Cleansing Lessons From Frog

If frog works with you as a Native American Totem, then you know of its message of “cleansing”. Frog comes from the East on the medicine wheel and teaches us to honor our tears because they cleanse our souls. Bathe in the waters of Frog medicine all year long with these wonderful options for wall calendars featuring incredible images of Frog.

WWF Frogs Wall Calendar

Benefiting the World Wildlife Fund a stunning wall calendar shows the different habitats of frogs across the globe. Images of tree frogs, poison frogs, and other types are a reminder that we need to protect our amphibian friends.

Frogs 2017 Wall Calendar

This web-footed amphibian has long back legs for jumping and has no tail. The largest frog on the North American continent is the Bullfrog known for its deep bellowing croak. The red-eyed tree frog is very colorful and only the male croaks. The poor female is basically mute.

Fabulous Frogs 2017 Wall Calendar

Calendar features the images from photojournalist David McEnery. We see the wondrous world of frogs through the lens of the cartoonist with a camera in this delightful wall calendar for 2017. Also comes in a Mini Wall version.

You can Shop over 700 Animal calendars at including more frog calendars.

You can learn more of the lessons of the frog totem from this blog post.

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