As I sat here this morning working on what I would write to you about today, my mind reflected on Seven Generations. I found myself thinking about the grandchild that is about to enter this world. I am anxiously awaiting that phone call telling me it is time to start the drive to the hospital. As I wonder if today will be the day, I find myself getting very sentimental about the generations that came before me and the generations that will come after me. We Grandmothers often do that, think about the past and the lessons that were presented. We also dream of a good future for our families that are growing.

My reflections this morning went deeper than normal. My mind tapped into a memory of reading about the importance of Seven Generations in the Native American cultures that are a part of my ancestry. How it has been taught for generations that we should always look at our decisions and how they will effect and affect the seven generations that are on Earth now and the generations to follow. Will the decision we make today work well for those of future generations? A very important concept that we have sadly not given enough thought or respect to.

I also heard an Elder speak last week about considering the teachings of Seven Generations and how important it is for the elders of a community to pay attention to the youth of that community. We have to raise our next leaders. Not that we pick the leaders but that we recognize their natural gift of leadership and nurture that gift. I don’t know if my new little granddaughter will be a leader yet or not and it isn’t that I want her to be a leader of her generation. What I do want to make sure of is that I am able to recognize the gifts she has and that I will nurture them properly.

I am reminded, also, this morning of the wonderful work that 13 indigenous Grandmothers started back in 2004 to help heal Mother Earth and the people who live on it. A wonderful documentary was made showing their work, For the Next 7 Generations. This Grandmother and all of us can help the next generations by paying attention to what this group of women are teaching us.

So, as I wait for that call to come and meet my newest little grandchild, I reflect on what I can do as a Grandmother to teach this new little being about her ancestors, about the world we are in today, and to be conscious of what needs to be done for her future. I will be sure to let you know when she arrives.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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