At the time of our birth we are born under a specific moon cycle and there are specific totems that are given to us that will stay with us our entire lives.  We receive the medicine of these totems and whether you realize it or not your personality is defined by these totems.  The characteristics of the animal, both natural and symbolic, describe the being that we are just  as people see themselves in their Sun Sign or Zodiac Sign.  To understand ourselves better we should study both signs to see the balance of our nature.

native american totems

At the time of our birth, depending on which moon we are born under, we are given the medicine of 1 animal.  We also have a specific Spirit Keeper that is associated with one of the Four Directions of life.  A specific plant, mineral, color, and element are also meaningful to our journey.  Your element also has a specific clan that it is associated with. All of these together or singularly can be invoked, celebrated, and worked with throughout our life to create a harmony and balance within our souls.

I’ll give an example from my birth totems for a little clarity.  I was born under the Frogs Growing Moon and my totem is Beaver.  My Spirit Keeper is Wabun (Eagle) who symbolizes the East Wind or Direction.  My element is Earth and I belong to the Turtle Clan.  My plant can be wild clover or blue camas and my mineral is Jasper or chrysocolla.  My color is blue.  I can learn from any one of these totems or from all of them to understand my inner self.

We can gain knowledge from any of the animals, stones, trees, and directions of the wind during our lifetime.  The gifts we are given at birth are always there for us to call upon for guidance, enlightenment, and encouragement.

With my next post, I will begin to tell you about each Birth Totem given to the specific moons of the year so stay tuned….

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