The Frog Clan belongs to the element of Water. The Medicine of Frog is “Cleansing.” People of the Frog Clan have deep and easily flowing feelings which allow them to bring fresh new feelings into any given project flushing away stalemates or obstacles. Water is an element for healing and Frog Clan people have a natural gift for healing.  They possess an empathy towards others. They are often very creative souls.  At times when they try to hold back these feelings, emotions and energies;  they will experience  illnesses associated with being bloated or lumpy. They are refreshed, calmed, and soothed by being around water. Frog people  have a responsibility to protect our waters from pollution and to show appreciation for rain. Frog Clan people also have a responsibility to Grandmother Moon. The Moon helps govern our emotions and Frog Clan people should get to know what knowledge and power Grandmother Moon holds.

The animal totems belonging to the Frog Clan are Flicker (Woodpecker), Snake, and Cougar.  Frog Clan will nourish the dreams of the mind and bear the fruit of the Mind/Body/Personality integration. Frog breaths fire into the spark of soul awareness, it whispers to our Inner Self that more exists than can be seen by our physical eyes. The Frog Clan encourages us to reach for the fruit of the Great Spirit which is the uniting and joining of all parts into the One.

Consider Brother Frog as he dwells in two worlds at once. He is a creature that can swim underwater for extended periods of time (actually begins his life underwater) yet must surface for air. He dwell on top of his lily pad, or on a tree near to a water source.

In Native American astrology, much as in traditional astrology, Water represents our feelings and emotions, while Air represents our mind and ability to detach. When Totem exists from dual worlds (frog) and must exist in both worlds to live; there is a special message for us as we observe these Animal brothers and sisters.

Frog Clan people are blessed with an abundance of emotion, the ability to perceive the innermost feelings of others. They understand the sacredness of Love in all of its brilliant hues and textures. They are able to plunge into the incredible depths of the Soul, finding a greater understanding for themselves and their fellow Earth Dwellers.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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