As we are learning on our path of understanding there is always a story related to an animal if it becomes a part of Native American Totems.

There was a time on Mother Earth when the birds were still like people. They could hold council and talk to each other.  “The different clans (animals) all have leaders, but we do not,” the birds said. “We are good for nothing.  It would be good for us to choose a leader. He could then speak for us about our activities,”  said the birds.

The oriole was chosen first. They said, “His feathers are very nice.” Because of his feathers they thought they wanted him to be their leader. Oriole was discussed for some time. “Well, never mind him after all,” they said. “His long clothes are pretty, but he doesn’t speak very much. If he becomes our leader he might not speak well for us in the future.” So, Oriole was not chosen as the leader of the birds.

The next choice was mocking bird. But some birds  immediately said, “He is too talkative. He always speaks bad and mocks things. It would not be good for him to become our leader. He might speak even worse for us in the future.” No, Mocking Bird could not be the leader of the birds.

Bluejay was brought to attention next. “What would it be like for us if we chose him to be the leader?” a bird asked. “He is also like the other one. He talks too much. It would not be good for him to speak for us. He’s too stubborn and he also brags about himself. There would be a lot of mocking.” The birds decided against Bluejay as their leader.

“In that case, should it be the roadrunner?” a bird asked. “He’s good for sure. He would be fast for us in running to meetings. And he also talks well. It would be good for us if he became our leader.”

It was agreed that day that Roadrunner would become the Leader of All Birds until there are no more days.

This Apache story is very much showing how people go about choosing a leader, isn’t it? I will now have to research and see if there is a Roadrunner in Native American Totems.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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