Totems Of The Standing People

Today we will talk about the totems of the Standing People, the trees. These Chiefs of the Plant Kingdom are our Sisters and our Brothers who continue to provide oxygen to Earth’s Children. They provide shelter from their trunks and branches for the winged creatures of Earth. Their roots give a place for burrows for the smaller creatures and we are given materials for homes from the Tree Nation. Had you thought about the Standing People giving so much of themselves for the other creatures of Earth?

The Cherokee teach that the Standing People and all of their plant relations are the givers of the Earth. They are always giving of themselves to provide for the needs of others. Each tree and plant has its own gifts, talents, and abilities to share with the humans and other creatures of Earth. Some will bear fruit while others provide healing properties.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl (Aegolius Acadius) in a White Pine (Pinus Strobus), North America

Owl rests in White Pine
Steve Maslowski

The White Pine is known as the Tree of Peace and is believed to bring serenity to the life of any person sitting in its shade. We find gifts from the Standing People all over the world. Gifts such as spices, fruits, nuts, rope, tires, books, fabric, chewing gum, and wood for our homes and furniture. They give us shade in the hot climates and break the winds in the colder regions. The Tree Nation is always giving which is a lesson we humans can learn from.

Some lessons of different Standing People:

  • Birch is the essence of truth – standing straight within ourselves and not being deceived by forked tongues
  • Pines are all peace makers teaching lessons of harmony
  • Mountain Ash brings protection from harm and teaches to not be deceived by others
  • Sycamore teaches the lessons of reaching our goals and making our dreams come true
  • Walnut teaches about clarity and focus
  • Oak gives lessons of strength of character
  • Willow teaches us about the give and take of love and that bending is necessary for love to bare fruit

My message to you today comes from the lessons or totems of the Standing People. The message is of roots and giving. The root of our inner Self is where our strength is stored and gathered. We must nurture that in order to be able to give of ourselves freely. We should stand still like our brother and sister trees and observe what is growing in our personal forest. Weed out anything that might cause future growth to be stunted whether that is coming from inside ourselves or from someone around us.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Native American Give Away Ceremony

A sacred path lesson that is worth noting at this time of year is the Native American tradition known as the Give-Away Ceremony. Some traditions called it the Potlatch Ceremony and it may have had other names throughout history but the sacred lesson is the same no matter what the name. It is the practice of giving away useful and even beloved possessions to others. Not with the thought of having strings attached to the gift or having regrets from having given the gift but to sacrifice something important to ourselves in order to allow for personal growth in the future.

World governments do not necessarily understand this concept but the Native Americans and other cultures have throughout the centuries. There is a shame to be owned by those of us who are not willing to help those less fortunate than us. I am not talking about giving away useless or broken items but things that would benefit someone else and be a sacrifice on our part. That does not necessarily mean monetary gifts, either. It can be an item that still has a good potential for use but we are not using it any longer. It is a way to honor both the item and the person who will use it now. The Give-Away is a way for us to release encumbrances that block our forward movement in personal growth.

Have you heard the term “indian giver”? It is a term that the Europeans used because they misunderstood the Native American tradition of the Give-Away. It was considered perfectly fine to take back a gift if the gift was not being used by the person it was given to. Not using it was a sign of disrespect. So, the First Peoples had no qualms of taking back a gift and giving it to someone who would show it respect and use it.

Many Ponies

Many Ponies
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Native Tradition has always been one of sharing what one has. No one is ever abandoned, orphaned, or left without the necessities of life like food, shelter, and help. When the People share all that they have then honor and abundance is provided for all. There is no rationale for some people to live in luxury while others of the tribe are starving. Isn’t there a lesson there that we can all learn from?

If you were drawn to this post today, you may be in need of the reminder that sometimes we need to let go or release ourselves from the things in life that are stifling our growth. It could be old ideas, habits, or belongings that we need to release from our mindset. Just let them go. Sometimes even attitudes that we have allowed ourselves to keep, like a need to be needed by others, is a piece that we need to give away, let go of, and allow ourselves to grow. We need to drop the fear of scarcity from our minds and learn to trust that the Great Spirit will take care of us with exactly what we need and not necessarily what we thing we want.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

July Moon Teacher Loves All Things

The July Moon gives strength to the teachings of “Loves All Things”. She is the 7th of the Original Clan Mothers. She is the Mother of Unconditional Love and All Acts of Pleasure. This Mother is the Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and Self-Respect. She exemplifies the warmth of the feminine within us all. Loves All Things is the Guardian of the Needs of the Family.

