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If you have landed on this page after having done a search, you might be feeling a connection with the duck totem. As I write this post today the mating season and raising of young is in full swing for the birds and fowl of my area of the planet. I have been observing a duck couple over the last few weeks and decided that some of my readers might be getting some medicine from this animal spirit and would like to know a little more about it.

Spring and summer are when ducks have the strongest messages for those who have duck medicine although they can work with any of us at any time of the year. This creature teacher gives lessons in emotional comfort and protection. Ducks are the most common of the waterfowl and because of their strong connection to the water they carry a feminine energy. They also represent the astral plane and are associated with the human emotional state.


All living things on this planet need water in order to sustain life. Our friends, the ducks, remind us to drink from the waters of life and to be aware of our emotional needs. Ducks glide across the water with such grace which translates to showing us how to handle our emotions with a greater grace and comfort when they are one of our totems. Another message from duck is how to swim through the various waters of life that we encounter so that we do not get tangled up in the debris that may be floating around us. We should learn to protect ourselves from negative emotions while gliding through those waters. We should not close off our emotional needs and should be willing to explore how we feel to be a healthier human.

Ducks have a community frame of mind. They can be very affectionate and will often return to places that they feel safe and comfortable. The message for humans would be to remind us to return to those parts of ourselves that we find comfort in. Revisit activities that make us comfortable and safe while we do them.

There are several breeds of ducks and any of them can walk or swim with you as a totem. It might be a white duck, a mallard or any of the other species. If you are drawn to a specific breed, notice the coloring of it because that will be a hint of why it might be visiting you. A white duck may be telling you that you need a little more purity and truth in your emotional being. The green from the head of a mallard might indicate that this will be a time of growth and healing while mostly brown feathers give the message of being grounded with a time of new growth.

We are fortunate this time of year to have a female mallard return to our property to have her young. She is so much fun to watch and when those ducklings get big enough to follow her around it is so adorable to watch. I feel honored that she finds my little space of the world safe enough to return to each year.

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  1. BT says:

    Hello Beverly,
    Wishing you much peace and success. Yesterday I was in our community swimming pool and a male and female pair of mallard ducks flew into the water while I was swimming. Never happened before…I was the only one in the pool. They stayed for a short period of time, one sip of water. I noticed the color purple on the males neck was very promoinent, not so much the green. I understand your information about the green, very timely I might add.
    I was curious about the purple showing up so prominently and the face that a pair , male and female came to visit. Any thoughts?
    Thank you for sharing your research.
    Be well

    • Bev says:

      Oh how very exciting for you to be visited by the ducks! My heart tells me that you noticing the purple on the male would indicate a time for humility especially when dealing with your spirit guides. Having the pair come to visit could indicate a double urgency for you to protect yourself from negative emotions while you swim through this time in your life. I’m going to revisit the color purple in that a negative energy that could be invading you right now is the act of being misunderstood or it could also be some kind of obsession that is tangling you up in the waters of life. Does any of this ring true? One quack for yes or two quacks for no. LOL!

  2. Louise says:

    Hi Bev!
    Was just looking up duck medicine and totems and recognised you from Squidoo so came to your page – very insightful! Duck has been making her presence known – I just had some ducks fly over the house, quacking away (it’s just gone midnight here in the UK), which is very unusual, and what’s even more unusual is that a friend, who lives in a completely different part of the country, had two ducks walk past her house in the dark, 3 hours earlier, which she noted as very odd!

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Well, hello dear Louise! So glad that you stopped by. I would agree that having ducks show up so late at night is rather odd…which tells me that they came definitely as a messenger. My guess would be that since you are busy with your little ones during the day, they made sure they came at a time that you would pay attention.

  3. Kathy says:


    I am at work and noticed 2 ducks (mallard with green head) and a brown one walking. The seemed to be disoriented and walking a little aimlessly. It is very windy today and I am surprised they did not fly away. We ad heavy rains last night and I thought they might be looking for water but are lost.

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Kathy, thank you for stopping by to read about the duck totem. Your mallard couple observation is interesting. The male (green head) and female (brown) might have been looking for food. Since the ducks come to us about our emotional state, I wonder if you were picking up a feeling of being lost because you may be feeling that way, too. The good news is their arrival brings a message of healing and growth emotionally.

