Prophecies of Black Elk and Crazy Horse

For centuries the Native Americans have had prophecies of a time that I believe we are seeing come together now. Is it the 2012 events that are so widely looked at today? I think it is possible. I would like to share the prophecies of Black Elk and Crazy Horse that were seen in visions that they had back in the 1800s.

Both Black Elk and Crazy Horse were Oglala Lakota which many mistakenly refer to as the Sioux Nation. Lakota is the Nation and Oglala is a band within that Nation. Black Elk was a Holy Man or Medicine Man while Crazy Horse was a War leader. Both men had similar visions of the future during their lifetime.

Black Elk saw that his people would lose heart from the ordeals that they were encountering and that the Sacred Hoop of his Nation would be broken. He saw that his people would suffer from famines, sickness, and wars. Black Elk also saw hope for the future of his people. After seven generations had passed there would be a reuniting of not only his own people but of all peoples creating a new Sacred Hoop comprised of all nations of the Earth. He saw a star rising in the East that would bring wisdom. At the time Black Elk felt that meant there would be a great Prophet that would come to help the formation of the new Sacred Hoop.

Crazy Horse, the warrior, had a similar vision but his was a little more prophetic. He saw his people enter a great time of darkness. He also saw automobiles and airplanes (something not invented in his time) and also foretold of both world wars. In Crazy Horse’s vision he saw that after the last war (World War II?) his people would gradually start to come out of their darkness. He saw them begin to dance again under the Sacred Tree. To his amazement and astonishment he noticed that it was not just his own people dancing under the tree. There were members of all races of man dancing as brothers. Crazy Horse foresaw a time that the world would be healed and made whole again by all nations working together to make a better world.

There are many accounts of visions and prophecies across centuries of time by members of different Indigeneous People who lived on Turtle Island (North America). They all seem to foretell the same event with much the same outcome. After destruction and man’s disrespectful treating of our Mother Earth there will be a cleansing time and the birth of a new world where all races of man live together in harmony. If 2012 is the time of an ending, my feeling is it is also the time of a new beginning.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Stone Tablets And Guardianships

Before we can get into the prophecies that might relate to 2012, we need to explore the wisdom of the Elders and the stories that have been told since the Great Flood. Different cultures have basically the same story told in their own way, we will focus on the Native American story for my post.

At the beginning of the age that we live in now, after the Great Flood, Great Spirit came to the earth and talked to the humans who were saved from the flood. He told them that he was going to send them to the four corners of the Earth and eventually they would be changed to the four races of man: Red, Black, Yellow, and White. At the time he gave them some teachings that are referred to as The Original Teachings. Great Spirit told them there would be a time when they would all come together again and share these teachings and there would be a great civilization born from this sharing. Each group was given two Stone Tablets that they were to guard and protect. When the time comes, the tablets will be presented to the others so that they know each others true identity. Each group of humans for each corner of the Earth were given a Guardianship or a responsibility that they were to uphold:

  • In the East the Red Race or Native Americans were given the guardianship of the Earth. They are responsible for learning the teachings of Mother Earth, what plants grow and can be eaten and what plants can be used to heal.
  • In the South the Yellow Race were given the guardianship of the wind. They are responsible for learning about spiritual advancement, the sky, and breathing.
  • In the West the Black Race were given the guardianship of the water. It is the most humble and most powerful of all of the elements. They are responsible for learning all of the teaching that this element gives us.
  • In the North the White Race were given the guardianship of fire. They are responsible for learning all there is to know of this element which consumes and moves.

Is it a coincidence that the Medicine Wheel of Native American tradition uses these same colors to signify each direction of the wheel? In future posts we will look more at these Guardianships and the prophecies the followed them.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Native American Prophecies And 2012

A topic that is on many a mind is the Mayan Calendar that ends abruptly on December 21, 2012. Are the Mayans the only culture that has a prophecy of the ending of the world as we know it? No, there are several cultures that have shared prophecies over the centuries that call for a change in the world to come and there are many who believe that we are in that time of change now.

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Native American traditions have many prophecies that foretell of the current world ending and a new world beginning. Depending on which tradition you follow, we could be seeing the coming of the 5th or 6th world experience for Mother Earth.

As the weeks and months get closer to December 21, 2012; I will be doing some posts on some of the prophecies that I have studied and share them with you. Many are quite fascinating and some seem to have already come true.

Last year around this time, I talked about Signs Of White Buffalo Calf Woman so we will explore that prophecy more in the next few weeks. I’ll also tell you about the Rainbow Warriors and other prophecies that we should be paying attention to.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related