I honestly can not think of a time in my life that I did not know about my own sacred space. Even before I was taught the lesson, my inner self understood the concept. Before I knew it by the name, I knew it. Our Sacred Space  is  within us and around us and we define the boundaries. As a child I needed to go off by myself once in a while. I needed some alone time to think my own thoughts, to dream and to just listen to the sounds of nature around me. Without realizing it I was beginning to define my own Sacred Space. I had a special spot that I would go that was my place. My Mom used to accuse me of going off to hide and insisted on knowing what I was hiding from. When I tried to explain that I just wanted to go somewhere that was quiet; well, she just didn’t get it. I would hear her mumble about me being a strange kid. As an adult, I can feel sad for my Mom. I am not sure that she ever understood the sense of anyone’s sacred space, not even her own. It is really all about respect. Respect of our possessions, our ideas, our bodies…our own little territory, if you will. We have to have respect for our own territory and we have to respect the territory of others.

I am hoping that as we have entered into a new year and a new age in history that one of the changes in the way we perceive things is that we will all begin to recognize the importance of Sacred Space. Our own and all the creatures and living things here on Earth. Even a tree has it’s own space and we should respect it, it’s fellow trees do. Our animal friends understand territory and often have ways of marking it. The other creatures respect that territory and do not invade it unless they have been given permission. We humans are not generally that respectful of each other or the creatures around us.

Spirits of the Plains
Spirits of the Plains
by Maxine Noel at Allposters.com

We have a tendency to want to invade the thoughts of others. We show no respect for their possessions. We are often just down right disrespectful to each other. I would like to see us all start to work on that. We can start by beginning with ourselves. The way we treat ourselves is the way that others will begin to treat us and that manifests into a more respectful way of living in harmony together if we give and expect respect.

I still have that need to go off and be alone at times. And I still allow myself to do this. I am lucky that I am married to a man that understands and respects that need. All I have to say is, “I need some Bev time.”  and it is given.

This week I would encourage you to take some time to be in your own Sacred Space. Look around and weigh how important your space is to you. Are you allowing abuse? Decide that it is not acceptable and don’t allow it any longer. Define your boundaries and do not let anyone within those boundaries that has not earned the right to be there. Be kind to yourself and you will find that it is easier to be kind to those around you.

Beverly Two Feathers

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