  4. Regina says:

    Dear Bev. I had a mallard land on my swimming pool yesterday, in the 25+ years that we have the pool never have I seen any bird land on the water let alone a Mallard. It had a green head no yellow or white ring, none the less I knew it meant something but what?? The day before I had a small bird, I don’t know what kind but it was a little bigger then a blue jay, burnt amber breast,gray wings and a duck like very long golden beak. It only stayed a minute or less since the ledge is only 1 1/2″ width but it turned it’s head and his one eye was looking straight at me, later that day it came back and landed on the right side of the window, it was able to stay a litter longer to my delight. I know that this from spirit but I have know idea what it means, can you please help?

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Regina, thanks for stopping by. Your message is interesting! The bird sounds like the American Robin, it is the only one that I know of that is that big with a burnt amber (rusty color) breast and an long yellow beak. Both the robin and the mallard duck would signify that it is a time of spiritual growth. The robin says sing your own song in order to grow.

  5. Sandra says:

    Hi Beverly,

    I was on a nature walk with my fiancé and we saw some mallard ducks in the creek swimming the same way we were walking. We stopped to watch them and I commented that it was odd to see three male ducks all swimming together. They stopped to wash themselves in the water and I noticed that they had particularly bright feathers and very green/blue heads. They kept swishing their tails around too, which was amusing to us both. We watched them for a bit and continued the walk, but I kept thinking about the fact that there were three together. What is the significance of that?

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Sandra thank your for stopping by. Actually, it isn’t all that uncommon to see more than one male mallard together especially this time of year, however; that being said I think the real message for you was the Number 3. That was what you kept thinking about…that there were 3. Some strong energy is coming to you with a time of growth.

  6. Hi Beverly,

    I’d love to hear your insights on the mallard ducks that landed in the pool of a clients house on Monday. I had just finished a Shamanic Healing for her when she looked up & noticed the visitors. I shared what I knew about Duck medicine and will follow up with any other insights gleaned in my research.

    Thank You for the wonderful work you offer to the Spirit of healing.


    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      My first thought was that the healing you did “took” because they were Mallards. I would say that your client is due for some growth in her life and the ducks arrived to help guide her in the life waters she will be traveling in for a while. She should take care not to get tangled up with negative energy. How cool that you were there and could be with her when they arrived!

  7. Maryanne says:

    Hi Bev
    I love the gentle spirit that emanates from your site.
    I just had a dream of a white and brown duck. I was swimming and saw them. Then later, still in the dream , I had an urge to go to a room, I had a friend with me and there was the white male duck, he came over to me and nudged pushed me further into the room and there in the corner by the window was the female duck, and she started giving birth and about six ducklings arrived !! Can you offer any insights please ? Maryanne

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Maryanne, thank you for your visit and question. I’m a little baffled on your dream. My first thought was that something is about to be “born”. Could be a being but could also be an idea or something like that. What confuses me is that ducks don’t give birth to live ducks, they lay eggs and the eggs then hatch. Maybe the “birth” happened so that you would get the picture of the birth of something in a more immediate sense. It has something to do with purity and truth because of the white duck. The number 6 is significant, also. It has to do with imagination and intellectual creativity among other things. That makes me think that the dream has something to do with something that you are going to come up with or be introduced to that is new to you or the people around you. Keep your senses tuned in for something big, it must be very significant for you for the ducks to come to you in a dream state.

  8. Michael says:

    Hey Bev.. so the other day I ran into a friend, who was very troubled, and he pointed out that a bunch of the ducks and geese were dying .. Anyway way I walked over to the water.. and did in fact find a female mallard, duck in the muck.. picked her up and got to spend ample time with her… she had very beautiful blue in her wings… Anyway I took her to the vet where sure passed away this morning..

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Awww Michael I’m sorry to hear of the duck passing. I think someone should check that place out! Sounds like there is something toxic to the geese and ducks that is causing them to die! Could be that someone has set out poison (Ugh I despise those people!) or that something is in the water (an algae or something) that is killing them. That could end up being harmful to the humans, too!

  9. Tracey says:

    Aloha. I started noticing ducks in pairs about 11 years ago. I had started seeing a friend in a more intimate stage of our relationship. One day I was trying to decide whether to visit him & I looked up to see a pair of ducks sitting on the school roof right across from me. From then on they started turning up all over the place. What you wrote seemed to make sense why these feathered friends keep appearing on my path, sometimes in pitch black, flying right in front of me, waddling down the drive in front of me, at the beach, in my yard etc. I’m happy to know a little more of their symbolism. Thanks. Tracey

  10. Rebecca says:

    My crew and I were working in the garden at a client’s house last week when a female mallard walked up the steps, through the gate and into the yard. She toddled right over to us and followed us around the garden all day. No matter where we were, she would follow and join us. She was completely unafraid and got so close I could have reached down and picked her up. She practically sat on my foot a couple of times. When I sat down, she came over and stayed right by me. She would wander into the flower beds but was never more than a few feet away, and always looking at me.
    I was mesmerized by the small iridescent section of purplish blue feathers on her wings. It was such a beautiful shock of vibrant color against the brown.
    I am curious what you think this encounter means?

