My main focus on this blog has been about the totems that teach us and most times people think about the animal spirits or creature teachers when they think of totems. I have mentioned the Stone People before and I want to talk about them in a little more depth, today. Virtually every thing on Mother Earth can give us “medicine” in different ways. A teaching of some kind or assistance as we walk our Sacred Journey in this life.

Recently my husband and I traveled to an area that was considered Sacred Ground by many tribal traditions as recent as 200 years ago. After having been there, I understand why they chose to only hunt in this place and have sacred ceremonies there. It is clear why they so adamantly fought to keep the European settlers from coming there. For me, the Stone People that inhabit this land were powerful in their energy. You might go there and find energy from the trees or the water. It is different for each of us. As I have mentioned before, when I need to find a balance or need to re-charge my inner batteries, I seek out the Stone People or rocks.

Stone Formation
Copyright 2012 Bev Owens

As I walked a dried river bed, I was surrounded by formations like the one above. I can’t put into words, properly, the energy I received from these rock formations! I suddenly felt energized and a real connection with Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Especially when I laid my hands on these ancient stone works! I could feel those who had come before me and wondered in awe of this work that only a higher spirit could have created. I felt centered and whole again. It was a healing ceremony in a most significant way for me.

I understood why the Ancestors and Elders who knew of this place centuries ago felt it was a sacred and special place. It made perfect sense why they fought so hard in several battles to keep people from desecrating it by making it a permanent home. I could also understand why the people who did not feel the spiritual nature of this place would want to live there. Actually, I think they probably did feel the special nature of it, they just didn’t understand it or revere it the same as the Indigenous People would have.

Stone Head
Copyright 2012 Bev Owens

It is important for each of us to stop sometimes and connect with Mother Earth in our own special way. You inner being will direct you where you need to go. Just stop and take some time to receive the message. It might be right in your backyard or it may be a few hours away or further. Take the time to do some spiritual healing that your body and soul is begging for. It will get you back on track, balance you, and heal you.

I do not plan to mention the exact spot where I traveled as it really does not matter. What was a spiritual event for me might not be the same for you. Each of us find the what we need in different places and at different times. We are guided to the place that will have exactly what we need when we need it. I am suggesting that you look within yourself to find your place. Find your Stone People, your Standing Tall People or your waters and go there for a healing.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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