I mentioned in my last post that I had recently traveled with my husband to a place that was held sacred by different tribal traditions for centuries before the Europeans came to this continent. While I was there I received my Indian name. That may sound odd to some of you and will make absolute sense to others. Suffice it to say, receiving my name was very significant and healing for me. I have been humbly asking for quite some time for my special spirit name to be revealed to me and for the longest time, I felt that I was being answered with silence. The silence was not something that bothered me because I knew that the ancient elders did not feel that I was ready to know my spirit name. So, I have tried to be patient and trust that when I was worthy, it would be revealed.

I should also explain that this place that I went to is a place that has called to me for a very long time. There was a longing in my heart to go and at times I would weep feeling such a strong pull to go to this sacred ground. There were times when I would share with people close to me that I needed to go to this place because there was something waiting for me there. I wasn’t sure what, just certain that I would know it when I saw it or felt it.

Two Feathers
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As I walked among the ancient stones one day, absorbing the energy that they give me, I had a thought that this was the reason I had been so drawn to come. I said a silent little “thank you” to the spirits for guiding me to them. As I looked down to the ground to make sure that my footing was in a good place, I saw two feathers and I picked them up. I walked back to my husband and the couple that had taken us to this spot. “Look what I found!” I said with a joy that even I didn’t quite understand.

The man, my husband’s cousin, smiled so big and said, “Well, look at you little Miss Two Feathers!” I felt an almost jolt shoot through my body. It was a joyful energy that I can not even properly explain with mere words. I knew, I knew that my prayers had been long last answered. I had my name!

Now, you might be thinking I have lost what little mind I had but let me explain the significance of those two feathers. The number 2 is telling in and of itself. Two represents a feminine energy. A soul that is associated with the number two is diplomatic,  gentle and understanding. The shape of the 2 looks as if it is bent on one knee with the head bowed in an act of humility. Two also represents a survivor (people who know my life story will know the significance of that symbol and me). My birthday is a double 2…the 22nd.

The feathers have a symbolism, too. Feathers are associated with spiritual evolution. Many of the Chiefs of different tribal traditions wore feathers to signify their connection with Spirit. Feathers are associated with truth, with lightness in weight and the sky gods.

It does not escape me that the feathers are from a wild turkey which also has a meaning. Turkey gives the medicine of giving. Turkey teaches that life is sacred and that the Great Spirit resides in all peoples. The medicine of turkey gives us the message that all that we do for others we do for ourselves. When turkey comes to us it is a sign of a gift that can be spiritual, material, or intellectual. The gift? My name!

From this time forth, I will be signing my posts with my spiritual name:

~Beverly Two Feathers~


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