave, loyal, and  stubborn.  They will also be methodical and practical. Turtle people have determination but they take things one step at a time. Some tend to be hard as rocks and need to work on this aspect.  Turtle Clan people personify roots, growth and stability much like the Earth does.  They are not comfortable unless they go to natural places frequently.   In fact, doing so revitalizes them. Turtle Clan people are connected to the rocks. They need to be around rock formations and need to have rocks about them in their homes. The rocks will speak to them, if they listen.  Turtle Clan people must be careful to not become too much like the rocks ( inflexible). This Clan has a responsibility to the Earth Mother and must take the time to appreciate her for all she has provided.  They must remind others of the bountiful things she provides to life itself.

The birth totems that belong to the Turtle Clan are Beaver, Brown Bear, and Snow Goose.  These souls focus on the tasks at hand with the determination and perseverance of one with a true Mission.  They have an instinctive desire to connect to Earth Mother.  Consider Sister Turtle as she walks along at a slow and steady pace.  She has no worry for shelter,  she carriers her home on her back.  She has no concern of how fast she travels on the Path.  She knows that she will arrive where she is going exactly when she was meant to.  She doesn’t fear attack from predators as she knows that the armor like covering of her shell will protect her from all threats.  This is the Blessing of being born of the Turtle.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Influence of the Elements

If you noticed in the posts about the Birth Totems, there is always mention of an element and an elemental clan associated with each Moon Sign.  The Elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are essential to all life.  Each of us is born into an Elemental Clan.  It represents the element that you will relate to,  you share characteristics with it,  and you have a personal responsibility for. All of people have strengths and weaknesses. In regards to protecting the Elements, your strengths will make up for weaknesses of others in your Clan, and visa-versa.

Clans in this respect, should not be confused with Tribal Clans, such as family groups, or certain Private Clans. The sharing of strengths and weaknesses is a learning tool for applying the concept to all walks of your life. Learning all about your own Clan opens you up to understanding people of other Clans, and how the Elements and Clans all affect each other.

The next four posts in my blog will be about the Four Elemental Clans that influence and teach us along with the animal, plant, and mineral totems. I will tell you about the Turtle Clan, the Frog Clan, the Butterfly Clan, and the Thunderbird Clan. I will share with you the medicines that we receive from these four elemental clans and some of the characteristics of the people who are born under the influence of these elements.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related