Lately, I’ve been a little remiss with concentrating on my own Sacred Path and the Medicine that I can receive from the teachings of our Ancestors.  So much so that I found that I seemed blocked in writing posts for this blog about Native American Totems. I read about that a lot, writers getting a block and not being able to put their thoughts down or able to come up with something to write about. For the last month, I have not been able to come up with something to post and it bothered me a great deal. After some reflection the other night, I realized something significant. I’ve been so busy taking care of obligations to others and the needs of others that I forgot about taking care of Bev. We are not to be selfish and only think of ourselves’; however, we do need to have a balance of working with our own spiritual needs and growth while also working with and for others.  It makes sense, doesn’t it? We can’t truly be a help to others if we are not in balance with ourselves. We can’t teach others about being on their Sacred Path if we are not paying attention to our own journey.

The other night, I took some time to meditate on my writers block. As I sat in the quiet with my sage candle burning and holding my medicine bag in my hands, I began to weep silently. I softly asked Great Spirit why I was feeling so lost, empty, and voiceless. Gently, I smoothed the fringe on my medicine bag made from the softest deer hide as I humbly waited for an answer.  I chose this particular medicine bag because Sister Deer is my power totem for my North direction. She offers me wise council when I need it.  She didn’t make me wait long for an answer. A strong thought came into my mind asking me if I had looked at my Four Directions on my path lately. I knew then what I needed to do.

I took my Sacred Path Cards out of my medicine bag and did the Four Directions Spread.  This is a very simple spread of the cards laying them in each of the four directions of the wind. East, South, West, and North in that order.  The East card tells us the spiritual door we are now opening. The South card tells us where our faith should be placed at this time. The West card gives us insight on how to find the inward answer to reach our goals and find our own truths. The North card shows us the wisdom we will gain if we follow our true course.
My spread was:

  • East Card – Council Fire (Decisions)
  • South Card – Shawl (Returning Home)
  • West Card – South Shield (Innocence/Inner Child)
  • North Card – Medicine Bundle (Allies/Support)

In my next post, I will explain the cards in the spread I did further. It is absolutely amazing how these really fit and how it opened up the writer’s block as I began to study the medicine of each card.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ We are all related

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