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Rebecca,
      Thank you so much for stopping by to read about the duck totem and to ask your question. My first instinct when I read your comment was that she was there to offer you emotional comfort. She seemed to sense that you are either trying to swim around some debris in the emotional waters of life or you will be soon. Since she was a Mallard duck, she was also letting you know that there is a time of healing and growth either happening now or it will begin soon. Typically the male comes to give that message but because she stayed right with you I feel that was part of her reason for the visit, too. Another clue, for me, that her visit had to do with your emotional well being is that you say you were mesmerized by the small little section of purplish blue feathers on her wings. Noticing the purple so intensely signifies that you are wanting some emotional security of some kind. I know that I don’t know you but I keep seeing a woman who has had her feelings hurt very badly as I type this response. I don’t know if it is you or someone you know and care about but that keeps coming to me. Your little duck visitor was there to remind you that we should not push our emotional needs to the back burner all of the time; it is important to explore how we are feeling at times and help ourselves to feel better. I hope this has helped you understand her visit a little better.

  11. Emma says:

    Today my three children were playing with some friends out in our front yard and just as I was about to call them all in, a wee fluffly paradise duckling came waddling in all by itself! Just gorgeous, very friendly and no sign of mum or dad as they are usually very good parents and mate for life. We did a wee search and then quickly bundled the little fluffly fella off to the SPCA to be fostered out to a new duck family. Just a beautiful little duckling, white with black stripes and so friendly. I’m interested to know of the significance, if any, of being visited by this little friend….especially in a suburban neighbourhood rife with cats! She (or he) just walked right in among all the children and made herself at home. Thank you xx

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Boozhoo, Emma! What a wonderful treat for the little Paradise duckling to make a visit. I’m sorry but I can’t give you much as I know so very little about this species of duck. Since you must be in New Zealand, I would recommend that perhaps you see if you can find some totem information from the aboriginal peoples of Australia and New Zealand. I’m pretty sure that there will be something out there. That particular species is not in North America so I don’t have any experience with them. If nothing else, you could look at the duck totem and the goose totem and see if anything makes sense. From what I could see they seem to be a duck like goose or a goose like duck.

  12. Beth says:

    Hi Bev, my partner and I saw a most unusual duck earlier today. It was a mostly blue and green duck, but with the head resembling a turkey and the colors shimmering and resembling a peacock. This beautiful bird walked directly in front of our moving car as we are trying to resolve some outstanding issues and find a new apartment. Do you have any thoughts on our visitor?

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Hi Beth, well if the duck was coming as a totem for you or your partner the message was that it was there to offer some emotional comfort and protection. I’m not familiar with which breed of duck it might have been but it kind of doesn’t matter. The message would be the same…one of you needed to receive some comfort for the strong emotions you are going through. Could be either one of you or both.

  13. Jeff says:

    Beverly, I stumbled upon this page while searching different spiritual meanings of a duck appearing.

    Today was the funeral of my precious aunt, my true kindred spirit and a true force in this world.

    When I was leaving the funeral, there was a Drake walking around the corner from the very busy main street. No other duck was near and there is no open water with this deep winter this year. It was in essence out of place. I was deeply moved as the theme of the eulogy I wrote and read for her was based on a theme of lakes and ponds which we held so dear. She was the person I loved most in the world. I am sure this handsome drake was imparting some beautiful message from her. I would like to believe that anyway. Curious if you may have some spiritual wisdom to impart. Greetings, Salutations and Thank You

    • Beverly Two Feathers says:

      Dear Jeff, I am so very sorry for your loss! When Duck appears it is a sign of emotional comfort. It is my very strong impression that your dear sweet Aunt was that Drake. She wanted to offer that comfort and to tell you that she will always be with you. She came as a Drake because she knew you would notice it and the green head of that duck signifies growth but also healing. Don’t get caught up in the debris of your pain in your life waters. She doesn’t want you to. She wants you to NOT get lost in it, instead swim forth in her honor. When you start to feel her loss strongly, think of the Drake who came to you. Find solace in that visit. Visit lakes and ponds (any body of water) on occasion and remember her. She will be there with you. Aaniin, dear Jeff (I see your light) and so did your Aunt. Let that light shine as you go forth.

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