White Buffalo Calf Woman, to many, is a sacred woman. Some might call her a prophet or a messiah. She is a central figure in the Lakota religion or tradition. White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the extended Lakota nation of the Teton Sioux their “Seven Sacred Rituals”.

The ancestors tell us that  long ago there was a time of famine. The chief of the Lakotas sent out two scouts to hunt for food. As the scouts traveled they saw a figure in the distance. As they approached they saw that it was a beautiful young woman in white clothing. One of the scouts was filled with desire for the woman. He approached her, planning to embrace the woman. If he found her pleasing, he would claim her as a wife. His companion warned him that she appeared to be a sacred woman. To do this would be a big mistake. The scout ignored his advice.

The companion watched as his friend approached and embraced the woman. A strange white cloud covered the pair. Then the cloud disappeared and only the mysterious woman remained. The remaining scout was frightened but the woman beckoned him forward. She told him that no harm would come to him. She pointed to a spot on the ground where the other scout’s bare bones lay. She explained that the Crazy Buffalo had compelled the man to desire her, and she had annihilated him.

The scout became even more frightened. The woman explained that she was Wakan and his weapons could not harm her. She explained that if he did as she instructed, no harm would befall him and that his tribe would become prosperous. The scout promised to do what she instructed. The woman told him to return to his encampment and to call for a Council and to prepare a feast for her arrival.

The woman’s name was PtesanWi which means White Buffalo Calf Woman. She taught the Lakotas many sacred rituals and gave them the sacred pipe which is the holiest of all worship symbols. After teaching the people and giving them her gifts, PtesanWi left them promising to return one day. The People would know she was coming when a white buffalo calf was born.

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~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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