Since brother Turkey played a part in my receiving my Spiritual Name, I thought that today it would be appropriate to talk about the turkey totem and what medicines it gives us. Because it is also November, as I write this, the topic of this animal spirit seems fitting since here in North America we celebrate Thanksgiving this month. Brother and Sister Turkey are the symbol of the Give-Away which was practiced by many different tribal traditions.

The wild turkey is sometimes referred to as the Give-Away Eagle of nature. The giving of its life so that we can survive is seen as an honorable act. Native American societies of the past did not practice a lifestyle where they acquired as much material things as they could to get ahead. Instead there was a ceremony where those who had more than they needed gave away their possessions to others in order to have all of the peoples prosper. They honored the poor, the feeble and the elderly by gifting them with items that were hard to come by or things that would have been considered pieces of wealth in a European culture. It was not an instance where they just gave away items that they did not want, instead often times they gave away items that they needed themselves. It was Turkey totem medicine at work.

People who have the Turkey totem also have many virtues. It was the medicine of many of the saints and mystics of the past. These are people who naturally act and react on the behalf of others with no sense of self-righteousness or guilt. Turkey people know that all life is sacred and that the Creator resides in all of us. They know that what they do for others, they also do for themselves. It is the whole of society that matters and not selfishness.

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Turkey often comes to us with a gift as it did with me when the Spirit Guides let me know my special name. It was how I recognized that my prayers had been answered because of the feathers left for me to find. The gift may be small or it may be big but it is never insignificant in its meaning. When a gift is received from a turkey totem it is a reminder of the spirit of giving and that it is important to share with people. That sharing might be physical things but it can also be information, respect and non-material things.

People with turkey medicine are not ones who have a mindset that the world owes them something. They do not give things in order to receive things but give with a joyful heart and a generous spirit.

In my humble opinion, the world would be a much better place if we all listened to the turkey inside our hearts.

~Beverly Two Feathers~

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