To continue with the cards of the Four Directions Spread that I first posted about on last Monday, it is time for me to share about the third card in the reading.  This card represents the West direction and shows me how to find the inward answer that introspection brings. In order to reach my goals I need to seek my own truths about what I desire, how I plan to fulfill that desire, and what my purpose is in meeting that goal. The card that falls in this position of the spread gives the tool that will assist in finding those truths.

The card that came up for me in the West Direction was the South Shield. The lessons of the Sacred Path that pertain to this card are of Innocence and the Inner Child.  So the tool I need to use to get back on my Sacred Path and begin a balance again is my Inner Child and the Innocence of that part of me.  I am to let myself return to the child like parts of Self that need no support from my ego. I need to balance work with play and sacredness with irreverence. Basically, the card is telling me to “lighten up” so that I can continue on my journey. It is telling me that I have been way too serious and that is what part of the block has been.

The South Shield is telling me to let loose and laugh more so that I can break up the high-minded garbage that has clogged up my energy source. I need to stop holding on so darn tight and remember how to trust like a child.

If I take time to reconnect with my Inner Child, I should be able to find some of the lost magic that every soul needs. I am reminded that playfullness heals a world full of woes.  Yes, the South Shield is the perfect tool for me to get back on my Sacred Path.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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