Cougar As Your Birth Totem

The Big Winds Moon falls between February 19 through March 20 and is the last moon of Waboose (White Buffalo), the Spirit Keeper of the North. The mineral totem is Turquoise, the plant totem is plantain, the animal totem is cougar, colors are blue and green, the element is water and the elemental clan is frog.

cougar totem

Turquoise teaches people about the meaning of value and about protection, the plantain teaches them of their healing abilities, and the cougar teaches them about mystery and the need to establish a safe territory. The Big Winds Moon can help people discover their own natural medicine power and the depth of their psychic abilities. In this position of the Medicine Wheel people learn about their deep sensitivity, their yearning for spirituality, their hesitation to express true feelings and a need for grounding on the earth. People of the Big Winds Moon can have an inclination to moodiness and to melancholy. They need to learn to temper their sensitivity and to have a greater sense of reality.

Mountain Lion or Cougar in Snow, Near Bozeman, Montana, USA

Mountain Lion or Cougar
James Hager Photograph at Allposters

It should be noted that this moon has a variance with some Native American Tribes. Some use the Wolf as the animal totem instead of the Cougar.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Otter As Your Birth Totem

When your date of birth falls between January 20 and February 18, you were born under the Rest and Cleansing Moon.  Waboose (White Buffalo) is your Spirit Keeper for the winds of the North.  Your element is Air and you belong to the Clan of the Butterfly.  Your plant is the Quaking Aspen or Fern and your mineral is Silver or Turquoise.  Your color is Silver. Your animal totem is Otter.

otter totem

Being of the Butterfly Clan you are active physically, mentally, and emotionally.  You find new and unusual ways of doing things and like Air you are always shifting and moving.  Butterfly people look for ways to serve the people and usually help others in the healing of mind, body, and spirit.


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Otter personifies “woman medicine” or female energy. It can apply to both male and female humans because we all have a male and female side to our souls. Otters will perform all sorts of acrobatic moves to entertain and care for their young. This animal spirit carries both of the elements of Earth and Water since it can live on the land but needs to be near water.

Otter totem medicine is about having a balanced female side to ourselves. We learn to create spaces for others to enter into our lives without any suspicions or preconceived notions. Otter is not jealous nor is she catty with her relationships. Otter expresses joy for others and looks at them as belonging to the Sisterhood of humanity. She celebrates the accomplishments of others.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

Snow Goose – Native American Birth Totem

If you were born between December 22 and January 19,  you were born under the Earth Renewal Moon.  It is the first moon of the year on the Native American Medicine Wheel.   This moon belongs to Waboose (White Buffalo) who is the Spirit Keeper of the North Wind.  Your mineral is Quartz Crystal and your plant is the Birch Tree.  Your color is white.  Your element is Earth and you belong the the elemental clan of Turtle.  Your animal totem is the Snow Goose.

Being born under this moon teaches you to be a clear receiver and transmitter of universal energy as the crystal,  a communicator of the ancient knowledge like the birch tree,  and respectful of tradition and ritual like the snow goose.  You have the potential for great power.  The Earth Renewal Moon teaches you to be fluid,  yet proper in conduct as well as clear,  adaptable,  prudent, and wise. People in this position have keen vision,  are good ceremonialists, and can take large steps in their personal evolution.  Snow Goose people need to guard against becoming blocked, against using their enormous power incorrectly,  and against being such perfectionists.  Snow Goose people need to remember how to have fun.

Snow Goose (Chen Caerulescens) Swimming on a Pond, Victoria, BC, Canada

Snow Goose
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If you are a Snow Goose person you are known for your perseverance and determination.  You are known to succeed at all costs but not for the approval of others, yet for the approval of yourself.

Learn from Snow Goose about tradition,  stability, community,  and vision.  Birch can be healing and help you open up the powers of the universe.  Quartz crystals can help balance your chakras and bring clarity and renewal to you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Your power direction or wind is North with Waboose (White Buffalo) showing you clarity and purification of your mental being.

~Mitakuye-Oyasin~ We are all related

Totems Given At Our Birth

At the time of our birth we are born under a specific moon cycle and there are specific totems that are given to us that will stay with us our entire lives.  We receive the medicine of these totems and whether you realize it or not your personality is defined by these totems.  The characteristics of the animal, both natural and symbolic, describe the being that we are just  as people see themselves in their Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign.  To understand ourselves better we should study both signs to see the balance of our nature.

native american totems

At the time of our birth, depending on which moon we are born under, we are given the medicine of 1 animal.  We also have a specific Spirit Keeper that is associated with one of the Four Directions of life.  A specific plant, mineral, color, and element are also meaningful to our journey.  Your element also has a specific clan that it is associated with. All of these together or singularly can be invoked, celebrated, and worked with throughout our life to create a harmony and balance within our souls.

I’ll give an example from my birth totems for a little clarity.  I was born under the Frogs Growing Moon and my totem is Beaver.  My Spirit Keeper is Wabun (Eagle) who symbolizes the East Wind or Direction.  My element is Earth and I belong to the Turtle Clan.  My plant can be wild clover or blue camas and my mineral is Jasper or chrysocolla.  My color is blue.  I can learn from any one of these totems or from all of them to understand my inner self.

We can gain knowledge from any of the animals, stones, trees, and directions of the wind during our lifetime.  The gifts we are given at birth are always there for us to call upon for guidance, enlightenment, and encouragement.

With my next post, I will begin to tell you about each Birth Totem given to the specific moons of the year so stay tuned….