The Clan Mother of the October Moon is Weaves The Web who is the Mother of Creativity. This Creatress is also known as the Manifester of Dreams and brings visions into reality. The Mother of the October Moon is the Guardian of Life Force and teaches women to give birth to their dreams. She is also the Keeper of our Survival Instinct and the Mother of the Creative and or Destructive within us.

Weaves The Web is one of the Thirteen Original Clan Mothers and one that I hold dear to my own heart. As the Mother of the October Moon she teaches us how to employ our innate desire to create in such a way that we can make our dreams into a substantive form or a reality.

We learn how to use our energy to build or possibly change our needs by tapping into our very Life Force from Weaves The Web. She teaches us how to bring life to our visions through our actions and our artistic talents.


Deborah Hiatt

The message from the Mother of the October Moon that speaks the most to me is her lesson of how to create something new from something old. Most of all her message of destroying the restrictions we have put within our hearts that limit our own creativity. We humans often put limits on ourselves in so many aspects of our lives and we must learn to let them go so that we can grow in a healthy way. In order to do this, we must look at the truths within ourselves. Weaves The Web, the Clan Mother of the October Moon teaches us to always Work With Truth. I love this message, don’t you?

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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