If you have landed on this page after having done a search, you might be feeling a connection with the duck totem. As I write this post today the mating season and raising of young is in full swing for the birds and fowl of my area of the planet. I have been observing a duck couple over the last few weeks and decided that some of my readers might be getting some medicine from this animal spirit and would like to know a little more about it.

Spring and summer are when ducks have the strongest messages for those who have duck medicine although they can work with any of us at any time of the year. This creature teacher gives lessons in emotional comfort and protection. Ducks are the most common of the waterfowl and because of their strong connection to the water they carry a feminine energy. They also represent the astral plane and are associated with the human emotional state.


All living things on this planet need water in order to sustain life. Our friends, the ducks, remind us to drink from the waters of life and to be aware of our emotional needs. Ducks glide across the water with such grace which translates to showing us how to handle our emotions with a greater grace and comfort when they are one of our totems. Another message from duck is how to swim through the various waters of life that we encounter so that we do not get tangled up in the debris that may be floating around us. We should learn to protect ourselves from negative emotions while gliding through those waters. We should not close off our emotional needs and should be willing to explore how we feel to be a healthier human.

Ducks have a community frame of mind. They can be very affectionate and will often return to places that they feel safe and comfortable. The message for humans would be to remind us to return to those parts of ourselves that we find comfort in. Revisit activities that make us comfortable and safe while we do them.

There are several breeds of ducks and any of them can walk or swim with you as a totem. It might be a white duck, a mallard or any of the other species. If you are drawn to a specific breed, notice the coloring of it because that will be a hint of why it might be visiting you. A white duck may be telling you that you need a little more purity and truth in your emotional being. The green from the head of a mallard might indicate that this will be a time of growth and healing while mostly brown feathers give the message of being grounded with a time of new growth.

We are fortunate this time of year to have a female mallard return to our property to have her young. She is so much fun to watch and when those ducklings get big enough to follow her around it is so adorable to watch. I feel honored that she finds my little space of the world safe enough to return to each year.

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