During the third moon of the year or in March we learn from the teachings of Weighs The Truth, one of The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers. The Mother is the Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice. Weighs the Truth is the Fair Judge of the Divine Law and the Destroyer of Deception. She is the Mother of Truth and Protectress of the Underdogs of this world. In our studies we learn that she is the Mother of Self-determination and Responsibility. We can learn much from this Mother of the Moon of March.

medicine woman mug
Medicine Woman
by cdwinters

Weighs the Truth shows us how to respond to situations in our life and to do so with a determination that honors our selves along with the others involved. She will give us the knowledge to be able to feed the positive of life experiences and to starve the negative by using Divine Law and not our flawed human emotions. This Mother of the March Moon shows us to use equality with justice and how to be accountable for our actions and words.

We learn from the teachings of Weighs The Truth, more strongly in March but certainly during the entire year how to use our personal integrity, ethics, and values to find healing solutions. We begin to see the situations of life in a different way when we follow the teachings of Weighs the Truth and begin to try to make sure that our own thoughts and actions are not tipping the scales of Divine Law in the wrong way. We are also better able to see deception by others if it exists. We learn to “Accept The Truth” in any situation and that if our thoughts and deeds were honorable to have the determination to stay on the Sacred Path of our journey.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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