We are rapidly coming to the date of December 21, 2012 when some believe that the Mayans predicted a Doomsday episode where the world would end. There is new evidence that explains better what that date meant. According to a new find a Mayan King expanded his reign over the people to this date in 2012 until a new reign would begin. That falls better in to place with other Native American prophecies of entering into a New World. Some say we will enter the 4th World while others say that it will be the 5th World. All agree that the new time will be a time of a shift in our way of living and thinking. This new world is to be a time of acceptance of our fellow man and the world we live in. There will be less tolerance for people who are not of a good heart.

So, I’ve been pondering about all of this in the last week. There do seem to be some signs that things are beginning to shift. Some pretty bad people have been exposed for their dirty deeds. I do not think that our world will be destroyed and have to begin over like the time of the Ice Age or of the Great Flood. Instead, I think this time it will be a major shift in the way we live our lives with kinder hearts and more respectful ways of treating each other. I don’t know about you but I welcome that kind of world.

shaw Dance Poster

Shawl Dance Poster
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I thought of the Taking of the Shawl this week and how that might apply to many of us as we begin to accept a better way of living a more sacred way of life. It will be a “coming home” sort of thing for many of us that have felt uncomfortable with so much of what has transpired around us.

I’ve been thinking about all of you and feeling that I needed to encourage you to study the lessons that your animal spirits have been working with you on. I feel that it is imperative that we all begin to try to live the medicine from our Totems. Now more than ever. If we all begin to show the example of walking the Good Red Road or a Sacred Path it will begin to effect and affect those around us. I believe this is how the shift occurs by people finally “getting it” about living a loving, compassionate and peaceful life. If you look at any of the lessons from any of the totem animals the message is always about being a better human being. Each animal spirit may address a certain part of it but they are all basically teaching us the same message…Be good to yourself and be good to others.

I am asking you all to take some time this week to reflect on those messages and begin to really embrace them.

~Beverly Two Feathers~

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