Bobcat Totem

bobcat totem

If the bobcat totem has arrived in your life it has come to teach you that there is true power and strength in silence. There will be people who will immediately understand that statement because bobcat has touched their inner being at some point in their lives. There will also be people who will not “get it” at all. It is perfectly OK if you don’t understand about the silence, all that means is that bobcat is not working with you. It may not be a lesson you are ready to learn just yet.

The messages that we receive in silence has been something that I have understood all of my life, even as a child. I would literally seek out quiet places to be. Many years ago, I had a conversation with my ex-husband. He was deceiving me at the time and my “whiskers” sensed the deception. I was sitting at our kitchen table, contemplating my next move in this situation when he walked in on me. He asked me what I was doing and I responded, “Just listening to the silence.” He looked at me with such a look of contempt and gave a dismissive gesture with his hands. As if to say, you can’t HEAR silence!

What he didn’t realize that through bobcat, my eyes could see what he was trying to hide. My whiskers were picking up images of what he was doing and my ears could hear what was not being said. Bobcat had shown me his secret!

Close-Up of a Bobcat (Lynx Rufus)
Close-Up of a bobcat


In that situation and in many others when the bobcat totem was walking with me on my journey, I learned to see the hidden agendas of those around me and to hear what was not being spoken. Not everything was what it appeared to be. I learned to trust my own senses; that if it didn’t “feel” right it probably wasn’t. I learned to trust that instinct even when there was not a logical explanation for the feeling.

Bobcat comes to me from time to time when I am in situations where there are many hidden secrets. He may come to you, too. Just learn to trust that your instincts are trustworthy. He is telling you to stay silent and observe.

Bobcat Poster
Bobcat Poster
by lolanimals on Zazzle

If you feel that bobcat has entered your life to be a spirit guide ask yourself:

  • Am I being too solitary? (Bobcats are a solitary animal)
  • Are there new learning opportunities I should be looking at
  • Am I dismissing my inner senses too easily
  • Am I allowing outsiders to sway me too much

Bobcat will come to you when it sees that you need to listen to that silence and the secrets that are hidden there.

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3 thoughts on “Bobcat Totem”

  1. Good day.
    I am a Western Colorado native. Stuck living and working in the cities, but spending as much time in nature as possible. I have many times come to this site to research and gain insight into the Spirit Animals entering my life, guiding me.
    Thank you for the wisdom you share here.
    Recently my Spirit Guides have been coming to me in the form of the young.
    I have been visited in real time by a Bobcat cub, a Mountain Lion Cub, and last night in my dreams I was playing and wrestling with a very young Black Bear cub.
    Can you give me any insight into the meaning of the young Spirit Guides?
    Thank you.

  2. I just encountered a black bobcat while walking my dog in the woods. From afar I thought it was a baby black bear, but as we got closer we startled it and it leaped sideways and up the embankment. Definitely feline, too small for cougar and way too big for a house cat.

    Was listening to the silence, too, on this walk, and thinking about the place where I have worked for a year, and even though people are nice, and I like the place in many ways, something just feels wrong. Every time I pick myself up, I fall down in a black hole there. Thanks for your story and thoughts. I need to keep listening in silence and be patient.

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