If you noticed in the posts about the Birth Totems, there is always mention of an element and an elemental clan associated with each Moon Sign.  The Elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire are essential to all life.  Each of us is born into an Elemental Clan.  It represents the element that you will relate to,  you share characteristics with it,  and you have a personal responsibility for. All of people have strengths and weaknesses. In regards to protecting the Elements, your strengths will make up for weaknesses of others in your Clan, and visa-versa.

Clans in this respect, should not be confused with Tribal Clans, such as family groups, or certain Private Clans. The sharing of strengths and weaknesses is a learning tool for applying the concept to all walks of your life. Learning all about your own Clan opens you up to understanding people of other Clans, and how the Elements and Clans all affect each other.

The next four posts in my blog will be about the Four Elemental Clans that influence and teach us along with the animal, plant, and mineral totems. I will tell you about the Turtle Clan, the Frog Clan, the Butterfly Clan, and the Thunderbird Clan. I will share with you the medicines that we receive from these four elemental clans and some of the characteristics of the people who are born under the influence of these elements.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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