Hour of Power a Ritual of Joy
Native American Sacred Path Lesson

We humans all have our own internal timing. We see it in ourselves and others without even thinking about it.  We know people who are quick to accomplish a daily task while others we know are more methodical in their attempt.  We know people who have very quick thought processes while others have the gift of patience for examining the task at hand.  This timing within ourselves is what makes us unique and different from each other.

During a day’s cycle, each of us have our own Hour of Power.  That time of day that we feel most alive, most creative,  and most happy.  It can be in the early hours of the morning or late at night but we all have a special time of day that we are connected with.

Let’s think about Power first.  When you feel powerful you might feel happy, courageous, bold, full of vitality, and able to use your talents to their fullest.  Power in this sense lives as truth inside of our inner being.

To find your Hour of Power you might reflect on when you feel your best and when you feel your weakest.  Ironically they will be exactly opposite of each other by 12 hours.  We all have an internal clock that will send a burst of energy and vigor when we are connected to Mother Earth at the peak hour of our personal cycle.  Without the internal timing and the awareness we tend to lose our balance.

It is essential to be silent and feel our Hour of Power in each day because it feeds our body, heart, mind and spirit. It is our balance point. Our spirit pauses as our internal clock shifts gears and then the spirit fills the body with total joy and exhilaration.

Our own Hour of Power is a ritual of joy in the lessons of the Sacred Path. It is a time of the day when we are filled with the essence of being alive and being connected to all Creation.  You can actually call on this medicine of the Hour of Power any time of the day that you need it. You only need to close your eyes and breath in the pulse of Mother Earth’s heartbeat and create the joy.  Plant your feet firmly on Mother Earth and breath in the joy. Feel it coming up the soles of your feet. This Earth connection is pure sustenance and will allow you to ride out any storm that comes your way.

~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We are all related

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