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Since brother Turkey played a part in my receiving my Spiritual Name, I thought that today it would be appropriate to talk about the turkey totem and what medicines it gives us. Because it is also November, as I write this, the topic of this animal spirit seems fitting since here in North America we celebrate Thanksgiving this month. Brother and Sister Turkey are the symbol of the Give-Away which was practiced by many different tribal traditions.

The wild turkey is sometimes referred to as the Give-Away Eagle of nature. The giving of its life so that we can survive is seen as an honorable act. Native American societies of the past did not practice a lifestyle where they acquired as much material things as they could to get ahead. Instead there was a ceremony where those who had more than they needed gave away their possessions to others in order to have all of the peoples prosper. They honored the poor, the feeble and the elderly by gifting them with items that were hard to come by or things that would have been considered pieces of wealth in a European culture. It was not an instance where they just gave away items that they did not want, instead often times they gave away items that they needed themselves. It was Turkey totem medicine at work.

People who have the Turkey totem also have many virtues. It was the medicine of many of the saints and mystics of the past. These are people who naturally act and react on the behalf of others with no sense of self-righteousness or guilt. Turkey people know that all life is sacred and that the Creator resides in all of us. They know that what they do for others, they also do for themselves. It is the whole of society that matters and not selfishness.

Wild turkey coffee mugs
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Turkey often comes to us with a gift as it did with me when the Spirit Guides let me know my special name. It was how I recognized that my prayers had been answered because of the feathers left for me to find. The gift may be small or it may be big but it is never insignificant in its meaning. When a gift is received from a turkey totem it is a reminder of the spirit of giving and that it is important to share with people. That sharing might be physical things but it can also be information, respect and non-material things.

People with turkey medicine are not ones who have a mindset that the world owes them something. They do not give things in order to receive things but give with a joyful heart and a generous spirit.

In my humble opinion, the world would be a much better place if we all listened to the turkey inside our hearts.

~Beverly Two Feathers~

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10 thoughts on “Turkey Totem”

  1. I love the fact that you were given some turkey feathers during your trip Bev and that you are able to work out the significance.

    Last night I dreamt I was holding some very ornate black feathers. They were different sizes and I was holding them like a fan. They were not ostrich feathers but I had the feeling they were from a large black bird – perhaps a crow.

    1. Could have been Crow feathers which can be a sign of a change coming to your life. Crow is the keeper of Sacred Law.

      My first thought was Raven feathers, though. Raven usually has something to do with healing both physical and spiritual.

  2. Hi Bev:

    Today I was driving home from lunch with a friend and a large bird flies past the car. I realized it was a wild turkey and took a moment to thank it for its presence and to honor its energy and wisdom.

    I read your great totem animal meaning and saw how turkey is so significant. I am in the final stages of receiving financing for a life’s project that I was called to and am deeply passionate about. Although this friend I had lunch with does not know of the project, her family is successfully and deeply involved in this industry.

    Many blessings 🙂

    1. Oh thank you so much for letting me know that Turkey paid you a visit, today! It gives me much joy to know that you honored his energy and wisdom and that my message inspired by Turkey held some significance to your current situation.

      Many blessings on your calling!

      Beverly Two-Feathers

  3. Good afternoon. I was wondering if you could be so kind as to give me some advice or point me in the right direction. I have Crow as my totem, and he has been noisier than usual – always indicative of a big change coming in my life. But lately I’ve seen several wild (female) turkeys. I know there’s significance in this, especially being female, but I’m unsure what. I know Deer (also have been female) is trying to tell me something as well. I recently had a dream that a deer, who was more like a pet than anything, helped me to escape a bad situation. My brain is addled from so much stress, it’s hard for me to see clearly and make connections right now.
    Thank you so much.
    ~Blessings to you~

    1. Hi Beth, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to ask a question. Typically when Turkey comes to us as a teacher, it is a sign that you are about to receive a gift of some kind. This gift could be something in the physical realm or it can be a spiritual gift and it is always something significant to you. My spirits have used Turkey to give me gifts of the spirit many times through Sister Turkey. That being said, it could also be that you might be hanging on to something that you should give away; not knowing your circumstances it would be difficult for me to ascertain which applies. You might also be feeling a strong desire to embrace your giving nature, if so, act on it. Turkey totems have a female energy associated with them and are also connected to the number 12 which is connected with honoring Mother Earth and in most cases, turkey is a sign of 12 months or a full year of harvest (blessings aplenty). Does this help you in any way?

      1. Hi Beverly, and thank you so much for replying! My biggest obstacles right now are finding a new job that is fitting for me and my needs (hours and pay – I’m a nurse) and finding a companion who helps me to be a better person & understands me. My heritage is (one-fourth) Cherokee, and I’m a practicing pagan and very in tune most of the time with nature. I just seem to not be understanding so much what she’s trying to tell me because my focus is severely lacking. Thank you again.

        1. Oh bless your heart, you do have a lot going on right now. I know from my own experiences that sometimes I actually block good things and growth by focusing too much on something. I have found that often times it is when I say a humble prayer and “give it away” to Spirit to handle that things start to happen. Turkey is the give away bird, you know. It is so hard sometimes to be trusting enough to just stop worrying about what is to come next and just let the things that are waiting to happen…happen. One of the most humbling moments of my life was over 20 years ago when I was facing so many obstacles (at least they seemed that way at the time). I was overwhelmed and confused and felt so very lost. Something came over me and I found myself weeping, head bowed in humility and saying, “I can’t do this alone anymore, please walk with this simple child of the Earth. Hold my hand and guide me through.” Spirit did not just hold my hand, I physically felt arms pick me up to carry me. Spirit carried me through some fire but when we got on the other side, I was a new person with new wisdom. This journey did not happen instantly but took a while to complete…through it all I had this overwhelming confidence that it was all going to turn out for the best because I was not the one in control. Beth, I get the strong impression that you need this message. Let Spirit guide you to what is waiting for you…not with your focus but with your trust.

  4. I am not a bird person. I am going through some life changes and suddenly, birds are coming to me. When I have had difficulties lately or stuck emotionally, a bird suddenly appears. Today, I was happy, enjoying a beautiful walk home from a job interview that I was praying went well, when suddenly, a wild turkey ran right across the road in front of me. I am taking this as a good omen and proof that I have made huge personal changes.

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