Loves All Things taught the first humans and those of us who followed how to use respect, trust, and intimacy in all our relationships. No matter if it is between male and female, family, or friends these do apply to all relationships that we encounter in our journey of spirituality and physical walk.

woman and child profilecard
woman and child by dawnmcininch

The Mother of the July Moon reminds us of the importance of loving all aspects of our lives. We are awakened by her to the importance of loving the lessons of life that we are given, even the difficult ones. Loves All Things tells us to love our physical being that houses our souls, also.

We learn to be a loving woman, a nurturing mother, a sensual lover, and a trusted friend from the feminine wisdom of this Clan Mother.

Loves All Things reminds us of the importance of forgiving ourselves and others in our lifetime. She wants us to develop an acceptance of our fellow Sisters and Brothers on Earth along with doing away with being critical.
The most important lesson from this ancient Clan Mother is to “Love The Truth” in every aspect of our lives. What lovely messages we receive from this most gracious and loving Mother of the Moon. Some of us find these lessons simple and easy to follow as women and yet others we need to work on during our journey to a better balance of our feminine spirituality. What we find in the Sisterhood of Humanity is that we can find the nurturing from the other women in our lives. Let us not forget to love all things in our journey: the good, the happy, the sad, and the difficult. There are lessons in all of them for us and when we learn to love the truth in each lesson we find a wonderful balance.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Looks Far Woman And Her Sacred Totem

The fourth moon cycle of the year or the April Moon is looked over by Looks Far Woman. One of the original Thirteen Clan Mothers gives us the sacred totem or medicine of knowing how to See The Truth around us.

Looks Far Woman was given the gifts of being the Seer or Oracle to pass on to the humans when she first came to Earth. She became the Guardian of the Dreamtime and the Keeper of Inner Potential for all of us. Looks Far Woman is the Mother of visions, dreams, and psychic impressions.

Native Maiden Card
>Native Maiden Card
by cloudnineart at zazzle

She will help us to understand our feelings and impressions along with our visions, if we ask for her help. In helping us to See The Truth, Looks Far Woman will help us to use our gifts for the good of humanity. We can become healers for others and ourselves if we look to her wisdom. This does not necessarily mean that we can physically heal people but rather a person who can heal with kindness and compassion toward mankind.

The Clan Mother of the April Moon is connected with the full spectrum of pastel colors because we learn to see the truth in all colors in the Medicine of Prophecy. We all have the seeds of prophecy planted inside us, Looks Far Woman will assist us in finding our personal and planetary seeds if she sees that we are searching for them. We learn to observe everything around us and to recall every detail for helpful information for our own progress or the progress of humans in general. She will teach us when to follow a path and when to take a different road.

Looks Far Woman is always ready to work with those who have the eyes to see, the ears to listen, and the heart to understand.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Sacred Path Message: Smoke Signals

We receive the message of Intent when Smoke Signals enter our Sacred Path lessons. The Red Race has understood and used unspoken languages for many centuries. The People are taught to read the signs in the faces of the Cloud People; the changes in the weather,; the movement of the herds; the habits of their Brothers and Sisters; the creature beings; the cries and howls of the wild; the messages in Medicine Dreams; and the language of the heart.

Smoke Signals have been a universal unspoken language of Native Americans for a very long time. The Sky Language is created with fire from both green and dry woods and then using a wet blanket to smother and the release clouds of smoke. We have seen in movies how Tribes signaled each other in times of battle to secretly let the warriors know the action plan.

The Smoke Signal by Frederic Remington print

Smoke signals are a bridge between Earth and Sky. Prayers take on a visual form from the Pipe smoke as it travels to the Great Spirit. The smoke signals to All Relations that the prayers of the People are traveling to the Great Star Nation to be heard. Smoke signals used by scouts in the old days are really no different than the ones sent from the Pipe. Both are unspoken languages that signal the sender’s intent.

When Smoke Signals come into our Sacred Path lesson they call for clear intent. Perhaps your purpose or direction in life has become muddled, now would be the time to “walk your talk”. The signals that you are sending to others may be bringing unwanted attention to you. Take a look at what it is that you are putting out and fix it so that you will attract the kind of experiences and people that you want inside your own Sacred Space.

It could also be a reminder from the Spirit World. If you lack direction or have unclear intent as to what your needs are, your Allies cannot assist you with your requests. Clear intent brings you rewards on all levels and will speed your growth. Pay attention and be sure to take advantage of the power of your intentions.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related