Before we can get into the prophecies that might relate to 2012, we need to explore the wisdom of the Elders and the stories that have been told since the Great Flood. Different cultures have basically the same story told in their own way, we will focus on the Native American story for my post.

At the beginning of the age that we live in now, after the Great Flood, Great Spirit came to the earth and talked to the humans who were saved from the flood. He told them that he was going to send them to the four corners of the Earth and eventually they would be changed to the four races of man: Red, Black, Yellow, and White. At the time he gave them some teachings that are referred to as The Original Teachings. Great Spirit told them there would be a time when they would all come together again and share these teachings and there would be a great civilization born from this sharing. Each group was given two Stone Tablets that they were to guard and protect. When the time comes, the tablets will be presented to the others so that they know each others true identity. Each group of humans for each corner of the Earth were given a Guardianship or a responsibility that they were to uphold:

  • In the East the Red Race or Native Americans were given the guardianship of the Earth. They are responsible for learning the teachings of Mother Earth, what plants grow and can be eaten and what plants can be used to heal.
  • In the South the Yellow Race were given the guardianship of the wind. They are responsible for learning about spiritual advancement, the sky, and breathing.
  • In the West the Black Race were given the guardianship of the water. It is the most humble and most powerful of all of the elements. They are responsible for learning all of the teaching that this element gives us.
  • In the North the White Race were given the guardianship of fire. They are responsible for learning all there is to know of this element which consumes and moves.

Is it a coincidence that the Medicine Wheel of Native American tradition uses these same colors to signify each direction of the wheel? In future posts we will look more at these Guardianships and the prophecies the followed them.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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